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Granada Hotels Spain – Best Accomodation for the Alhambra Palace & Main Sights

Granada Hotels Spain – Best Accomodation for the Alhambra Palace & Main Sights

Best Hotels in Granada Spain

Granada hotels are varied. The city has many different accommodation options. Depending on your own personal travel style you will prefer one over another.

This guide covers all budgets and all the different kinds of hotels, hostels and apartments stays. Allowing you to plan ahead and get the perfect stay when you come to Granada.

I also clearly point out where each one is located and the advantages to each property.

Parador de Granada Spain by piccavey

Parador de Granada

Luxury 5 star Options

Parador de San Francisco in the Alhambra

This state run parador is located inside the Alhambra Palace grounds. While it is tricky to find availability, if you do of course you are actually sleeping on a historic site. 

I wrote up an article specifically about the Parador de Granada which may be useful.

  • Location: At the Alhambra itself.
  • Advantages: Historic Site, Tranquility. Closeness to Alhambra
  • Disadvantages: Access only by taxi or on foot. Not close to services (shops, restaurants) No pool or spa area.
  • Best for: Couples + History buffs
Hospes Palacio de los Patos Granada Hotels

Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Hospes Palacio de los Patos

This palatial home used to belong to a local family. Run by the Hospes chain who successfully combine modern luxury with historic charm.

  • Location: In the City Centre – Main commercial area
  • Advantages: Car Park at the hotel. Excellent location for shops and services. Access to main door by car, minibus etc. Urban spa onsite and good restaurant.
  • Disadvantages: Best views are to their own patio garden.
  • Best for: Anyone
Hotel Alhambra Palace Suite Granada

Suite at the Hotel Alhambra Palace

Hotel Alhambra Palace

This historic hotel opened in 1910 and has an iconic status in the city of Granada.

  • Location: Close to the Alhambra. On the edge of the Realejo Quarter.
  • Advantages: Views from the Rooms and Terrace Café. Historic ambience inside the hotel. Bus to the city + taxi stop right at the front door
  • Disadvantages: No pool.
  • Best for: Couples, Romantic Getaways & those who love art & history.

Boutique Hotels in Granada

It´s no surprise that in such an historic city like Granada that there are lots of old palaces and grand houses that have become Boutique hotels in recent years. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Room at Hotel Casa 1800

Hotel Casa 1800

Located in a tiny side street off Carrera del Darro. This old palatial style building has views to the Alhambra from some of its rooms. It´s a charming property with a tranquil setting.

  • Location: Lower Albaicin. Close to Plaza Nueva
  • Advantages: Views from the Rooms to the Alhambra Palace. Well located for Granada Cathedral and main tourist areas.
  • Disadvantages: No access by car or taxi. Only on foot. Car Park is not close by.
  • Best for: Couples

Gar Anat Hotel

Situated close to Plaza del Carmen and lots of Tapas bars. This historic building is the perfect location for a getaway.

  • Location: Realejo Quarter.
  • Advantages: Location, right next to Granada Town Hall.  Taxi can drop off at the door.
  • Disadvantages: Car Park is a short walk away. No parking out front.
  • Best for: Couples
NH Victoria Granada Hotels

NH Victoria, Puerta Real

Mid Range Granada Hotels

The first hotel to ever exist in Granada was the Hotel Victoria 1910. Situated in Puerta Real this is really the centre of town. Just a short walk from the Town Hall and right in the shopping area.

NH Victoria

  • Location: Puerta Real – City Centre
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi can drop off at the door.
  • Disadvantages: Some noise weekend evenings on the Recogidas side of the hotel. (Choose Puerta Real side rooms to avoid noise)
  • Best for: Anyone

    Marquis hotel Granada

    Spa at Marquis Isabella´s Hotel

Marquis Isabella

A relatively new additional to the Hotels in Granada. Marquis Hotels Issabels is on one side of Gran Via and Reyes Catolicos. At the junction of two main streets in the city. This modern hotel is ideally located in the heart of the tourist centre. The Urban Spa is a great facility to have to hand during your stay. Their restaurant has lots of vegetarian and vegan options too.

  • Location: Gran Via – City Centre
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi can drop off at the door. Alhambra bus is on the doorstep.  Urban Spa in the basement.
  • Disadvantages: Some noise weekend evenings as the hotel bar often has events on downstairs.
  • Best for: Young travellers and Couples.
Marquis hotel Granada

Room at Marquis Isabella´s Granada

4 star hotels in Granada

Sercotel Palacio de los Gamboa

This hotel is on the edge of the Realejo district. A 16th century palatial building with central courtyard it is comfortable and extremely well located. Right in the historic and commercial centre of Granada. 

  • Location: Next to Granada Town Hall – City Centre
  • Advantages: Location it is really central. Taxi can drop off at the door. They have some parking spaces (book ahead).
  • Disadvantages: No pool.
  • Best for: Anyone
Sercotel Palacio de los Gamboa Granada Hotel 2022

Room at Palacio de los Gamboa


Barcelo Hotel Carmen

This hotel is located in the main commercial area, opposite El Corte Inglés Department store. With a rooftop terrace bar with stunning views, this 4* hotel is a good all rounder.

  • Location: Fuente de las Batallas – City Centre
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi or buses can drop off at the door. Small plunge pool with views (see photo below)
  • Disadvantages: Pool is only a small one.
  • Best for: Anyone

    View of Granada Crosses Flamenco Festival

    Barceló Hotel Carmen

Eurostars Puerta Real

Located at Puerta Real one of the main streets in Granada, this is close to El Corte Ingles and the shopping area.

  • Location: Puerta Real – City Centre
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi can drop off at the door. Nice area for breakfast too.
  • Disadvantages:  Can’t really think of any.
  • Best for: Anyone.


Plaza Nueva Granada Spain

Best Budget Options in Granada


Even though the price point of some of these hotels is competitive they are great places to stay.

Puerta de las Granadas

This hotel is on the street that leads up to the Alhambra. It super close to Plaza Nueva. Staff can´t do enough for you. Lovely.

  • Location: Tourist Centre – off Plaza Nueva
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi can drop off at the door. Super friendly staff.  Small family business.
  • Disadvantages: It gets full as there aren´t many rooms. Book early.  Location is on a hill. (sloped street) No car access (only taxis)
  • Best for: Anyone.

Hotel Dauro

The comfortable hotel is located next to El Corte Inglés.

  • Location: City Centre – Acera del Darro
  • Advantages: Location. Taxi can drop off at the door. Airport bus leaves from outside the door.
  • Disadvantages: None that I can think of. Perhaps a little outdated but good for the pricing.
  • Best for: Anyone.

Hotels Granada Spain

Reino de Granada

This hotel is located on Calle Recogidas, close to shops and bars.

  • Location: City Centre – Calle Recogidas
  • Advantages: Taxi can drop off at the door. You can park close by on Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcon.
  • Disadvantages: No option to have breakfast on the premises. But lots of businesses nearby.
  • Best for: Anyone.

Best Hostels in Granada

Hostal Rodri

This hostel has been running for many years and has a good reputation. Situated on a side street off Plaza de la Trinidad, this is a short walk from Granada Cathedral.

  • Location: Close to Plaza de la Trinidad (below Granada Cathedral)
  • Advantages: Located in area with lots of bars and shops. Very clean property.
  • Disadvantages: Parking is difficult in this area. It gets booked up quickly.
  • Best for: Anyone

Plaza Romanilla Granada Cathedral Spain

Hostels in Granada

Nest Style

On the same square as Granada town hall, this is very well located. Close to bars, shops and services. It´s a modern hostal and staff will make you feel welcome.

  • Location: Plaza del Carmen – City Centre
  • Advantages: Located in area with lots of bars and shops. Friendly team
  • Disadvantages: No access by car or taxi. Parking is close by. Next to main social area some noise at weekends?
  • Best for: Anyone

Alhambra seen from Albayzin

White Nest

In the lower Albaicín. Located on the Carrera del Darro, next to the river. This modern hostel is a good location to explore the main tourist attractions.

  • Location: Lower Albaicín – off Carrera del Darro
  • Advantages: Some bars nearby. Quaint location next to river. Wifi.
  • Disadvantages: No access by car or taxi. Hostal is located on a narrow alley. Parking is far from the hostel.
  • Best for: Young travellers.
StayClassy Granada Apartment in Spain

StayClassy Granada Apartment

Apartment Stays in Granada

While Airbnb is having a huge impact on the property market in Granada. I can understand that some travellers prefer an apartment setting particularly for a longer stay. You may also find this guide useful for your stay Takeaway and Home Delivery Food Options in Granada

Here are some of the options that I recommend:

Gran Hotel Luna

This aparthotel has the benefits of a hotel with the facilities of an apartment. They have a swimming pool and gym onsite. It is conveniently located opposite a large supermarket too. (Hipercor)

  • Location: On the edge of the city. Next to the Motorway.
  • Advantages: Great if you have a rental car. Parking is easy and access to motorway practically on the doorstep. Buses and taxis into main tourist area are simple too.
  • Disadvantages: A little far to walk to the main tourist attractions (for some)
  • Best for: Longer stays, Families and those with a car.

Guide to Granada Hotels in Spain

Best Apartment Accommodation

Stay Classy Cathedral

A few apartments in a residential building next to the Market. The interiors are wonderfully designed.

  • Location: Next to Granada Cathedral and San Agustin Market
  • Advantages: Wonderfully located. Stylish interiors. Possibility of Car Park Space.
  • Disadvantages: They sell out very quickly.
  • Best for: Anyone

Casas de la Trinidad

Apartments in a residential building below Granada Cathedral. Nice views over the leafy square.

  • Location: Close to Granada Cathedral – Plaza de la Trinidad
  • Advantages: lots of shops and bars nearby yet quiet location. Taxi to door.
  • Disadvantages: Parking is difficult in this area.
  • Best for: Anyone

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