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Lecrin Valley – Hiking up to the Cross in Pinos del Valle

Lecrin Valley – Hiking up to the Cross in Pinos del Valle

Pinos del Valle is one of the villages of the Lecrin Valley. This is region is close to the Alpujarra and just a short drive from Granada. The village looks over the Beznar reservoir and is set amongst Pine, orange and olive trees.

The Hermitage of Cristo del Zapato is 300 metres above the village. The Ermita of the Christ of the Shoe  has a large white cross above it which can be seen from the village and surrounding areas.

Lecrin Valley

Exploring Lecrin Valley

Last weekend I drove to Lecrin Valley and hiked up the hill to see the Hermitage. The walk is just over 2 kms (about 1.5 miles). The challenge was not in the distance but the steep  path. With a 20% incline and 300 metres uphill from Pinos del Valle this takes it´s toll on your legs as you hike up. When you look up from the village the trek doesn´t appear too challenging.

Lecrin Valley Piccavey Feb 2015 Pinos del Valle

Views over Lecrin Valley

The walk takes from 30 minutes or up to an hour depending on your level of fitness. The walk is amongst pine trees. You will notice the smell of rosemary and thyme as you walk along too.  This route is popular with hikers. You will usually pass people on you way up or down.

Notice the wooden signposts along the way. The track is clearly visible on the ground.

When you get to the top the views of the Sierra de Lujar and Lecrin valley are impressive.

Look over to the Alpujarra and onto the village of Pinos del Valle.

Cristo del Zapato Pinos del Valle Lecrin Valley

Pinos del Valle

The Hermitage above Pinos del Valle was built in the 19th century. Topped with a large cross above the chapel, it was refurbished in 1920. Inside is a painting of Saint Roque, the patron of the village.

Sadly in February 2009 the cross was struck by lightening one night. The huge cross was ruined and split in two. The hermitage caved in too.

To repair the cross and hermitage the villagers of Pinos del Valle rallied to collect funds. This is an important emblem for the locals and part of their annual fiestas as they walk up to the hermitage to celebrate the festival of San Roque each Summer.

Now rebuilt, inside the chapel there is a small altar, flowers and images left there by the villagers.

Pinos del Valle Lecrin Valley


Hike up to the Cross

  • How to get there: See the map below. Take A44 until the sign for Lanjaron. Turn off the motorway and see the signs for Pinos del Valle.
  • Parking: As you enter into the village, turn right and follow the road until the Olive Oil Factory and Old Laundry. This a great spot to park at the Lavadero and fountain as this is the start of the walk.
  • Where to eat: You can choose to take a packed lunch with you. Water: Fill up at the fountain before and after your hike. There are two places to eat in Pinos del Valle. Bar Venecia which is on the main road, just up some steps. The Hostal is in the centre of the village. Both have hot food daily.
  • Forest fires: Avoid this area in high Summer. As the trek is uphill and downhill should there be a fire it´s difficult to get out quickly. Fires tend to be July & August when land is drier due to lack of rain.
  • Find more information here about Lecrin Valley 
  1. Karen Martin says:

    My husband and I hiked to the top of this mountain three weeks ago!!! We left at 6.45pm and arrived at the top at 8am. The walk is hard, but definitely worth it for the stunning views. There is a spring at the bottom of the mountain with a ceramic sign in Spanish. A friend translated it for me, the translation is: A Christian Prince and a Moorish Princess used to meet at this spot. Their families forbid them to see each other, so they met for the last time at the bottom of the mountain. When they kissed the water sprung forth from the mountain, resulting in the spring that stands there today.

    Such a beautiful story and lovely that it has been commemorated. There is also a baker in one of the back streets near the shop. Just follow the smell in the morning and you’ll find it!! Selling beautiful French bread and pain au chocolate. Perfect for breakfast, then lunch with some cheese and chorizo. Pinos del Valle is a beautiful unspoilt Spanish town. We have been lucky enough to have two holidays there, as our friends rent out a villa there.

  2. Jennifer says:

    It’s a shame that lighting struck and damaged the cross. Even so, the view from up there over the valley looks absolutely amazing!

  3. I would definitely hike 2km or more just to get that view!

  4. A 20% incline is pretty steep, but such great rewards for taking the hike. Beautiful in every direction from the top. Would love to walk in your footsteps here.

  5. Leigh says:

    What a spectacular landscape. I try to envision what a lightning strike would have looked like – otherworldly and devastating for the village in a split second. Great place for a hike.

    • Molly says:

      Yes, the lightening strike was dramátic and noisy too. Now the cross has a protection so it cant happen again. The landscape is wonderful when you get to the top.

  6. Rachel says:

    Another great walk to save in Wikiloc. Only just discovered that great App. Thanks Molly. There are so many gorgeous places to go just in Granada and Jaen, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the bottom of my list.

    • Molly says:

      That’s the magic of Eastern Andalusia….. Great areas to explore. I still haven’t done all of Granada province yet and I’ve been here 9 years

  7. Laura @Travelocafe says:

    It is not that far from home. I should go and see this place for myself.

    • Molly says:

      It’s well worth a visit, an unspoilt Spanish village with fabulous plants and flowers

  8. Sithewindows says:

    Hi Molly
    Love what you are doing here. Living in Spain is something I am considering, we do have two boys of school age though. Looking at the possibility of providing specialist breaks.

    • Molly says:


      There will never be a good time to move, plan ahead and set up a plan b.
      Children actually adapt more easily that the parents mostly.

      Specialist breaks could be a good idea especially if no one is doing that particular niche in the area yet.


  9. Jody Robbins says:

    I’ve always wanted to go hiking in that region. So happy to hear they received enough funds to rebuild. The views look spectacular and I bet it’s so worth the steep incline to get rewarded by them.

  10. What a gorgeous place to go for a walk – although it definitely sounds challenging from your description! The views from the top look very worth it. It’s a shame it was destroyed by lightning, but it’s great that the locals managed to raise the money to repair the hermitage and cross.

  11. Great story, Molly. Lightning also struck the natural Dedo de Dios rock formation off the coast of Agaete back in 2005. Unfortunately, the locals haven’t been able to repair this.

  12. Lynda Wood says:

    I can also recommend Meson Dispensa del Valle in Restabel (slightly nearer than Los Naranjos)

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