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A walk around the Albaicin

A walk around the Albaicin

Mirador de San Nicolas

When you visit the unmissable Mirador de San Nicolas in Granada to see the breathtaking views of the Alhambra palace, the Snowy Sierra Nevada, afterwards to continue exploring walk a little further on and you come right into the centre of the Albaicin neighbourhood. Great to visit in the day to wander the narrow streets and quaint white houses and coloured ceramic tiles typical of this area of the city. This area was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 due to it´s unique character. This neighbourhood was founded around mid 8th century. At the time Asap ben Abderrahman built a fortress on the site of the Mirador in the Albaicin.

Walk to the foot of the Church tower at the Mirador San Nicolas, behind it you will see a few restaurants with tables outside on the square, on the other side, on the left you will see the narrow street Callejon de San Cecilio. San

San Cecilio

This cobbled street has the Chapel of Saint Cecil on the right hand side. built in 1752, Saint Cecil is the Patron of the city of Granada. You can see that part of the hermitage building formed by an old, almost ruined wall this dates from the 10th century.

As we continue down the street at the bottom on the right we come to the Arco de las Pesas (Arch of the weights) or Calle Puerta Nueva (New Gate street)


This huge 11th century archway leads into the Plaza Larga. (Long Square) Its traditionally a marketplace. The heart of the Albaicin. The archway used to make up a part of the city wall. In Plaza Larga on the third Sunday of each month they hold a market similar to a Farmer´s market. Selling local produce and some crafts.  From 11am.The name of the archway takes it´s name from the weights which were confiscated from dodgy traders conning their customers selling lighter items. The weights were nailed up high on the archway after the culprits were caught. As a warning to other traders. Although they are high up out of reach you can see the metal pieces clearly on the wall.

Arco de las Pesas

A little further along is the Casa Pasteles. A great spot to have an ice cream or coffee with a cake too. They have a large variety of local cakes and pastries, including the reknown Piononos too. 

If you choose to walk back down to the city from here. Walk up the Calle Agua just beside the Casa Pasteles door. Then wander down the Calle Pages (more or less the main street in this area) If you keep going down this street and in a downwards directions you will come back into the city. Coming our close to Plaza Nueva or along the Paseo de los tristes.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual walk around a little corner of Granada with me!



  1. Hilary says:

    Thank you for sharing! I went on a tour in the Albaicin several months ago and couldn’t remember the name of this arch! With your help, I’ve figured it out!

  2. Will - Gap Daemon says:

    Nice one Molly! Great shots and lovely new blog. You’ve done yourself good service here!

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