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Badagoni: A new word in the Georgian Wine Industry

Badagoni: A new word in the Georgian Wine Industry
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It’s not a secret that Georgian wine brands are popular all over the world. Given the fame of the famous Alazani Valley reaches the furthest places in the world. Today, Georgian wine is in demand across Europe, Asia and America. Kindzmarauli, Saperavi and Chacha can be found in these countries in different variations. Both about large manufacturers, and local brands, from which a enological gems emerge. One such jewel is Badagoni, a Georgian producer that we will look at in detail in this article. 

Georgian wine

Company history

Founded in 2006, Badagoni Wines has achieved outstanding success with a range of local wines that are among the best in Georgia. Following the unique Georgian traditions of winemaking, the company uses the most advanced technologies and science in the wine industry. Badagoni scales every year, producing a wider range of wines for international export.

Dr. Donato Lanati runs the company — one of the top five enologists and a winner of the Oscar del Vino award. The Badagoni family is also proud of its partnership with the Alaverdi Monastery and produces a range of Alaverdi Tradition wines. Recently, the company has started cooperation with well-known Italian companies Bertolaso ​​and Enotec. Their production currently accounts for 6,000 bottles. Today, Badagoni wine can be found in many specialist stores and on online sites such as Punin Wine

Georgian Wines – Climate + Locations

Badagoni Wines company is located in the Alazani river valley, famous for its winemaking. The impressive Caucasus Mountains stretch to the north, and the unique climate of this region creates fertile soil for winemaking. The company owns two vinyards in the Kakheti region. One located in the village of Zemo Khodasheni (Akhmeta area), and the second is  in Manavi village (Sagarejo municipality). During the construction of the winery, Badagoni management collaborated with world-known specialists to install top of the range equipment. Each site, the machinery and laboratory is fully compliant with ISO standards.

Grape Varieties 

The Badagoni product range includes Chacha, still and sparkling wines. The company only Georgian grape varieties in their wine production. In the Badagoni range, you will find wines made both according to the traditional Georgian and European blends. The Georgian Qvevri wine, stored in the 11th-century cellar of the Alaverdi Monastery, deserves special mention. The restoration of this historic cellar took place in 2006 with the financial support of the company. So, if you want to try the exceptional Georgian wine from the Kakheti region, we suggest the following options:

Badagoni Saperavi Qvevri Red Semi Dry (14%)

Saperavi wines have been produced since 1886. These ´Late Red Honey´ grapes produce very nice red wines suitable for long-term storage. By far, this is the most dominant grape variety in terms of production volumes in Georgia. This is an excellent example of a full-bodied wine with a pleasant structure, persistent taste of ripe cherries and a typical aroma of Saperavi spices. This wine will perfectly complement beef, pork, or lamb during your dinner.

Badagoni Alaverdi Tradition Qvevri White (13.5%)

This is an amber-colored wine with apricot and roasted almond aromas. As expected from a Georgian wine aged in qvevri (clay amphora), flavours of guava, pear, dried apricots, crushed almonds and acacia flowers stand out in this glass. Tannins are noticeable on the tongue, while the citrus zest and white flower notes give the aftertaste a bright lift. This unique wine will be a great addition to white fish or meat dishes, light snacks, pasta, and risotto.

грузинское вино

Badagoni – Khvanchkara (12%)

The refined taste of this wine comes from the harmonious combination of Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties. With a deep ruby color, berry fragrance and sweet refined notes, its a memorable combination. This wine suits sweets, fruits, and desserts.

Badagoni – Monk’s Wine Rkatsiteli (13.5%)

This dry white wine is exclusively made with Rkatsiteli grapes. Grown in the vineyards around the Alaverdi Monastery. This variety is also called white feather. Soils in the area are mainly limestone and marl. Nowadays, monks continue to grow grapes and produce wines following ancient Georgian traditions. The rich taste of fruit gives this wine pleasant aftertaste: first, you notice a fairly high level of tannins, after the second sip you get used to it. In fact this feature gives the wine singularity. Rkatsiteli wine perfectly complements cold and hot appetizers, fish, and meat dishes with herbs. 

Badagoni – Chacha Original (40%)

Chacha is the national alcoholic drink of Georgia. Initially, the raw material for Chacha was grape pomace leftovers from the wine production. Filled with water, fermented without adding yeast, and distilled once or twice. The result was a distillation, the strength of which could reach 70%. The same method is still used. Although they use grape pomace as well as the pomace from berries and fruits too.

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