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Gardens in Granada – Spanish Fragrance and colour

Gardens in Granada – Spanish Fragrance and colour

Gardens in Granada

Winter is outstaying it´s welcome this year. I am looking forward to March and some spring like weather.

In the meantime let´s look at some of the gardens. Granada is a charming city with lots of squares and fountains . Streets lined with orange trees and plenty of fragrant plants in the city.

All of these take pride of place in springtime.

Parks and gardens are transformed into aromatic and colourful displays.

Here are four places that may be of interest to gardeners and photographers visiting the city.

Carmen Martires

Four Gardens in Granada Spain

Carmen de los Martires

The Carmen de los Martires is close the Alhambra.  The styles of these gardens are English, French and Spanish. As well as formal gardens and a lake, there are two large open terraces which look out over Granada. From here there are great views of the Sierra Nevada too. Don´t miss the peacocks.

Entrance to the garden is free. Find out more about the history of this site in this article: 3 Historic sites to see in Granada

Carmen de los Martires Park in granada

Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta

This garden was created by a painter, José Maria Rodríguez Acosta in the 19th century. This unique setting is full of sculptures and water features. The garden is spaced out on different levels, there are quite a few steps to climb.  The views over the city of Granada from here are impressive, this place makes a good vantage point.  

Tip: The Alhambra sell a combined ticket to see the Alhambra and the Fundación Rodríguez Acosta.

This garden is located next to the Alhambra Palace hotel. More information to visit Fundación Rodríguez Acosta

Rodriguez Acosta Granada

Jardín Botánico

Built in 1783, this garden is in the city centre, alongside the Calle Duquesa. Now owned by Granada University the highlight of this garden is a huge Gingko Biloba tree. These trees are rare in Spain, especially mature trees like the one here.

The University is currently involved in a project to avoid certain plant species dying out in Spain. Some of the plots in this garden are used for this research. This is a small urban garden and entrance is free.

Generalife - gardens in granada

Generalife gardens in Granada

Of all of the gardens in Granada this is the jewel of the crown. It´s a shame that many visitors to the Alhambra often don´t have time to see the Generalife. It is possible to purchase a seperate ticket just for the garden visit.  I would recommend this and visit the Generalife another day (if possible) to break up the walking and information overload.

The Generalife are the gardens of the Summer Palace. Each Summer the court in Nasrid times would move to this área of the palace as it was cooler.
The most photographed spot in the Generalife is the Patio de la Acequia. Here water shoots up above the plants creating silver arches in the air. Further on past the jumping water, there are alcoves to the left which offer stunning views over Granada.

gardens in granada

Don´t miss the Escalera de agua, dating from the 16th century. This unusual stone stairway has water running down the bannister, splashing as it moves  downwards.

The water features in these gardens are decorative but they were also designed to keep the air fresh in the hot Spanish summers.

Read more here about the importance of Water in the Alhambra palace


See this video below. The Generalife gardens in Granada ´s Alhambra Palace:

  1. sandy in spain says:

    Just love Granada

  2. Patti says:

    Even though springs wreaks havoc on my allergies, I am so ready for spring and to see gardens bloom again. We are currently in Nuremberg and today, near the castle, I was watching a few workmen planting blooms and bulbs were popping up! This looks to be an interesting site for your local readers, who doesn’t enjoy a pretty garden?

  3. Fabiana says:

    What a gorgeous place. I hope I can go some time soon!

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