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What to see in Mexico in 2022

What to see in Mexico in 2022
Photo by Constanza S. Mora on Unsplash

2022 is the perfect year for traveling. As Covid restrictions lessen, countries reopen their borders, tourism is growing again, as more and more people are using their savings to travel around the world. A popular destinations for honeymooners and water sports lovers is Mexico. With stunning natural landscapes and a fascinating history. Mexico is the ideal place for any kind of visitor. Those who love to explore the history, as well as the more adventurous looking to explore the beautiful natural landscapes around the country. And what to see in Mexico is not only the places. Mexican cuisine is extremely popular around the world with many good dishes such as burritos, churros or tacos. 

What to see in Mexico

If you are unsure what to see in Mexico or which destination to choose, this quick overview will give you some offer the best options in this beautiful country,

La Paz, Baja California

La Paz in Baja California is the perfect spot for you to unwind and leave daily stress behind. Known as the capital of the state surrounded by the sea, La Paz is not so known by the foreign visitors. Yet facilities here offer you luxurious experiences equal to any 5-star resorts in other countries. With plenty of ecotourism options and activities like surfing or beach-volleyball.

If discovering nature is more of your thing, La Paz will has hiking tours through the jungle led by a local tourist guide. See amazing ecosystems, which are under the governmental protection. The jungles here provide visitors a chance to see rare flowers and animals unique to this part of the world.

Around the city there is a walking route so you can walk while enjoying the local atmosphere. Catch the magnificent sunset and enjoy the sea breeze. Travel to La Paz between October and March and you get the chance to spot whales, dolphins or whale sharks. And if you have are brave enough you can even book an experience to swim alongside them too.

Photo by Ana Martinuzzi on Unsplash

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary – What to see in Mexico

Thanks to the tropical climate of Mexico, each winter, thousands of butterflies fly and migrate to Mexico. Avoiding the cold in Western countries, many species flock to this country. There are massive colonies of Monarch butterflies that stay for 3 to 4 months, until the spring. Here, they reproduce without the fear of natural predators.

Special restrictions are in place to visit the butterfly sanctuary in winter months, in order to make sure that the butterflies are not stressed during this time.  There are two sanctuaries that are highly recommended if you want to go. The first one is Santuario de Piedra Herrada. This sanctuary is open year-round. The best experience is between January and March. The other one is Santuario La Mesa, situated in the mountains, the sanctuary is a part of a Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve complex. And if you want to spend some nights here, there are some great hotels in the area.

Isla Mujeres, Cancún

Isla Mujeres, or the “Island of Women”  is located about 9 miles off the coast of Cancún. Getting to Isla Mujeres, is via ferry from Cancún to Isla Mujeres. This will only take you an hour´s journey. The island is widely known for its calming relaxed atmosphere and slow vibes. On this island, all private vehicles are limited. You can ride a bike or walk on the island. A few resorts do offer golf carts for their visitors to explore beaches and natural parks. As well as the Punta Sur Temple on the South of the island.

There are not many hotels on the island. But the ones here are excellent, enjoy all the most luxurious services from spa, mud bath to private pools. The best spot for  local food is a short walk from the main square. Here are most of the restaurants and shops offering local food and souvenirs. Why not choose some interesting pieces for gifts to send to your family at home.

Photo by Dana Malave on Unsplash

Real de Catorce, San Louis Patosí

Situated at the highest point of Mexico, Real de Catorce is a tunnel that was built by the Ogarrio. Once used as main entrance to the town in 1901. There is a hiking tour to the Cerro del Quemado from here you will have the chance to see all the city from the highest place in San Louis Patosí. 

Another monument worth seeing is the Plaza de Toros which is now the town museum as well as the town hall. Due to careful planning by the Mexican government, this city remains unchanged since colonial times. So anyone who loves history and gets excited about antiques should visit Real de Catorce.

What to see in Mexico in 2022 Puerta Vallarta

Photo by pina messina on Unsplash

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

To reconnect with nature the best spot for this is Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco. This island is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. There are many beach resorts here, but the best may be the Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. Besides the situation with views of endless blue sea, the offer of water sports and parties. People visit Puerto Vallarta to see whales in the nearby coastline. In winter, there are hundreds of humpback whales that can be seen from the beach. If you want a premium experience then you can also rent a boat to see the whales closer. 

While you are in Mexico don´t forget the culinary dishes of Mexico and to try the local specialities. Don´t miss out the aguardiente and tequila. Two strong but popular drinks in Mexico that are part of the countrys gastronomic culture.