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About Me. Spain blogger. Food Travel + Culture

About Me. Spain blogger. Food Travel + Culture

Spain Blogger since 2011, I am from the UK, a Nottingham girl. In 1998 I moved to Spain, First I lived in Barcelona and now in Granada. I began writing about Spanish Food and Culture over 10 years ago.

I am bilingual (Spanish-English) after so many years living here.

Food Culture and Travel – Spain blogger

Visitors to Granada often have heard of the UNESCO listed Alhambra palace before they arrive or even the free tapas served in local bars. I hope to shed light on the other less publicised things in the city and province. Information is shared on this blog, also on Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Providing practical and updated information to my readers. Tips that may not appear in guidebooks or  travel magazines. I share my own on the ground approach, explain things as locals see them.  Any hotels or restaurant which I recommend on the blog are made sincerely.

(Would I pay full price to go there myself? If the answer is yes and I love it… I may recommend it )

I currently don´t accept guest posts from other writers. Known as a specialist Spain blogger I am keen on Spanish culture, historic sites and local food.

Paella Valenciana Albufera Spain

Everything on this blog has been written by me.

All the photos are mine too, taken when I am out and about on my smartphone.

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I welcome questions and comments about this website/blog.

Please use the form below to send your message to me.

Or email to ¨ molly at piccavey dot com ¨

UNESCO sites in Andalucia

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Should you be interested in a professional collaboration you can see examples of previous projects at As Seen In There is also an updated Press Kit available too. Contact email for professional collaborations is molly @   (without the spaces)


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