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The Best Hiking Trails In Italy for Stunning Landscape

The Best Hiking Trails In Italy for Stunning Landscape

Hiking Trails In Italy 

Italy is one of the countries known for great food and its traditions. Yet the fabulous hiking trails In Italy also boast abundant natural resources and breath taking scenery. The boot-shaped country has been blessed with an amazing climate, beautiful coasts, and pleasant people to welcome you. A firm favourite of many hiking fans around the world. Choosing it over the neighbouring Swiss Alps. Lets take a look at the greatest trails in Italy for your next nature holiday.

3 peaks of Lavaredo 

The name itself  Tre Cime di Lavaredo  suggests a daring quest full of unknown adventures and amazing landscapes. The three peaks alongside each other seem like giants blocking the path. With the gigantic rocks seeming to mimic mythological creatures rather than mountains. This hiking trail is north of the iconic city of Venice. Around 180 km from the city, so you can have a little trip and enjoy all the different types of beauty of Italy offers. The trail itself is 10 km long and it is considered by most hikers as medium to hard. So you can even bring less experienced hikers that are fit and up for a challenge. You can look for maps in the Dolomites, as the region is a known tourist attraction. There are plenty of services and supplies nearby.

Best time of the year to visit: During Autumn months or early Summer. Try to find a time when there are fewer tourists to appreciate the beauty of the hike with less people on the trails.  

Lavaredo Dolomites Italy

Foto de Carrie Borden en Unsplash

Iconic Coastal Views 

The Cinque Terre is one of those idyllic places tucked into forest surroundings. A mosaic-like little village, decorated with colourful houses and a the bright blue sea which contrasts with the mountains. The entire region is made up of five villages, all easily accessible through the hiking route. They can be visited all in one day. The trail, known as the “blue path” or Sentiero Azzuro in Italian. Stretches for about 4 km on a cliffside trail.

You’ll need to pack a bag for the journey. So having the right kit and choosing from different hiking backpacks as journeys vary. For some you don’t need to carry as much especially in Spring or Autumn mouths. Whereas hot summer days or cold winter days will need more careful planning. Save yourself the trouble of hiking with an enormous backpack if you can take a more compact bag. Backpacks with smaller capacity for easy trails will be better. This trail itself stretches along the coast giving you views of the meditteranean sea through the shade of tree branches of the surrounding forest. 

It is considered quite easy so even beginners can give it a try. 

Lizar Castle Ruins Hike

A Unesco World Heritage 

Another interesting hiking trail has been categorized as a Unesco World Heritage site due to its outstanding natural surrounding and unique paths. The Alta Via 1, is a hiking route that covers 120 km. Best known for its outstanding beauty and a hikers favourite.  The sheer rock cliffs are part of the Italian Dolomites mountain range. They gradually blending into the surrounding valleys, in fact it is one the most famous walking regions in the world. The mountains are high altitude, with the tallest peak at 3300 meters. 

To hike the entire length would take around 10 days and it stretches from Dobbiaco in the North to Belluno in the South. It´s a good area for first time alpine hikers to travel to. 

Lago Idro, Lombardia   Hiking Trails In Italy

The Italian Alps 

A remarkable hiking path stretches for roughly 200 kilometres through the Lombardy area of Italy, making it the longest of the above-mentioned yet nothing short of amazing. The Valtellina Mountains are located in the far north of the Alps. Often forgotten due to the more well-known region of the Dolomites.

Yet its natural surroundings, parks and other points of interest make it a worthwhile region for hikers. The Trenino Rosso on the Rhaetian Railway is one of the area´s more popular attractions for visitors. Connecting Tirano in the Valtellina area to St Moritz. Due to its proximity with Switzerland this area also has some delicious cheese varieties worth trying after a long day´s hike. 


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