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Spanish Students: How Do They Spend Their Time 

Spanish Students: How Do They Spend Their Time 

Foreign countries are always appealing to visitors. Yet Spain has a special appeal and is a country that attracts many International Students. It´s a destination for many Erasmus students and Spanish students who choose to remain in their own country for University rather than going abroad.  

For foreign students looking to study in Spain. Perhaps if they are looking for a textbook Spanish experience, like those described in famous books and films. Then you should choose the South. There you will find the famous “siesta” and “mañana” attitude even among students who are overwhelmed with assignments. Well, in fact, they will rather spend five minutes on reading essay writing service reviews to get expert help rather than working alone on their studies. Especially when they have other plans for their time.

Flamenco Dancer in Seville Spain by piccavey

The Spanish Pace of life

At first glance, it may seem that Spanish students don’t do much in their free time. Procrastination is common among the student community. However, they do a lot but at a their own pace. They can spend the whole week gazing over books and assignments. Yet they will hang out with friends on the weekend even if some tasks are still not done. They may need a few weeks to get their tasks done, but they will not leave it halfway.

It is true that Spanish people have different priorities compared to other European countries. If you look at the list of their priorities, you will see that Living well is top of the list. Followed by free time for hobbies, relaxing and, of course, family. It may surprise those used to obsessing about climbing the career ladder. Yet Spanish students don’t see anything wrong with checking domyhomework123 reviews and having a backup plan. The “slow living” concept is for them, choosing the present over the future.

Cafes parks and squares

Young people like to hang out with friends in cosy places, gather in big groups and have a fun time together. When it is warm outside, you will that everyone is out in the fresh air. If they have more free time, they may take a book and enjoy the lawns in a local park. You often see groups of youngsters on benches or in Spanish squares hanging out. Eating sunflower seeds and leaving the husks behind them. They dont spend too much time inside their Student accommodation

It is also interesting that Spanish people are considered one of the biggest reading countries. Unsurprisingly reading books and listening to music outside is a typical activity amongst Spanish students. Sports are also important, especially football, tennis and basketball.

Plaza de las Tendillas Cordoba Spain


All young people love to travel, visit new places and get positive vibes. When it comes to Spanish students, these guys like to travel around their homeland by car. Well, Spain is one of the most beautiful European countries that have a lot to offer, so it is not surprising that people want to study it well. However, when they go abroad, they like to choose exotic backpacking destinations. Especially in South America or Asia. Many students choose to Learn Spanish and travel to  popular destinations like Peru or Cuba.

Despite having plenty of access to Spanish beaches they still prefer destinations for beach holidays. Maybe it is somehow connected with the fact that they like an active pastime, for example, surfing, diving, yachting.

Fuengirola Beach Costa del Sol

Football matches

Spain is one of the places in the world where Football is an important part of local culture. For Spanish students, football is an activity both to watch and to play.  Football is almost like a religion here. The sport allows them to get together to watch a match in a local bar or shared apartment. Maybe to play football with friends. Sometimes five a side and others have access to a full size pitch. Others even play football on the beach or in a city square. 

Plaza Reial Barcelona

Tapas Bars and Pubs

When students have enough free time, they collect a big company and go to a pub. If you come to Spain, you will notice that their streets are always noisy and dynamic because many people gather in pubs to drink beer, discuss the day and relax. On the streets, neighbours most often know each other and communicate well. Why not have a glass or two while having a casual conversation? The only thing that young people will hardly discuss over a glass of beer is their studying. They distinguish these concepts and try not to mix them.

Festivals and concerts

For example, in Barcelona’s center, there is a large exhibition complex. La Fira de Barcelona. Here large scale themed events and trade fairs are staged. (e.g the Mobile World Congress). Located in a large space next to Plaza España the Olympic park is close by. The magic fountains are also here, so it´s a place where many young people gather there. Spain is famous for outdoor concerts and festivals.  Students try not to miss a chance to attend them. Many events are free to attend. Spain also have a large number of cultural events and exhibitions.

La Roca Village outlet Barcelona

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are crowded on weekends and evenings because young Spanish people love their fashion. Many students enjoy wandering around the shops, finding a new outfit on a budget. Fast fashion brands like Lefties, Primark, Stradivarius and Pimkie are all popular with Spanish students. Often they hang out at the Centro Comercial to have a frozen yoghurt or to trendy gimmicks at stores like Flying Tiger or AleHop.