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73rd Dance festival – Granada´s FEX Summer Concerts

73rd Dance festival – Granada´s FEX Summer Concerts
The Dance festival is every Summer at the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The FEX International Music and Dance festival is a prestigious summer event. Well known in Spain and further afield. As soon as the tickets go on sale they tend to sell out quickly.

The curtain goes up on 7th June 2024 for the 71st Festival Internacional de Música y Danza. Although the festival is 73 years old, the origin of this annual event actually dates back to 1883. The first concerts were held at Carlos V Palace during the Corpus Christi festivities. This was the true beginning of FEX Granada. This year the them is Vienna. 

The festival lasts for 5 weeks right up until 14th July 2024. With artists, musicians and dancers coming from around the world to perform, this magical event takes place within the grounds of the Alhambra palace.

Generalife Sunset Alhambra FEX Festival

2024 Music & Dance festival in Granada

Useful Information
  • Dates: From Friday 7th June until Sunday 14th July 2024. 
  • Venue: Alhambra Palace, Granada – Different locations around the grounds such as Generalife theatre Corral del Carbon or Teatro Isabel la Católica.
  • Official ticket website Granada Festival Tickets  Information on Ticket sales will be available from 4th April 2024 onwards.
  • Ticket office at Corral del Carbon, off Calle Reyes Católicos (seen below)

FEX 2019 Palacio Carlos V Dance Festival

Alhambra Concerts

This edition has a varied 28 day programme offering 116 performances. As with each festival many events organised in this 73rd Edition will be free of charge. For these free activities you need to sign up 24 hours before time online and cover the administration costs for the ticket. 

Some of the highlights this year are:

  • British Pianist Paul Lewis will perform 12 complete sonatas by Shubert.
  • Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra with Swiss conductor Lorenzo Viotti inside Palacio Carlos Quinto

There are Fado concerts and Flamenco performances throughout the festival. The programme in this edition is particularly extensive and varied. 

A Dedicated Festival Menu

At Hospes Palacio de los Patos for the 2024 festival they have designed a specific menu to welcome the 73rd festival. With a set price of €42.00 euros per person. You can enjoy this at lunch or dinnertime until Sunday 14th July 2024.

  • Salmon Score with avocado notes
  • Soundtrack of Seabass & Quaver of Motril Shrimp
  • Oxtail Melody with plums and modena
  • Symphony of Arabic Sweets 

Reservations are recommended. Phone + 34 958 53 57 90

Gluten Free & Vegetarian alternatives maybe requested when prebooked.

Teatro Generalife Dance Festival


Other Venues at the Dance festival

  • Auditorio Manuel de Falla – Opposite the Hotel Alhambra Palace and next to Carmen de los Martires.
  • Patio de los Alijbes – Inside the Alhambra grounds next to Palacio Carlos V and Puerto del Vino
  • Teatro Isabel la Católica – Acerca del Casino, Granada City Centre
  • Palacio de Carlos V – Inside the Alhambra Grounds
  • Hospital Real – Patio de los Marmoles, Avenida del Hospicio
  • Corral de Carbon – Monumental Building off Calle Reyes Católicos near to Granada Town Hall
  • Auditorio la Chumbera – Camino del Sacromonte

On 1st August 2024 a new Director of the Festival will take charge of the organization and management of this annual cultural event. Paolo Pinamonti has experience in organisations such as the Teatro La Fenice de Venecia, Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid and Teatro San Carlos de Lisboa. Pinamonti, a graduate from Venice University also worked on Festival Mozart de A Coruña and Macerata Opera Festival.

Granada International Music & Dance festival 2025

FEX 2025 dates to be confirmed.

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Molly,

    Could you help me find schedule of concerts for late August / early September 2019 in the Alhambra and where I can buy tickets?

    Many Thanks,

  2. Roberta Thompson says:

    Could you help ? we will be there from October 2019 until March 2020 and would dearly love to see a concert of music and/or dance at the Alhambra any suggestion would be welcome

    • Molly says:

      Hi Roberta

      the FEX International dance festival in on at the beginning of each summer
      and the Flamenco in the Generalife is in August and September

      There are no concerts at the Alhambra itself from October to March
      however there are other cultural things in the city such as Guitar music at Manuel de Falla
      and other concerts at Teatro Isabel la Catolica

      hope this helps

  3. Gill Riley says:

    Hi Molly,

    Thank you for responding to my enquiry so promptly!. I’ll be watching out for the website in April to buy tickets.

    Your newsletter is brilliant – we always spend a few days in Granada when we visit Spain – it’s our favourite city in Andalusia!


    • Molly says:

      Happy that you enjoy the newsletter, the next one is due very soon.
      The Summer festival at the Alhambra is fabulous. Hope you manage to get good tickets this season too.


  4. Gill Riley says:

    I am very keen to go to one of the Alhambra Concerts during June or July 2019, and would like to know if there is a website I should look out for in order to be able to purchase tickets online!

    • Molly says:

      This depends on the exact date. The International Festival
      dates for this edition are from 21st June to 12th July 2019.

      After then there is a Flamenco + Lorca show in the Generalife gardens for the rest of the summer season (End July until beginning of Sept)

      Tickets for the festival dont go on sale until Mid April and the Flamenco in Generalife arent on sale until End of June.

      Hope this helps

  5. Linda OHara says:

    Please advise on best concerts at Alhambra Palace gardens in August to take my family

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