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Camp in Spain: Five Spanish Destinations for Campers

Camp in Spain: Five Spanish Destinations for Campers

We all need time to unwind and relax. And a great way to break every day routines is heading outdoors and camping. Enjoy the natural landscapes and the pleasure of camping in Spain.

There are lots of Spanish destinations to choose from. While your itinerary will be determined by your own travel style and where you prefer to visit, however there are a few places you just cannot miss out on.

Although there are legislations that limit where you can actually set up for the night.

Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalusia SpainCamp in Spain

Here is a look at five of the most enticing locations across the country.

Isla de Ons (Galicia)

The Isla de Ons is a part of the Galicia National Park. The island has spectacular views with a unique coastline. If you climb the El Vurvono lighthouse, you can get a bird´s eye view of the entire island. It is a perfect camping site which will get you faraway from the noise from the city.

Wild camping is only allowed during summer months. From June 1st to September 30th. You have to book before going to the island, and camping is only allowed for a maximum of five days.

Camp in Lagos de Somiedo (Asturias)

This camping site is serene, and not as wild as other camping sites. The Camping Lagos de Somiedo is located in the small village of Lagos. With modern equipment such as rustic showers, lavatories, sinks, and showers. The best part is the wildlife around the site that you can observe while staying here. If you want more privacy, then you can access the private river island on this site. UNESCO has recognized Somiedo Natural Park as a Biosphere Reserve.

To find accomodation in Asturias and other areas of Spain, Search Spain airbnb on for a selection of options to fit your travel plan. This European platform has gathered all the options together in one place to make your online search much easier. 
Museo Pueblo Asturias Gijon Horreo

Campervans in Spain

If you plan on travelling around part of Spain in a Campervan they as well as checking you have the correct Van Insurance. It´s also worthwhile checking the specific places that you can park overnight. Different regions around Spain have different rules on this. Some have designated areas which are free of charge. Other regions don´t allow it unless it is within a specific campsite/campervan site. 

It is a good idea to take a look ahead of time of the route and check on the rules for those specific locations beforehand.

Museo Pueblo Asturias Gijon Horreo

El Salado, Isla de La Graciosa (Lanzarote)

El Salso Beach is on the smallest island in Lanzarote. La Graciosa. Also, it is the only place that you to can camp. It is a slice of Caribbean heaven without having to travel so far. However, before going, you will have to apply for a camping permit online. The stays are limited on the campsite to a week.

Also the group size is limited to ten or less, to maintain the charm and nature of the location. Just imagine making your morning coffee while camping and waking up to that view.

Lanzarote activities

A Curota (Galicia)

A Curota has beautiful Galicia landscapes such as the Las Rías Rías de Arousa y Muros-Noia. This unique natural environment has stunning wildlife too. Take note that if you camp in the area, you will need warm sleeping bags and extra blankets as it can be chilly. Sound isolators may also be useful.

Xorret de Catí Alicante by Jesús Alenda Camping in Spain

El Xorret del Catí (Alicante)

El Xorret del Catí in Alicante province has a free refuge, campsite, and an hotel. Located between la Sierra del Maigmo and la Sierra del Cid, its a great place for hikers. The campground offers a more modern camping experience with has hot showers, lavatories, picnic facilities, and a bar.

Camping in Spain

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