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Baños de Sierra Elvira – Natural thermal water pools

Baños de Sierra Elvira – Natural thermal water pools

After 32 years in business this wonderful leisure complex closed at the end of Summer 2017

In 2018 they will not re open for the season. This has closed indefinitely.  : (

Entrance to Banos de Sierra Elvira

Natural Pools of Sierra Elvira, Atarfe

Baños de Sierra Elvira, alot of people in Granada aren´t too familiar with this place, I thought I would go and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised!

The Sierra Elvira baths are on the way to Granada Airport out towards Santa Fé. They are close to the town of Atarfe. One hot July day we headed to these pools to try out the pools there.

Banos de Sierra Elvira Atarfe Granada


Natural Spring Water

As we arrived one of the pools was full and the other large pool was empty. Each morning from 10am until 11am the pools are filled with fresh water for the day. The water is from a plentiful underground source. It´s worth arriving early to see this.

Banos de Sierra Elvira Atarfe Granada

The children rush into the empty pool to see the water fall into the pool from the gushing mermaid. I really comes out with force. This man has the fab job of opening the ´floodgates´ each day in the three different pools.Banos de Sierra Elvira Natural Springs

The mermaid figures on the edge of each pool gushes hot thermal water from underground. At 33º children and adults hurry to stand at the jet to get the powerful force of the water as a massage as it comes up from below the pool.


Once the pool is full people enjoy swimming and playing in the water. Sunbathing & chatting in the shade. It is pretty much like a day at the beach (without sand everywhere!)

Banos de Sierra Elvira Atarfe Granada

Childrens Pool

There is a shallow circular pool for children too. (just seen in the picture above) They also have a play park with swings and slides for children. Located in a shaded area just by the terraces.

In the complex their is a large restaurant and bar serving snacks and meals. The midday lunch deal was 8.50 euros. They had a good selection of dishes. We ate a lovely lunch on the shady terrace overlooking the pools. Service was quick and friendly.

I had a lovely cool vichysoisse (chilled soup) it was good value for money. Do remember to book your lunch table in the morning when you arrive at the bar to ensure a table at lunchtime. It can get busy. Some families choose to take a picnic with them which works out fine as they have plenty of tables and chairs for all the swimmers.

Here´s the general information board at the entrance.

The full address is    Crta. Córdoba (N-432, km 425) s/n, Sierra Elvira – Atarfe, 18330 Granada

You can get more information at the official Blog of the Sierra Elvira baths (in Spanish):  Baños de Sierra Elvira

Banos de Sierra Elvira Atarfe


Baños de Sierra Elvira

The baths have been open since 1840 although the beneficial properties were known before then. This plaque above reads Sierra Elvira baths, a source of health and life. The waters are supposedly good for relaxation, arthritis, muscular complaints and beneficial for the skin too.

Banos de Sierra Elvira Granada

As these pool are set in the Sierra Elvira there are views of the fields and countryside from the complex, you also notice the smell of pine trees and plants surrounding the pools. I had a great day there.

Here´s me just before leaving with a strawberry funny feet ice cream to cool down after sunbathing in the hot July sun.

Banos de Sierra Elvira piccavey 2012

  1. John Pashley says:

    This sounds like a wonderful place Molly i hope i can get to visit one day.

    • Molly says:

      This place has been there since 1840 so it´s not going anywhere John!

  2. Edgar says:

    Tree, plants, some water and good typical summer weather from Andalusia. Yeah, that means health and life!

  3. They used to have lidos in Nottingham *sigh*

    • piccavey says:

      I enjoyed many a summer day at the Lido, chip butty for lunch and a 99 ice cream. The memories. This one in Granada with thermal spring water was quite a bit better than the one I remember in the eighties…

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