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A Weekend in Cordoba Spain – What to See & Do

A Weekend in Cordoba Spain – What to See & Do

Cordoba Andalucia

Cordoba Spain is a historic city in Andalusia, Southern Spain. With four UNESCO World Heritage Sites it is the first city to have such recognition, beating Rome or Paris.

Due to its location Cordoba is a good place to visit in Andaluca together with Granada and Seville. You may not know that Cordoba has been the capital of Spain twice in its long history. First with the Roman Empire, Cordoba in the 2nd century was capital of Hispania Ulterior. Then under Muslim rule in medieval times the Caliphate of Cordoba ruled most of Iberian peninusula back then. 

In November 2019 I spent a long weekend in Cordoba to see the splendour of this historic Andalusian city.

Disclaimer AndaluciaTB Cordoba Nov 2019.

Cordoba Mosque

On Saturday morning I got up super early to visit the most popular monument in Cordoba. The Cathedral Mosque.

Getting their as they opened made sure that I could get plenty of photos before the daytrippers arrived.

Cordoba Mosque Spain

Beautiful on the inside and outside this huge building is now Cordoba´s Cathedral. Right at the heart of the Mosque is a Christian Building. It is such a unique place you really have to see it for yourself.

UNESCO sites in Andalucia Cordoba

Cordoba Mezquita Tickets

Getting tickets to visit Cordoba´s Mosque is quite simple however you can book ahead online. This is particularly recommended in the months of Spring. March April and May on weekends throughout the year.

Here are some links for tours of the monument:

Hammam Al Andalus Cordoba Spain

Cordoba What to See

Other notable monuments in Cordoba are the Alcazar or its stunning Patios. Wander around the Zoco to buy local crafts or soak away at the Hammam Al Andalus.

I have already written up other posts about Cordoba on previous visits

See them below:

Of all the times I have visited one of my highlights was visiting the Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara Cordoba SpainMedina Azahara Cordoba

This site is a short drive from Cordoba (5kms). Buses leave from the roundabout opposite Hotel Eurostars Palace.

Guided by Luis Larrea, Arte en Cordoba we learnt about this splendid palatial city in ages gone by. Medina Azahara was built in 940 and had very grand interiors. The Salon Rico being the most ornate. (currently being refurbished).  It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Summer 2018. Since then visitor numbers have increased quite a lot.

As Medina Azahara is an archaelogical site, you should wear good shoes. There are lots of uneven surfaces, a few ramps and steps too. The site is mainly outdoors and has little shade. So if you visit in Summer months bear this in mind.

Mercado Victoria Cordoba Food Spain

Mercado de la Victoria

After visiting Medina Azahara, driving back into Cordoba, we stopped for lunch at Mercado de la Victoria. This wrought iron building is packed with food stalls and bars of all kinds. I choose to try to Falafel and Pastela from a Moroccan Food Stall there.

Mercado de la Victoria Cordoba Spain Market

Taberna del Rio

A Tapas Dinner was served at Taberna del Rio. Just down from Plaza del Potro this busy bar had excellent food and an even better wine selection. Local cheese from Zuheros, Falafel and Delicious Hummus.

Taberna del Rio Cordoba Spain

La Juderia

No visit to Cordoba is complete without a wander around the streets of the Juderia. The narrow white washed streets of the Jewish quarter are so charming and maze like. Calleja de las Flores is probably the most well known spot in this historic neighbourhood.

Cordoba Patios Calleja de las Flores

Jewish Quarter

However there are many corners that only locals seem to find. Such as the tiniest street, Callejon del Pañuelo which is on the street C

Our guide took us on a route around the Jewish Quarter explaining about Cordoba´s past, the main historical figures and events that created this historical city.

Baklava Patios Marquesa Cordoba

Los Patios de la Marquesa

Also in the Juderia are the Patios de la Marquesa. This space is like an indoor market with different places to eat and drink. There is a sweet arab inspired tea house inside making delicious baklava and chuparkia.

They also have a Paella stand, plenty of tapas and wine bars too. Pop in for an afternoon snack or for dinner.
Its a great option as each person may choose a different type of food.

Hotel Eurostars Conquistador Cordoba Spain

Hotel in Cordoba

For this weekend I stayed at Hotel Eurostars Conquistador. A hotel located right in front of the Mezquita. Somewhere I´d stayed a few summers back.

Breakfast is varied. The views from the room to the Mosque walls are dreamy. Seems that you can almost touch it from your bedside.

Weekend in Cordoba Spain

Many thanks to all the sponsors and partners that supported this event.

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