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Pomegranates : A travel game – The symbol of the city of Granada (Part II)

Since @nothmngwyspain challenged me to the Pomegranate Travel game, I haven´t been able to stop picking out these symbols in the city of Granada.

A few months back I wrote the post: Pomegranates all over the place – A Granada Travel game with some of my intial finds of pomegranates decorating the city of Granada. But since writing that post I´ve found alot more examples.

The typical ceramic pattern in the Granada area is deep blue and sea green. The pomegranate symbol often appears on local pottery. You can see the photo above of jugs hanging on the ceiling of a tapas bar in Granada. The tiles below were noticed on the wall at the Spa building in Lanjaron.

A really interesting place to put a pomegranate detail is on a metal drainpipe along a street in the Realejo quarter. It seems that at one time all the drainpipes in the city were like this, just a few remain now.

Tiles on a patio of a private house, clearly depict the pomegranates branches and fruit. These tiles are done in an old style, altough they are modern ones.

This house number is quite a nice example having pomegranates in each corner, painted on by hand. Seen in the Albaicin district of Granada.

These typical plantpots can be seen everywhere. All over the balconies in the city of Granada but also on the coast and through Granada province too.

This colourful pomegranate was on a balcony at an outdoor swimming pool at Sierra Elvira.

These wonderful pomegranates were seen hanging from the balconies on the Granada Town Hall buidling in Plaza del Carmen. These decorate the façade during the Corpus Christi celebrations. Makes the town hall look very regal indeed.

Inside the town hall I spotted this coat of arms of Tetuan (Morocco) with pomegranates on it. I found that quite interesting. There´s a story there to discover…

This rather ostentatious ashtray was spotted inside the entrance to Granada town hall with a pomegranate on the base.  You can literally spot the ´Granada´ on almost anything.

This pomegranate below was a commemorative plaque or an award seen on a wall at a business. The pomegranate is made of silver with red stones depicting the pomegranate seeds inside.

Another example of a decorative pomegranate is this one below, made of fine porcelain with a silver figure of a virgin inside. This was seen in a local antique dealers shop not far from Granada town hall.

With all these representations of pomegranates dotted around Granada it´s not surprising to hear that there are actually alot of Pomegranate trees around the city too. Just outside the main post office there is one. This tree has bright orange flowers when in season. Also on the roundabout next to the Palacio de Congresos is a Pomegranate tree too. Here´s a picture of a small one with some fruit and flowers on.  

Do you want to read more about the city of Granada? See my post the: A to Z of Granada

  1. Molly says:

    Of course, I will email with details.
    Thankyou for your interest

  2. Rachel says:

    Interesting bits and pieces, I´ve even got a blue and green plant pot like that and didn´t realisse it was supposed to be a pomegranate, I´ll look at it differently now – thanks Molly.

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