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Single Origin Coffee -Learning about my Café con Leche

Single Origin Coffee -Learning about my Café con Leche

As I can´t get out for my barista coffee each day things have changed this month. Used to visiting a local specialist coffee shop to have coffee ground before my eyes. I am now having to prepare my morning café con leche at home.

So to try to recreate the same frothy coffee I have been looking into different blends, regions and researching the origin of those I most enjoy drinking. As the barista was the one recommending the choice before. I didn´t take so much notice. Now I´m on my own at home I´m having to learn to get my daily coffee fix.

Single Origin Coffee

Choosing between hundreds of choices on the supermarket shelves. At first I found it quite overwhelming. Now I understand more about single origin and blended coffee. I read this article where Halo explains single origin coffee clearly. I have also tried two or three different options over the past 5 weeks and see how limiting the growing region or estate in some cases can stabilise the taste and aroma.

I didn´t know until now that Spain has it´s own Plantation, producing Spanish Coffee on the Canary Islands.

Compostable Capsules

Since making my hot drinks at home, I am also getting through the capsules too. Recycling springs to mind. It´s a benefit to be able to choose compostable capsules like these from Halo. I don´t have to bother taking them to recycle. They just go onto the compost heap or into the garden. Makes me feel happier for the environment than throwing out plastic capsules every single day.

Other capsules can be recycled by taking them back to the manufacturer or store.

Eat in Granada Spain Coffee

Back to the Coffee Bar

I am hoping that cafés and bars will be open again soon (Perhaps it could be around the end of May in Southern Spain). So I can get back to try the Ethiopian blend I was used to and see how it compares. The view is better close in the historic city centre as I look out from the bar.

What have you noticed in your daily routine that you really miss?