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Lately it seems that Spanish food is just Paella or Tapas. That is really not it. Spain has a long traditional of seasonality and regional cuisine. So the combination of the two makes an infinite variety of dishes and recipes. The Spanish only eat what is typical that season in that location. There is a clear difference between what restaurants serve in Summertime and wintertime. You can´t get gazpacho in December nor can you get an Estofado stew in August.

Spanish tapas, raciones, montaditos and pinchos are often confused however they are not the same. Andalusia is really the home of Spanish tapas. The North is home to Pintxos and the best seafood too. The centre of Spain is famous for its roast meat dishes, locations such as Toledo, Valladolid or Zamora. Typical Catalan dishes are Calçots with romanesco sauce and crema catalana. Biscuits called carquiñolis are also served with a sweet dessert wine in this region too.

Valencia and Levante are home of the Paella. As the region has it´s own rice fields around the Ebro river delta the locals would use this to create rice dishes with seafood, fish, rabbit, snails, vegetables and whatever they had to hand.

Hospes Palacio de los Patos – 10th Edition of Spanish Rice Days

For the past years, Hospes Palacio de los Patos in Granada have hosted the Annual Rice Days. This gastronomic event coincides with the arrival of spring and celebrates traditional Spanish Rice dishes. It is a real treat, it almost feels as though the Costa Blanca region …

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Autumn dishes in Granada – Wild Mushroom + Seasonal Produce

Autumn in Granada is a strange season. Temperatures fluctuate dramatically from mid 30ºC to a maximum of 15ºC in November. Seasonal food comes into season like Persimmon, pomegranates and of course wild mushrooms. Local Autumn dishes appear on Andalusian kitchen tables and in the best local …

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