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Spain shoe brands – Shopping Spanish Footwear – Made in Spain

Spain shoe brands – Shopping Spanish Footwear – Made in Spain

Spain shoe brands are one of the countries main exports. (As well as Spanish food & wine). Spanish shoes are made with soft leather, they are comfortable and usually long lasting.

As a confessed shoe addict I thought I´d share some of my latest finds with you. For travelling shoes are especially important and an uncomfortable might even ruin your trip.

Marble streets

One particular trip that I had the wrong shoes one was a 5 day press trip. These gorgeous suede sandals by Bimba & Lola (seen below) took me climbing up hills above Montefrio. I didn´t realise that we were going hiking. This poor shoe choice was so bad it even made local press. Even if you are not hiking hills, in the office all day it´s the same story.FemmeLuxe Refinery Black Loungewear Set

I remember moving from Barcelona to Granada and realising that my footwear was wrong. Barcelona is a busy city with smooth walkways and flat city streets. Granada has slippery marble pavements, cobbled streets and even some streets that are stepped. Leaving Barcelona behind, in Granada I would now be negotiating uneven streets daily. That certainly couldn´t be done in heels.

Spain Shoe Brands

The furnace hot summers are also hard on your feet. It´s amazing what a difference your shoes can make. So initially in Granada I had a few scrapes and blisters to deal with. I now know the kinds of shoes that I need to wear around here.

I have stuck to the same Spain shoe brands over and over again.

Spanish Sandals Uterqu

Spanish Shoes I love

Here are twelve shoe brands that I have bought over and over again. Many have online stores where they ship internationally. Others have stockists in many different locations.

There are also factory shops and outlets that have these brands. In Madrid Las Rozas Outlet is one of the biggest ones. I´ve been to the Designer Outlet ´la Roca´ near to Barcelona a few times too. They are both good options for both Spanish and International labels.

Or of course when you travel to Spain you can make the most of your trip and buy real leather shoes when you are here. I have even taken an old pair of shoes with me on my travels so I can leave them behind and come back with new ones. (keeping weight to a minimum)


Blue Panama Jack Boots Boston Harvard


Panama Jack Boots – Made in Spain

Good for Hiking, Walking long distances and cold weather

 These practical blue boots are very handy for winter travel. I travelled to USA this Autumn on holiday and knew the walking each day was going to require good footwear. The Panama Jack boots were comfortable to be on the go all day. They kept my feet warm and dry. Even with the blustery Boston weather.

Now I am back in Spain I will use these boots for my days in the Alpujarra and Lecrin Valley. Also for cold Winter weekends in Granada with my jeans.

Panama Jack now have an extensive range of footwear for all year. Light sandals for summertime and lots of great boots in colourful designs for winter. Based in Alicante they have been running since 1989. Their online store delivers to many different countries and they have good social media channels too.

spain shoe brands unisa

UNISA – Made in Spain

Good for looking smart in hot or cold weather

I have UNISA winter boots and sandals too.  The summer sandals I have are long lasting and great value. I do have quite a few pairs now.  (UNISA summer sandals seen in photo below)

Why not shop my Amazon store with a selection of Spanish Shoe Brands?

Forteleza de la Mota Alcala la Real UNISA Sandals

Spanish Leather

My Black winter boots have a black fur cuff (like a leg warmer) around the top, you can fold this down over the calf or leave up. The boot can be an ankle boot with fur trim or a tall plain leather boot with the fur on the inside for extra warmth.

The mid heel height makes them a good looking design but comfortable too. The non slip soles are also great for winter days.

I remember wearing them walking around Camden Lock in cold December day. A good test for these boots. The soles are quite rugged good even in icy conditions.
I got these 2 years ago and get a lot of wear out of them still.

Lodi Shoes Made in Spain

Lodi Shoes – Made in Spain

Good for medium heel height, comfort yet elegant.

Whenever I am invited to a Spanish wedding I know that I need a shoe strategy. Spanish weddings usually are 24 hour affairs. The last one I went to I left my house around 11.30am and didn’t get home until 5am the next day. Of my group I was the first to leave…

Occasion Footwear

So I always go to weddings, special events or parties in Lodi shoes. I like them as they have sparkly dressy shoes with medium heel heights and sometimes with a hidden platform. They look elegant but don´t hurt at all. I also have some plain black ones for work too. Lodi is one of the more popular Spain shoe brands they are made in Alicante. Find them in specialist shoe shops and in the corte ingles.

spain shoe brands lodi

Chie Mihara

Good for anything and everything.

Chie Mihara, this Japanese-Brasilian designer has her factory is based Alicante, Spain. Her shoes remind me of little girls shoes decades ago. They have a vintage feel to them and her designs are clearly distinctive.
Many of her shoes are Mary Jane style but I also have court shoes and ankle boots too.

In Elda, Alicante they have a small factory shop. You can find her stock there with generous reductions, if you are ever around that area. There are also some Chie Mihara shoes on Amazon online

When I visited Elda in Alicante it was like a child in a sweet shop. Basically a whole town dedicated to producing fabulous Spanish shoes. I currently have 5 or 6 pairs of Chie Mihara shoes. They are so comfortable and I love that you don’t see too many people in them.

This is one of my favourite Spain shoe makers as they are ergonomically designed to be comfortable yet also use good quality leather and have great designs.

spain shoe brands


Spain Shoe Brands in Alicante

This is one of the most innovative Spain shoe brands, a new line has just been introduced called ChiE which are high heels with incorporated padding for extra comfort.

Not too long ago I had endless boxes of shoes and boots. I have now changed slightly. I prefer to have less pairs of shoes but better quality. They tend to last longer too. I also look after them with regular trips to the cobbler.

In Granada with the cobbled streets the cobblers have a healthy business. (The heel caps are often damaged between the cobbles) I usually take all my shoes at the beginning of each season to get anti slip soles put on and the heel tips renewed.

Valverde del Camino

Known for their equestrian connections, Valverde del Camino is based in Huelva, Spain. Worn by Kate Middleton, the high quality leather boots are classic country styles and long lasting.


Toni Pons – Alpargatas

Alpargatas are synonimous with Mediterranean Style. Toni Pons has stores across Spain and as well as the traditional slip on shoe in all colours and sizes. There are now other styles of sandals and wedges in their collections. 



Since 1984 this Spanish brand have been designing great shoes and can be easily found on the Spanish high street. My most recent purchase has been a pair of Leather Blue Lisbon Ankle Boots they are really lightweight, like trainers but are much warmer.

I also have some Pikolinos Mary Janes (seen above) are great for wearing with dresses yet have a solid heel than doesn´t get caught in cobbles. Another brand in the Pikolinos family is Martinelli. I have a beautiful pair of Burgandy ankle boots by this brand.

spain shoe brands


Summer sandals that I bought this year were super comfortable. As I got them in a neutral blush colour they also matched everything. I bought them online from Yokono Shoes. Delivered direct to me from Alicante.

They do stock them in the Corte Inglés but they didn´t have my size. Buying online was actually the same price. Love the logo, it a bright red ladybird. This company have been going since 1981.

spanish shoes gioseppo


My Gioseppo suede boots are really comfortable and I love the sparkle detail on the heel.  I found these in the Gioseppo store in Madrid in January 2017. On Calle Claudio Coello 38.

With a good price vs quality these are only Gioseppo shoes I have so but I will look at their summer collection this season. In business since 1991, this is now an international brand even though it begin in Spain.


Spanish brand Camper is well known both in Spain and Internationally. Created in Inca, Mallorca in 1975 this traditional brand has a modern line in its designs.

I have at least three pairs of their summer sandals. See above is a pair of black leather heeled sandals which I wore all summer. Find Camper in most Spanish high street stores. I bought these for a great price at La Roca Village (a short drive from Barcelona)

nordikas slippers zapatillas-


Long lasting slippers. I have lost count of how many pairs of these I have bought over the years. Nordikas have been a great Christmas and birthday present for many of my family and friends. I usually by the leather ones for men as they are smart and hard wearing. They last for several years.

For warmer climates they also have summer versions of their slippers which are worth looking out for. I have bought them at El Corte Ingles or independent shoe shops in Spain, but you can also find them online too.

Munich Barcelona Bunkers Carmel-

Munich Trainers

Munich Barcelona trainers are colourful yet understated. Love them for casual wear and wandering around Barcelona too. Mine are navy blue and bright orange. I´ve had them for a few years now but they are still going strong.

They have an outlet store at La Roca but I purchased my trainers in a small store in Almeria. As they are light and thin, these are perfect for spring and summer weather. Spain shoe brands tend to specialise in Weddings and everyday wear but this is the only trainer brand I know of so far.

Bimba Lola Spanish Bags and Shoes

Bimba & Lola

A known name now on many high streets Bimba & Lola can be found in most Spanish cities and some international ones too. Although they are mainly stocking clothes, their footwear lines can bring up some goodies too. They also have lots of Leather Bags too.

I have bought sandals from their stores a few summers. It´s worth checking out their sales for good deals. Shown in the photo below are my beige sandals that were so good I bought two exact same pairs. I have worn them until they are completely worn out. So comfortable and easy to match with summer colours.

bimba lola sandals montefrio spanish shoe

Manolo Blahnik

Its impossible to write about Spain shoe brands without mentioning Manolo Blahnik. Although I havent got a pair of these myself yet. They are on my wish list.

These Spanish designer shoes are stocked at Harrods, Nordstrom and many other prestigious locations around the world.

The Art of Shoes

Becoming more well known as they were used in Sex and the City these beautiful shoes have been crafted since  the 1970s. Born in Santa Cruz de la Palma, the Spanish designer is now a UK resident. The flagship store of this iconic Spain shoemaker is in London.

There is also a store in Barcelona on Paseo de Gracia 38-40. The Art of Shoes exhibit has been on in different places around the world and there is also a book too.

This is my own personal experience in shoes and travel. Shoes.. One of my passions. I could write for days..

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Spain Shoe Brands to Seek Out – Infographic


Please Note:
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. All thoughts, feelings and opinions shared on this blog and in this post are my own.


  1. Juan says:

    Hi Molly,

    What are your favorites kids’ shoe brands made in Spain?

    • Molly says:

      A few spring to mind. Conguitos, Acebos Shoes, Pablosky or Xiqets. There are many producers in Spain, again lots in the Alicante region.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Molly,

    Nice to read your post. I just bought a pair of leather boots which is made in Spain and the only logo is a small bee.

    I cannot find it anywhere and it looks like a local brand. I am a bit curious, so do you by change know a local Spanish boot brand that has a logo like a bee? ^^.

    Thank you very much,


  3. grainne okeeffe says:

    Chie Mihara – amazed that women find them comfortable. I find them extremely hard on the foot and cannot wear them for any length of time. The designs are fabulous. Just goes to show how different we are all.

    Wonders is another spanish brand that I wear a lot of. Their designs are becoming a little more funky every year, still conservative but always very comfortable and great quality.

    • Molly says:

      Yes, each person has completely different foot tred so there are so many different brands to keep in mind.
      Wonders are a very good brand. I think I have one pair that I bought more recently. They are very comfy too.

  4. Chi says:

    I am interested in starting a large size shoe internet business catering to women only and would like to partner with a Spanish manufacturer.
    P.S I like UNISA shoes .

    Thanks and I enjoyed your blog. Very helpful

  5. Kristiina says:

    What a great posting, thank you so much! Such an insight into Spanish shoes!
    Greetings from another shoelover from Finland – where it’s a bit hard to find the opportunity to wear wonderful shoes, due to the cold climate we have…

    • Molly says:

      Hi Kristina

      Thanks for stopping by to read this,
      Indeed in Southern Spain we spend about 6 months wearing sandals so the weather certainly makes a difference

      Have a great day

  6. Ladyblue says:

    I love ❤️ your site, and found it quite by accident! I’m so glad I did, as it has been extremely helpful in my research for Spanish shoes! So, thank you!!!

  7. Rosemary says:

    I bought a beautiful pair of short navy suede boots in Paris last Spring. I’ve worn them and worn them and left it too late to check the make / designer so now the name is partially erased through wear but if my memory serves me right, they’re a Spanish make. The last 3 letters of the brand are ‘xxo’, – possibly ‘axxo’. I would love to find the company and see could I buy more like them online. Great if there’s anybody who could help me identify this brand.

    • Molly says:

      the only brand I can think of is Farrutx but its not quite xxo… hopefully a lovely reader may know the answer..

  8. Pamela King says:

    Sandals bought in Marbella 3years ago are the best for me.The only identification is the following inside the shoe. Trying to trace”. db. Pepe Alba. Super relax. Maxima artesian is. En pixel. Para el conform. De sus pies. “. I am 82 yrs, still like fashion, but must becomfortable. My pair of sandals are, small heel, super soft leather, sling backs, front black with splashes of pink and grey

    • Molly says:

      Hello Pamela

      Yes, of course,
      This company Pepe Alba is actually from Málaga
      they have a website:

      You could probably find a stockist in the Malaga Costa del Sol area as they are based in the region

      Hope this helps with your search

  9. Patty Lawrence says:

    Hi Molly!
    Haven’t seen you around at the meetups in awhile and I have a question. A friend of mine from the US who has just retired in Spain is looking for a shoemaker in Granada. She has a pair of sandals she loves but does not like the quality. She was hoping to find a local artisan in town who makes (not just repairs) custom shoes/sandals. I know you are a shoe addict and thought I would ask you if you know or have heard about anyone local.

    • Molly says:


      I was at the latest Internations meet up…
      the best option in Granada is Lourdes Luzon at Ángel Ganivet 6 for custom shoes

      Hope its useful

  10. Serena Elhard says:

    Hi, Molly,
    I am desperately seeking shoes that fit a long thin boned narrow foot but most importantly truly are made more narrow in the heel. I mean REALLY narrow. I’ve wriiten a couple of Spanish manufacturers explaining how American shoes make the forefoot narrow but they use the same heel cup basically from their medium widths so those of us with narrow heels (slim and SS and even narrow) pop out of the backs of shoes because the heel cup isn’t snug or more narrow. I am generally looking for business casual boots and loafer type. Do you have suggestions? Do you know how the Spanish shoe fits in the foot or heel compared to italian or french shoes? The thing is I have a proportionate foot but I just in general have long thin bones which makes my foot all around “narrower”. I’m tired of dropping $200 on American shoes only to have to pad them up to fit better even when they are “narrows”.

    • Vanessa says:

      I have the same problem with having to pad narrow shoes because even they don’t fit well. The brands that I’ve bought that fit well without adding padding are Ferragamo’s which come in truly narrow widths. My Trotter’s loafers didn’t need additional padding. I bought SAS sunny loafers and the super slim size fit well. Some narrow Stuart Weitzman shoes fit ok although I want to try their super slim size because many of their shoes I have bought were uncomfortable or I have to size down or add inserts. My pair of Soft Walk booties fit well. My cole Haan boots are great. More and more companies are stopping production of narrows and my feet have gotten longer and I need to replace most of my shoes so if you can make any suggestions of your own that would be appreciated! I’m literally going to have to buy used shoes this has become so difficult especially from Canada…

  11. Moira Cowie says:

    l’m surprised that you didn’t mention Mascaró shoes from Menorca, Molly. They’re probably best known as the manufacturers of Pretty Ballerinas, but their court shoes are up there with Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, and they have branches as far afield as Australia and Japan. I’d recommend that anyone visiting Menorca should visit the factory shop in Ferreries.

    • JoAnn Hussion says:

      Today, I just bought a pair of Mascaró shoes in Valencia at El Cortes Ingles. I’m very happy with them. They are a gorgeous red suede with a chunky low heel. They were l59 eu. Looking forward to a long relationship with them!

    • Molly says:

      Hi Moira
      Thanks for reading, I have only mentioned Spanish brands that I have actually owned and bought myself
      rather than listing all Spanish Shoe Brands.

      I do know of Mascaro but never owned a pair myself which is why I havent added that particular brand
      From Menorca I do know of Pons Quintana & C Doux too

      I like to share personal experiences which i think makes a difference to the credibility of my site
      hope you understand

      Best regards

  12. David says:

    That entire region of the world produces beautiful shoes – Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. True artisans, ecologically responsible and passionate Craftsman. U.S. retailers are finally figuring this out.

  13. Mojdeh says:

    I LOVE this post! specially since it includes my all time favourite shoe brand , Chie Mihara! Do they have any shops in Granada or nearby?! thanks so much for sharing!

    • Molly says:

      Hi Mojdeh,

      In Granada you have some styles at Pilar Dalbat (opening soon on Calle Alhondiga/Plaza Trinidad)
      Not many places stock them in Granada, I would suggest if you know you size buying from their online store..

      Hope this helps

  14. Lesley says:

    Is it worth visiting the outlet stores in Elche, we will be nearby?

    • Molly says:

      I visited Ibi to go to the Outlet stores there and had a great morning
      I did have a specific list of shoes I wanted to buy.
      Its especially good for leather shoes boots and occasion footwear

      I havent been to the stores in Elche, I wanted to go to Ibi as my favourite Spanish brands were there

  15. Carmel Gahan says:

    Do you know of a shop in Granada that stocks Chie Mihara? They are amazing shoes!

    • Molly says:

      I adore these shoes!
      In Granada they usually have some at Pilar Dalbat on Calle San Isidoro (opp Corte Inglés)

  16. Sandra McIntyre says:

    Personally I love Marian/Pedro Anton! 🙂 As well as some of the above.

  17. Wasser says:

    Another great shoe brand for comfortable shoes is called Yokono!

  18. Eshika Roy says:

    Thank you for sharing this informative blog. This blog is must read for anyone who is visiting Spain for the first time. A lot of time can be saved after reading this blog as it mentions the top notch shoe makers of Spain. I hope you keep on sharing more amazing posts.

  19. Eshika Roy says:

    Thank you for posting this informative blog on the best shoe brands of Spain. This blog will help a lot of people who are interested in footwear trends of Spain. Looking forward to read more interesting posts in the future.

  20. Maria says:

    hello, Molly!
    Is it possible to buy tango shoes in Alicante? Made in Spain? Can you advise spanish brands for tangp shoes?

    • Molly says:

      Hello Maria

      Of course, in Alicante you have Dernier Shoes on Calle Castaños 5
      They have Tango and Flamenco shoes. Lots of variety and colours to choose from and they are made in Spain and can even be personalised to match an outfit or theme.

      In Valencia there is a Reina shoe stockist at
      EINA DANZA VALENCIA on C/ Gual Villalbi 5

      hope this helps

  21. Barbara Davis says:

    I will be visiting Andulsia for a month beginning on April 2, Your blog was recommended to me by a SERVAS resident of Granada. Im so happy to be reading it before my trip!
    Spanish shoes are on my list of things to purchase! I will be in Madrid for a few days prior to arriving at my apartment in Seviila. I wonder if you can recommend some shoe stores there. I will be seeking walking shoes to replace my asic sneakers and some leather soled high heels for dancing Tango. I am planning to visit Granada from aril 9 to 11 and am very excited.

    • Molly says:

      So pleased you have come across my site, it may help you to plan some things ahead of your visit.

      Do make sure that you buy Alhambra tickets for 9th-11th April as soon as you can.
      Normally they are on sale 90 days before. (thats now)

      In Madrid there are lots shops where you can find Spanish shoes.
      For comfortable walking shoes look for
      Panama Jack
      El Naturalista

      Although as you look around you may find others.

      For Tango, the shop REINA DANZA on Calle Goya 30 are specialised in Dance Footwear
      They have a good selection. Open Mon to Sat until 9pm.

      Hope this helps

  22. Lorraine Gallick says:

    Hi, Molly –
    Thank you so much for researching this information for me. That is exactly it!
    Greetings from Colorado, USA
    this is the third time I am trying to send a comment. Hope it works this time.

    • Molly says:

      Thanks Lorraine, Yes the comment worked
      Glad we got the brand sorted out between us!
      Regards from Granada, Spain

  23. Lorraine says:

    I just found a very comfortable pair of open-toed mule style shoes for women Made in Spain. The logo is of a man in a Fedora with one side of his face blanked out, like it is in shadow. Do you know the brand?

  24. Rachel says:

    I don’t do heels either. Never. I love your blue Panama Jack’s Molly. It has to be comfort for me every time. Maybe living in the country sorts out the heels from the flats!!

  25. Rian says:

    I stumbled on this blog about shoes from Spain. I’d like to know if you have ever heard of thr brand called ‘Belen Donate’? I am quite curious about this brand, but I can’t find anything much about it… I’d appreciate it if you can help me out. Thank you for your kind attention.


    • Molly says:


      Yes, that Brand specialises in Wedding footwear, they are also based in Alicante región.
      They have been in business since 1988 and are well established in quality high end shoes
      If you google them you will come across their website (.net) and twitter account.
      Some of the pages are in English.

      Hope this helps

  26. md Kennedy says:

    I love my Camper sneaks, even if they aren’t leather (which I prefer because I try not to wear animal products)!

    • Molly says:

      Camper is a great Brand, I saw Camper Kids range today in Madrid airport.. So cute..

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  28. sarah says:

    I second the Campers – also not much of a flat shoe wearer, but my Camper suede boots keep on going. Curious about the Chie Mihara shoes – do you know if they are available in Granada?

  29. Maya says:

    I don’t do heels, at all, ever… but my favourite Spanish shoes are my Campers, funky flat boots though I am after some of their sandals next year, beautifully designed and made

  30. Cecilia says:

    You are leaving out hispnanitas, they are done with the absolute Best leather, and The designs are great.

    • Jawad Ahmad says:

      THese shoes at Hispanitas as really nice and elegant

    • Molly says:

      Hispanitas, yes, they are good quality but I haven´t got any of those shoes myself. On the post I am adding brands I use on a daily basis.

  31. You are a brave woman for wearing heels around Granada! As for Bimba and Lola shoes – I bought a pair of adorable flats, but found them to be far too uncomfortable, so I returned them after wearing them around the house.

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