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Mojito in Spain – 7 of the best spots

Mojito in Spain – 7 of the best spots

Mojito although it is not a Spanish drink it is a popular order on long summer nights.

In the evening there´s nothing nicer that finding a cool outdoor terrace or beach bar to enjoy the cool breeze after a long hot day.

Sipping on a freshly made Mojito is a perfect summer treat.

Here are some places I been over past summers  in different parts of Spain.

Ayre Cafe y mojito Granada

Mojitos in Granada

In Granada a great place for Mojitos and any other drink for that matter the terrace at Hotel Alhambra Palace

This outdoor  bar has fabulous views of the whole of Granada. Great for those pinky orange sunsets around 9.15pm (check times as summer moves on)

In town head to Ayre café & Mojitos on calle Duquesa (by Plaza Trinidad) Here they serve fruity Strawberry Mojitos. They also do other flavours too. Melon Mojitos, mango…

This is a small kooky bar also offers delicious breakfasts too.

I have to try the Casa Cubaña de Nancy in Granada yet, I´ve heard that the mojitos are great there.

Alameda Apocada Cadiz

Alameda Apodaca Cadiz

Chairs and tables are set up in the Paseo Alameda Apodaca only at night. This promenade is filled with lush exotic palms, plants and trees. The Atlantic Ocean is just 100 metres from the tables and provides a gentle evening breeze.

This is a lovely setting for a drink to end the day.

The night view of the city

The night view of the city

Drinks in Cordoba

When I visited Cordoba in Summertime it was Scorchio. Both of my visits were in June and in August. (If you can choose go from Sept to May!)

After having some cold beers and tapas at the Bodegas Campos on my recent visit.  The most appetising dessert was an icy Mojito Sorbet (non-alcoholic)

If you actually want a mojito with alcohol I was recommended Sojo by the river by a local. (this is on my list for my next visit)

Areia in Madrid

I have to include Areia chill out in the Chueca district. This great place has a large selection of cocktails and mojitos. It does get pretty busy but I had a great time there.

Must see Malaga

The beautiful Calle Larios

Historic Malaga

Last Summer I was completely surprised by Malaga. I didn’t expect the historic part of Malaga to have as many interesting places or the charm that it does.

I enjoyed a fresh Mojito at Cafe Negro opposite the Alcazaba on a hot Summer night.

Chiringuito Diego Aguadulce Almeria


The best place on the list. The Chiringuito de Diego is on the beach at Aguadulce. I just adore this place. (close to Hotel Playadulce)

You can actually sit on the beach with your feet in the sand if you really want too. It makes me feel that I´m far away in the Caribbean.

The colonial style of the interiors and the waves lapping on the shore make a perfect setting. They also serve food if you prefer to have dinner here.


Mojito in Barcelona

In Barcelona there are heaps of places to try. A couple I like are Tres Rosas & Copetin.

Tres Rosas is a small cosy bar just behind Correos building at the bottom of Via Laietana. I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere there.

Copetin is somewhere I remember from years back. (around 1999 probably)  This lively bar in the Born district has been running for over 20 years and is a fun place to go.

What is your favourite place for Mojito in Spain ?

  1. TerryCola says:

    Hi! Nice Post! 🙂 Do you know “La casa cubana de nancy” ? 🙂

    • Molly says:


      No I havent had the chance to pop over yet, but I will when I can.
      Looks like a fun place for a drink or two

      Thanks for the tip

  2. Paddy Waller says:

    Nice post Molly….mojitos are very moreish……there’s a bar in San Jose that does a great one . I always go back there every year(not this year though)…a ritual

  3. This summer I am planning to travel to Barcelona and study spanish in a language school there. One friend told me that I MUST drink a mojito because they are very, very good in Barcelona… 😀

  4. Diana Berryman says:

    How much fun did you have researching this one!!!??? lol

  5. We were visiting Alhambra this spring, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go to any places within Granada except from that… It has to be on our list to do next time 😛 (Were in Cadiz in 2008 and Malaga this spring. We really liked Malagas historic part!)

    • Molly says:

      It’s a shame you didn’t stay longer in Granada..there is a lot to see and experience here… Malaga really surprised me and Cadiz….dying to return. There is something special about the atmosphere there.

  6. Antonio says:

    Interesante. No conocía tu web. Escribes muy bien sobre Granada….mucho.
    Con tu permiso te hago un +1 y te comparto con otro perfil de Google. Te lo mereces. Ciao Güiri jijij-con cariño-

  7. Hi Molly, I enjoy supping a mojito at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Hotel Santa Catalina. Although they’re not exactly kind on the wallet. Thanks for the tips on where to drink one on the mainland.

  8. Sue Sharpe says:

    Great post, Molly! I rarely venture out after dark and, if I’m honest, have been disappointed with any Mojito that I’ve had since sampling the cuban ones in Havana many years ago – they just seem too sweet! I might be tempted to give them another try after reading this, though! 🙂

  9. Graham says:

    Peñiscola in the chill out bar overlooking the long beach with waves lapping up by your feet

  10. Josh says:

    You certainly know your cocktail bars! I’d never heard of Forum Copas or Ayre Café until reading this. How do I find the former? If I want a good mojito in Granada usually go to Mojito on Calle Navas :p

    • Molly says:

      Forum Copas is 6th floor of Forum Building. Right near Science Park Museum.Red rober Bus 1 & 5 leave you nearby.

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