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6 Money Saving Tips for your Holiday this year

6 Money Saving Tips for your Holiday this year

Planning a holiday this summer but worried about sticking to your budget? Expenses like flights,accommodation, and eating out can all add up. While some costs, such as purchasing a passport,can’t be avoided. There are a few saving tips and tricks that could help you save some money. In this article, we take a look at some useful advice to help you secure the best deals on your holiday to make the experience both affordable and memorable.

Get your spending money before you travel

Yes, buying your euros at the airport is highly convenient but it will also typically be way moreexpensive. Make your money go that bit further by shopping around for the best exchange rates. 
Should you decide to order this online, confirm that it will arrive in time and isn’t subject to handling or delivery fees. When you reach your destination, always pay in local currency. Doing so will help you to avoid poor rates and the high costs tourists tend to face overseas. And avoid withdrawing money from cash
machines unless absolutely necessary since you can be charged for doing so.

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Search for deals on flights

If you’re desperate for a holiday in the sun but aren’t too fussed about where you end up, a flight comparison website will enable you to explore all the options available. From this, you might even discover opportunities you hadn’t initially considered.
Flying to your destination via different airlines and airports or taking a non-direct flight can reduce prices but this does come at the cost of shortening the time you spend in your destination. If you do prioritise money over time however you should consider a stop-over flight. These tend to increase your time travelling by a few hours but can be considerably cheaper.
You should also be prepared to fly during the week and at off-peak times as this is when flight prices are the lowest. Always check the prices you find on the hotel or airline’s website as it is often much cheaper to go through them directly.

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Avoid paying for food and entertainment

First things first, prices for food in the airport can be eye-wateringly expensive. There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money unnecessarily before you even reach your destination. Instead, bring your own with you. It’s surprising how many people aren’t aware that you can bring most foods through security – just be careful when it comes to liquids. Saving tips arent just about the big ticket travel purchases. The small things all add up too. 

Whether you prepare your own meal or purchase something quick and easy from your local shop, you’re sure to save money that can be used elsewhere.
Regarding entertainment, take the time to identify some of the top attractions in the area. Most major cities and holiday hotspots will have landmarks and museums that you can visit free of charge or with a small donation. There may also be days when entry fees are cheaper.
Large hotels will often host free entertainment shows as part of their packages, meaning you don’t neven need to leave the comfort of your accommodation to have a great time. If you’re travelling with the family, try to take advantage of kids’ clubs or free activities.

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Enquire about your phone plan charges

Never assume you can just use your mobile phone abroad like normal without incurring any roaming charges. Some countries, such as Spain and France, will generally allow you to keep your regular plan for a small cost per day but others could see you hit with a hefty bill.
Always check the fine print in your contract or make some adjustments with your provider before going away. The last thing you want is to be faced with a huge charge after being so careful with your money. Or, better still, use this time as a chance to detox from technology altogether, spending
time with your loved ones and connecting to Wi-Fi as and when you need it.

Book your airport transfers ahead of time

It goes without saying; organising your transport to the airport should be done as soon as possible. Not just for availability but for getting the best price possible also. While catching a lift or using public transport are generally the cheapest methods, they aren’t always possible and can be stressful for some.
So, in order to streamline the process of getting to and from the airport, you should book some transfers. Aim to do this as soon as you book your flights to find cheap airport transfers online and keep an eye out for any discounts or promo codes. Do make sure that the company you go through is reliable though as you don’t want a no-show on the morning of your holiday.


Use what you already have

We’ve all used the excuse of going on holiday to rationalise our desire to splurge on lots of new items. But this really isn’t necessary, especially if spending is the last thing you need to be doing.
Have a look through your wardrobe and assess what items you already possess. While some clothing may not be as fashionable as they once were, if it still fits then there’s no point in buying more. The same goes for toiletries. So long as your products are in date, take as much as you can with you.
Purchasing these at the airport or when you get there can be expensive so avoid this where possible. If your products are too big for your suitcase, decant them into smaller containers. The mini versions of toiletries sold in most shops are appealing but they’re inflated in price and also terrible for the environment.