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Why Travel is Good for the Soul – Benefits of Travelling

Why Travel is Good for the Soul – Benefits of Travelling

Travel is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Benefits of Travelling may even help your physical and mental health, especially after being stuck inside for the last year. You can travel across the world, or your home country for some new surroundings and a little adventure.
There are just a few of the benefits travelling can bring to your life.

Let food inspire you

When I travel one of the things I most look forward to is seeing new restaurants, dishes and ingredients. Travelling somewhere with a mix of cultures and influences such as Dubai gives you such choice in types of cuisine.  Finding great venues and new restaurants at Square Meal UAE is the best way to plan your travel.

Yet the inspiration is not only before my trip. It continues during my trip as I visit food markets and small delis while I am travelling. Afterwards. I often take notes of dishes I ate and do my best to recreate them at home. So the more exotic the better. The United Arab Emirates is a true melting pot of cultures and home to over 200 nationalities. Traditional dishes served here are Manakish (cheesy flatbread) or a plate of Shirin Polo with fragrant persian rice. The sweet toothed will probably enjoy luqaimat soaked in honey, shaped in a small ball it has a similar texture to a doughnut.

Ravi Restaurant Satwa, Dubai picture via Big Dodzy on Unsplash

Get some perspective

If you feel stressed and a bit down, travelling to a new place can help you get a little perspective. Sometimes the 9 to 5 schedule can become overwhelming and restrictive. Try taking a train from London to Bradford for the weekend to get a break from your everyday routine.

While on holiday, enjoy a lie-in, eat something new and talk to the local people. Soak in the different culture and try to immerse yourself in the present moment. Sometimes a new environment can help you think outside of yourself and realise how big the world really is. Travelling to some of the most beautiful places in the world is bound to give you fresh ideas.

Baños arabes Ronda Spain

Live a more fulfilled life

When you are motivated, you are far more likely to do activities, seek adventure and form lasting relationships. Travel can help you unwind and relax from your regular routine and find things that set your soul on fire. Try out a new exercise class or visit a popular tourist attraction to shake things up a bit. You might find a new hobby or skill you never knew you had before.
Learn what makes you comfortable when you are travelling – you might find yourself appreciating home more often. Or, perhaps you feel more alive and comfortable in a new place, and it’s time to move your life there. Embrace change and spontaneity on your travels – you might surprise yourself!

Munich Barcelona Bunkers Carmel-

Learn something new

Learning new languages and cultural traditions is one of the best things about travel. You can feel more cultured, learn about the country’s history and educate yourself on something outside of your typical environment. It can be eye-opening to see just how different some countries and cultures are from your own.
Make sure to try the local cuisine and choose dishes you haven’t seen at home before. If you are staying in one place for a while, consider getting a language teacher so you can chat with the locals. Learn the basics of the language so you can order food, grab a taxi and make a few friends.

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Benefits of Travelling