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Typical street signs around Granada province

Typical street signs around Granada province

street signs in Granada

Granada street signs

If you did then you´ll understand how I came around to thinking up this post. street signs in Granada The pomegranate appears on all the street signs around the city of Granada as it is the symbol. The Spanish word for Pomegranate is ´Granada

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After visiting different areas of Granada province over the last few days with the trip for GRXperience – Discovering Granada province I´ve noticed a similar thing in other places around the region. They also put their symbol on the top of these typical ceramic signs. Local symbols on street signs is not exclusive to Granada itself. 

In the remote Alpujarra villages the symbol on that appears on these typical ceramics signs is the slate chimneys which are characteristic in these hilltop villages. This sign (above) was seen in the village of Pampaneira.

Alpujarra Villages

Here´s a photo of a typical chimney in the village of Pampaneira at sunset. These chimneys are only seen in this area. Not far away from the village of Pampaneira is the town of Lanjaron. Which is famous for it´s mineral water and longevity. It is the place in Spain where the people often live into their nineties.

street signs in Granada

I was surprised to see that the water from Lanjaron isn´t actually the symbol that appears on the street signs. They have the castle of Lanjaron on their street signs. The pictures are Granada street (above) and Seville Street (below) you can see the castle above the street name on each plaque.

The castle at Lanjaron although in ruins, has a historical importance as it was built in 8th-9th century. It was key to the defense of the Kingdom of Al-Andalus. It is currently having restoration work carried out to improve the condition of the building.

In the Lecrin Valley, the peaceful village of Pinos del Valle has the pine tree (pino) as their symbol. Here you can see the street sign for the 28th of February street.

And this one is the Calle Real (Royal Street) in Pinos del Valle. The village has lots of pine trees along the hills and roads, which have given the village it´s name ¨Pines of the Valley¨ You can read more about the lovely Lecrin valley here: Villages of Valle de Lecrin

In Las Gabias I noticed that they have a coat of arms with a Roman tower and the pomegranate on their street signs.

The tower is a Roman watchtower that used to be outside Las Gabias to protect the people from attack. In Roman times this place was called  “Gabiar al-Cobra¨ which later changed to Las Gabias.

Have you noticed any other symbols on the street signs while on your travels in Granada province? If you have any to add do let me know in the comments below.

If you want to read more about Granada street names, here a post I wrote in March 2012 for the The Spain Scoop It delves into some weird and wonderful street names in the Realejo district.

  1. Krista says:

    I fell in love with Granada because of their street signs, thanks for showing them and equally-charming ones from other towns and villages!

    • Anne de Lanoy says:

      We have a B&b in Pinos Del valle and would like a nice new large name plaque / sign approx 1 metre x 70 cm .

      • Molly says:


        I would suggest going along to a place that does the Fajalauza Ceramics and ordering this plaque
        In Plaza de la Pescaderia there is a small shop that represents one of the traditional potters in the city

        You may also be able to find a supplier in Lanjaron?

        Hope this helps

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