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Learning Italian & Teaching Languages in Italy 

Learning Italian & Teaching Languages in Italy 

Italy is one of the Mediterranean countries with a rich history and culture. Known around the world as the birthplace of pasta and gelato. Many travellers long to visit this beautiful country. Attracted by tourist spots like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Colosseum. Some are just as enthralled by the Italian language.  Spoken by approximately 85 million people around the world, Italian is one of the official languages of the Council of Europe.

Learning Italian

Whether it be for work, leisure, or other personal reasons, there are many ways by which non-native speakers may master the Italian language. Italy is also a great destination for family holidays too.

Gorgonzola and Truffle Pasta Ristorante di Genny Idro

An Italian Holiday

Going on a holiday to Italy is a good way to get yourself exposed to the language. Being surrounded by native speakers get you acquainted with the common phrases used in different everyday situations. Firsthand exposure to intonation and diction makes learning the language easier for you. Seeing how Italian body language and hand gestures are used also give you the chance to practice them yourself. Then you can improve and to apply them into conversations. Remember that their body language and hand gestures are as much a part of their culture as their spoken language is.

Lombardy Villa on Lake Garda

Off the Beaten Track in Italy

It would also be better for your learning experience if you head out of the main cities and venture off into the countryside where English is spoken less. Why not stay in a beautiful villa in Umbria in Central Italy. Experience conversations with locals and enjoy a wonderful holiday at the same time. This region of Italy has medieval towns and well-preserved local and traditional cuisine.

Umbrians are less exposed to English so you will only tend to hear Italian spoken. Having no choice but to communicate in Italian would both a challenge but also helpful for learners too.

Regional Wine Centre in Lombardy.

Skiing in Italy

Italy is not just a country with vineyards, stunning architecture and history. It is also a skiing destination for many skiiers and snowboarders each season. Skiing in Tretino offers mountains of 3000 metres altitude. So its the perfect destination for a winter stay so you can combine sports with language learning.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

You can also earn while learning. Teaching students English online can be done while learning Italian as complimenting side job. Imagine having the freedom to learn a new language, teaching English to local Italian students your mother tongue, and earn all at the same time! This undertaking is more than worthwhile as you are both a student and a teacher of a language. You will be able to gauge what methods and techniques may work for students learning a new language and apply them to yourself.

Of course, the best way to learn the language is to bespeak it every day. This is where the option to move to Italy for good comes in. There is no con to this option as the country offers nothing but the best in terms of food, cultural experience, traditions, and language. You might even decide to immigrate to Italy and become a citizen in the future!

Piazza Maggiore Bologna Italy

Learning Italian Language

Not everyone has the possibility of learning a language. Or has exposure to a second language in childhood. Contemporary learning methods and technology have given us the chance to learn and eventually, speak that language we have been longing to master.

Cultural immersion visiting an Italian destination is a great way to boost your confidence in the language learning process.

Learning Italian