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Why Snowbirds call Florida home during the Winter Months

Why Snowbirds call Florida home during the Winter Months

If you hear the term snowbird you make think that it is related to birdlife.  It actually refers to something else. Snowbirds do not fly, they are warm-blooded, they don´t have feathers. “Snowbird” is a human not a bird.

A Snowbird is a someone that migrates from colder northern climes of the United States. Or the Great White North of Canada to warmer climes in the Southern States.

Florida in Winter

Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida are famous places to find snowbirds in the winter. There are many reasons why people become Snowbirds. Drawn by great Florida villa rentals or by a healthier lifestyle.

Some even enjoy a year round tan. It is also a breathe of fresh air to change locations half way through the year. Avoiding snow and ice is a good idea especially for older travellers. Cold climates are often associated with bad chills which affect the health of people spending winter in cooler places.

Molly on Holiday in Miami

Sport & Healthy Lifestyle

Being a snowbird has health benefits too. Another reason to move to warmer locations in winter is to prevent bad weather breaking your healthy habits like running, riding a bike, cycling or walking.

Follow online sport when you are away from home with the best canadian betting sites If you decide to become a snowbird, it is important that you find the best cities for you to be a snowbird in.

As well as being warmer in the winter season, the location should have lots to offer you as well as mild temperatures. Amongst the favourite places to call home during winter, Florida is high on the list.

Holiday in Miami South Beach

The Warmth of Florida is Just Perfect

Some places are warm almost all year round. These places also have mild winters. But some locations can be uncomfortably hot; the Nevada Desert for example.
Florida is the southernmost State which is close to the equator yet it has a comfortable warmth. Known as the Sunshine State and it has the best annual temperatures of the United States.

Florida is a state with lower state taxes and this works for those who choose to make it their home in the winter months.

House of Famous Holiday in Miami

Floridas Cultural Heritage

Florida was named La Florida (Land Of Flowers flores) by Juan Ponce de Leon. A Spanish explorer who discovered Florida in 1513.
Due to the first settlements of Spanish people and the connection with neighbouring Cuba, Florida has plenty of Hispanic culture and diversity.

You can try cuban food and listen to Caribbean music when you are visiting the area.


Summer Vibes

With its beaches and islands, you can enjoy a summery feeling even in winter months. It is estimated that just over half a million retirees and snowbirds take up residence along the beaches of Florida. The islands with plenty of palm tree lined beaches are just a boat ride away.

Did you know that Florida has the most coastline out of any state?

Winter Sun Worshippers love Florida because it gets them outdoors. The turquoise waters of Florida are warm to paddle in. It is also the only place in the USA where you can see a coral reef.  You can snorkel during the winter months here.

Holiday in Miami Flight


Fun Places to Visit in Florida

Florida has fun places and tourist attractions which can only be found there. Florida welcomes people of all ages. One of most popular places in Disney Land. At least once in a lifetime, everyone should visit a Disney Themed Park.

Airboat Rides are also a fun day out while you are in the area.

Art Deco Holiday in Miami florida

There are also animal parks which showcase some of the rarest animals you would ever find in North America. The retro style of a lot of Florida’s architecture is also interesting to see.

Miami has some pretty Art deco buildings at South Beach.

Why not go ahead and embrace this sunny state as your winter home.

  1. Shaylee Packer says:

    My parents love being outside, and the chance to be active in the sun. Unfortunately they live in a place that is cold for half the year. I wonder if they have ever thought about moving to a warmer climate like Florida, in the winter so they can keep doing all the things they love year around, as you mentioned here.

  2. overnight Agra tour says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing guide about Florida, Did you know that The Florida Everglades are the only place in the world where alligators and crocodile co-exist. Nice place to visit.

  3. Dawn Starr says:

    Many snowbirds in Mexico and Central America like Belize

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