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The Best Dubrovnik Luxury Hotels in Game of Thrones

The Best Dubrovnik Luxury Hotels in Game of Thrones
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Stretched out along the eastern side of the jaw-droppingly stunning Adriatic Sea. Croatia is a country currently enjoying something of a tourism renaissance. With lots of Dubrovnik Luxury Hotels to choose from. And there’s certainly no shortage of places to see along said coastline, home to 1,244 islands including our recommendations, St. Catherine Island and Red Island

The TV adaptation of fantasy series Game of Thrones is one of the main reasons behind the uptick in tourism. As the setting of the series’ most impressive location, King’s Landing, Dubrovnik surpassed the country’s oldest city. Split, in terms of numbers of tourists in 2021. Footfall in the old town reached such a height in the 2010s that limitations on visitor numbers were put in place based on UNESCO recommendations.

Dubronvik – Kings Landing

Whatever the furore around its final season, Game of Thrones was a cultural phenomenon that left a huge vacuum when it ended. To please fan´s now there’s the anticipated spin off show House of the Dragon. A good deal of which is set in King’s Landing. Drawing fans to glimpse at the iconic location once more.

There have also been video games depicting the locations, characters and themes. Telltale’s six-episode game series involving intrigue between House Forrester and show favourites voiced by the same actors. They are among the better known of these thematic games. Yet there are also a number of them without a licence using similar music and iconography. That’s evident in the online Slingo game by Gala Spins called Slingo Fire and Ice, which plays on the same themes. The enduring popularity of fantasy games more broadly, from the high fantasy epics like the Lord of the Rings games published by EA or the low fantasy relatability of the Bards Tale and Witcher series,´show a continuous appetite. Visitor numbers to Dubrovnik, which hit a million in 2016, show how far fantasy fans are willing to go.

Dubrovnik Luxury Hotels

Of course, visitors wishing to go to Dubrovnik don’t have to suffer basic accommodation like that shown in Flea Bottom. In fact, Dubrovnik has some luxury hotels that would make the Red Keep in King’s Landing look three-star. If you want to explore the area but live like you’re on the Iron Throne, these hotels will be right up your street.


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Villa Dubrovnik

This cool, minimalist hotel is a perfect spot to relax after exploring the streets. The clifftop seaview includes the island of Lokrum, just one of the historic spots worth visiting and which includes the iron throne! In the hotel itself, the wine bar is worth a visit, where you can role play as a scheming Lannister and curl your tongue around fabulous local ferments. Or just take a day and enjoy the hot tubs, spa and sun loungers.


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Villa Orsula

For some seriously sumptuous views and all round opulence, you can´t go wrong with Orsula. Featuring all the pampering you might expect, and not only massages but airport pick up and drop offs included in the admittedly substantial price tag, as well as views not only of Lokrum but also the old town, this sun-drenched five star spot is indulgent bliss. It’s also walking distance from a lot of hotspots like the MOMAD Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Jakov beach and, of course, the old town. The place itself is dripping with history just like the rest of the city, including its own
1930s arches.


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The Pucić Palace

What if it’s not enough to gaze upon King’s Landing from the outside? For those who want to get into the best locations. The baroque beauty of The Pucić Palace might be the perfect stay. What it lacks in the spas, private beaches and other amenities of the more capacious hotels in the Ploce district, it makes up for in fine dining as there are three restaurants onsite. stunning interiors. Look out of the
balcony or step onto the street and you’ll be wandering amongst grand baroque churches that typify the area, as well as an array of bars and eateries to drift into.

Whether you’re a GoT-head or are just inspired to take in the sights and sounds of this fortified Croatian city. Dubrovnik has a wonderful selection to wow visiting tourists.