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4 Holiday Expenses You Shouldn’t Forget To Budget For

4 Holiday Expenses You Shouldn’t Forget To Budget For

It’s easy to forget things when you are so excited to travel again. Hidden holiday expenses shouldn´t be on your mind. Some people forget essentials like passports or boarding cards. While some things that you leave behind aren´t a big problem. Other documents and items may cause additional costs when you travel. A problem if you are travelling on a budget.

Hidden Holiday Expenses

Many of the most common hidden expenses you don’t account for. Yet they can dramatically increase the cost of your holiday. If you are already on a budget, this is a cloud over your trip and these extra fees may be a burden to your enjoyment.

So to budget well ahead of your holiday. Write down all of your expenses. Below, you’ll find the most expensive and commonly glossed over travel fees. Remember these and your holiday should go without a hitch.


Airport Parking

It´s best not to roll up at the airport and just leave your car in the main car park for two weeks. It´s possible to do but it will cost you a fortune when you return. After a long day travelling getting a big parking charge before getting home isn´t the welcome you probably expect.  

How you remedy this is down to you. It’s cheaper to book a space at a parking facility out of town that offers a shuttle service. Sometimes this adds more time onto your journey, so plan for that.

If you have a lot of luggage or really need to park on site, check out for codes and discounts. Parking companies often have great offers for travellers. So, you won’t have to worry if you take care of the expense in advance.

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Departure Taxes

You may not have heard of Departure tax before. They don’t exist in the UK or Europe so it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t consider this extra holiday expense. Yet they are very common in worldwide destinations. The Americas, Southeast Asia or the Middle East all have them. It’s not so much the money that’s the issue – they are usually around £10 to £15 – but the process and paperwork involved.

Searching the busy airport to find a place to get a stamp of approval and pay the fee can be stressful. You may not have much time either. The best option is to be prepared by having the money ready. Also plan ahead by looking at the information on to find the entry and departure restrictions of your destination.

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Card Fees

Depending on how much you withdraw, overseas card fees can add and be a significant amount. This is down to two things. The exchange rate and the non-sterling transaction fee. You get charged for both each time you use a cash point. Over a two week holiday this could be dozens of transactions. Say you did it on 25 occasions, it’s around an extra £75 . Extra holiday expenses you hadn’t planned for.

Therefore, it’s smart to take a prepaid card that doesn’t charge you for this basic use. Alternatively, you can exchange money and carry it cash in your pocket. Be wary of pickpockets when you travel. recommends you accept the exchange rate in local currency if you do use an ATM. It’s almost always cheaper and will save you money.

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Data Fees

Smartphones and mobile devices are essential parts of everyday life. You probably can’t go five minutes without checking your phone. They are a necessity. You will probably use it without even realising, even when you’re out of the country.If you haven’t turned mobile data and roaming off, your personal hotspot will connect to the internet and may rack up high charges.

You should use WiFi only where possible. You may already have a contract that includes overseas usage. For instance, Three lets you continue using your data abroad as if you are at home. Go to to check out the fine detail. Another idea would be to buy a local SIM card when you land and top it up. one of the most flexible options is an International SIM Card.

Do you budget for these expenses when you go abroad? If you don’t, you will pay a heavy price.