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Work from Home – 5 Ways to Switch Off After Work

Work from Home – 5 Ways to Switch Off After Work
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Still working from home? Of have you got back to your daily commute. While many balance the hybrid of a few days in the office and more home office work. I have continued to work from home. So far I have not returned to the coworking space that I used to work from.  

Strangely I have actually got used to working from home since the pandemic. With a flexible timetable and non location dependent projects, working from home has never been such an attractive option. Yet it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the day when you office is at the end of the hall. 

Here are my tips after years of home office working so you can unwind after a day working from home.

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Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

Work from Home – 5 Tips for Work/Life Balance

Keep Moving

I find it really easy to get sucked into to the email machine. Opening my inbox early in the morning and getting trapped in the whirlwind of requests, to do´s and must read sometime folders. When you work from home, you don´t have many interruptions like in a physical office. So it´s important to make sure you plan your day and exercise.

Whether that be an online yoga class to start your day or an energetic zumba class on you tube. I like walking and head out along the river bank to get my 10,000 steps in before I start work. A good way to clear your head and keep active easily. No timetable or equipment required, I get up and pop my walking socks + trainers on before stepping into my home office. Nothing is that important it cant wait 1 hour.  

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Smart Loungewear 

While you may love to work in your pyjamas, the novelty of that soon wears off. I like to feel good throughout the day. It´s better to feel polished and be ready to pop out to grab some lunch. If I am well dressed (even though its comfy) I can answer the door if I get a delivery and look decent rather than dishevelled.

Initially when we began lockdown I would wear any comfy clothes I had lying around without much effort. But I soon missed picking out outfits and accessories. So now y I am combining smarter loungewear with a jacket or a pretty scarf. It keeps things more interesting and also when I quickly have to jump on a video call it´s no longer stressful. I´m ready for anything.  

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Plan your meals

Its easy to get into a rut when eating at home. So I change it up and also plan ahead. Some days I order food in, other times I have already something ready to go in the fridge. While I dont have much time to cook or for food prep. I like to eat healthily and get plenty of fruit and veg into my day. Simple salads or a quick omelette are my fast meal favourites. 

I make sure I have lots of seasonal fruit at home all week. At the moment I have grapes, plums, apples and mangoes that I can eat for a post lunch slump. Another trick is to have handy snacks in the kitchen. So when you are on a quick break you grab things that are good for you. Almonds, dried apricots, low fat yoghurt, rice cakes… rather than sweet treats like cakes or sugar loaded biscuits. 


Tea, water, juices…. whatever you like, make sure you hydrate. Without the office water cooler moment, at home you may find it more difficult to remember. So I make a large flask of icy water with mint leaves or lemon slices to take to my desk. That way I make sure I drink that before lunchtime. 

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Dividing you space is more important than ever when you work from home. I am fortunate to have a specific room as a home office with window and door. So it is easy to close the door and walk away from ´work´. However if your desk is in a corner of the lounge or in the hall. Do find a way to close the office. Whether than be putting things away or covering them somehow. It is important to separate both leisure time and space from work.

Making your bedroom comfortable and distant from your work paraphernalia is also key to switching off. It is certainly not a good idea to have books, laptop or work related items in the space where you sleep. Make a real divide between the two activities. Work and Relaxation even though it may be difficult at first.  I have activated a blue light filter on my laptop at 7pm. So when I notice the screen change colour, I wrap up for the day. 

You can also get out of your work clothes and make the disconnect that way. Popping on some comfy bed socks or taking a shower. Whichever way you can to make a distinction between the end of the working day and the evening to unwind. 

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Work from Home – 5 Ways to Switch Off After Work

How do you tackle working from home? How do you unwind after a day in front of your laptop?

Let me know in the comments below..