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Flamenco in Granada – July to September

Flamenco in Granada – July to September

Summer Flamenco in Granada

Over the summer there are lots Flamenco in Granada dates. Musical performances, dance festivals and cultural events to see.

As well as the Festival International de Musica + Danza in the Alhambra there are other lesser known ones to seek out.

Flamenco inside the Sacromonte Caves

The most typical area to see Flamenco in Granada is in the Sacromonte district. This area of Granada overlooks the Alhambra and has many natural caves which have been converted into homes, restaurants and Flamenco places.

Book online: Sacromonte Zambra Flamenco Show

Address: Camino de Sacromonte, Granada.

Getting there:

  • Bus C32 from Gran Vía – 1.40 euros per person
  • Take a taxi (around 7-8 euros)
  • walk up from Plaza Nueva/ Paseo de los Tristes up the steep hill.

La Caña Flamenca

A Flamenco Festival on the Costa Tropical

This Annual Summer Festival throughout July and August has some great flamenco performances but also fashion shows too.


parque el majuelo almuñecar

Summer in the Generalife

Every year summer flamenco musicals take place at the Generalife theatre set inside the Alhambra grounds.

This Summer the performance will take place on specific dates rather than throughout the whole summer (as previous editions)

Tickets on sale at Teatro Isabel la Catolica, close to Puerta Real and online at Lorca + Granada

The show is inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca´s work and recreates surreal and flamenco landscapes.

Don´t miss this it really is special.

Teatro Generalife Dance Festival

Spanish Guitar Concerts

The gardens of the Manuel de Falla museum have guitar concerts on throughout the summer. Flamenco in Granada isnt only dancing, Spanish guitar is also represented well too in the cultural programme.

Cost 12 euros

Tickets from Auditorio de Manuel de Falla

Address: Paseo de los Martires, Granada  (Next to the Hotel Alhambra palace)

Website and further details > Auditorio Manuel de Falla


Flamenco Granada July 2014

Summer Jazz concerts

During August there are Jazz concerts at the Caja Cultural de Caja Granada. Address: Building opposite Science Park Museum, Museo Caja Cultural de Granada.

Full details here: Jazz en la Plaza

Free entry (until full)

Flamenco in Granada


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  1. Amy says:

    ¡Hola Molly!

    He leído su blog por 5 años. Es estupendo. He vuelto a Granada y estoy aquí por una semana. Gracias por la buena información. No puedo visitar a las fiestas este verano.
    A mi me gusta el póster de Flamencolorquiano. ¿Es posible cómprelo aquí en Granada?
    Un saludo

    • Molly says:


      Este cartel es del año pasado, no se comercializan (que yo sepa)
      y este año son diferentes

      Gracias por pasar a leer mi blog

  2. Meg Jerrard says:

    I’ve never experienced Flamenco, but it sounds like a lot of fun – a lot of great events and happenings going on! Spanish Guitar Concerts sound like they would be right up my alley. Will have to add to the bucket list! Thanks!

    • Molly says:

      There is a lot of variety within Flamenco performance. I prefer Cuadro Flamenco (a group of 5-6 people) and the male dancers myself.

  3. Miranda says:

    My former manager used to travel to Spain religiously to take in a flamenco workshop each year. Judging by all these listings, she had a lot of options. I’d love to go to Spain one day for the food, art and flamenco. Which festival is your favourite?

    • Molly says:

      The Veranos del Corral is my favourite due to the intimate courtyard setting, it´s perfect for summer evenings.

  4. Jody Robbins says:

    This is so valuable. I’ve been to Malaga once, but never to Sevilla or Granada and I’m dying to go. I love flamenco and was able to see a performance in London once. If I ever get back to Spain, I’ll have to refer to these outlets. Who is that really famous male Flamenco dancer that dated Naomi Campbell about 10-15 years ago?

  5. I LOVE Flamenco! But I’ve never really had a chance to see or experience any during our visit to Sevilla. I promised myself to remedy this when we next visit Andalusian Spain.

  6. Leigh says:

    Wish I’d seen some Flamenco when I was in Spain. Sounds like there is lot to do in the summer – even in the heat.

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