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The Kingdom of Granada from 1013 to 2013

The Kingdom of Granada from 1013 to 2013

Carmen de la Victoria & Alhambra Palace Granada Spain

The Kingdom of Granada

Kingdom of Granada.

The focus of 1000 year celebrations and known in Spanish as the Milenio del Reino de Granada.

This is to celebrate the Creation of the Kingdom of Granada in 1013. Despite lots of talk and publicity when the calendar changed from 2012 to 2013.The event seems to be a discreet affair.


Some Background:

In 1012-1013 the city of Granada became very important due to the Ziri Dynasty´s arrival. It became an independent Taifa Emirate. (An independent Muslim-ruled principality)

Then in 1238 the state of Granada was officially converted into The Emirate of Granada. The Kingdom of Granada has played a key part in the history of Spain

Ziri Wall in Albaicin Granada, Spain

Ziri Wall in Albaicin Granada, Spain

The Millennium of Granada began as we started the new year 2013. So far there has not been a lot of activity in the city.

Granada certainly has had a varied and dramatic past. The celebration of the millennium wants to showcase the mixture of cultures that  I have contributed to the Kingdom of Granada over the last 1000 years. I have already written about some of this history. One post about the Jewish history of the city. from the year 135 up until the 1492. Also there is another recent post about the Princess Morayma around the 1490s. In the Albaicin area there are plenty of historic places to see as you walk around. See this post

The history of this city is a huge catalogue of events, architecture and tales. There are so many things that we can discover in and around the Granada province. Some well known, such as the Alhambra palace and others less known. The defense towers of the Granada Coastline or Carchuna Castle are historic sites with little promotion.

Museum Parque de las Ciencias Granada Spain

What´s happening?

The Main cultural event will be the Festival del Milenio scheduled for the 2nd part of 2013. Events are running from April up until the end of the year. Exhibitions, concerts and activities are planned.

There is also an area called el Legado Andalusi in the Museum of the Parque de las Ciencias. This has a lot of information about the Kingdom of Granada, explanations on wall panels and museum exhibits too.

In the Alhambra palace there will be several activities linked to the Millennium during 2013.

Kingdom of Granada

At the end of 2012 a short film called 1013 (under 20 minutes) was created in 3D. The documentary spans the past 1000 years in Granada. Hopefully I´ll get to see it at some point. I expect that sometime this year the activities surrounding the Millennium will include a screening of this.

Keep an eye out for these special activities during the rest of the year.