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About Life in Spain – Best Books to Read on Spanish Lifestyle

About Life in Spain – Best Books to Read on Spanish Lifestyle

While travel is still on hold for the moment and we celebrate World Book Day. Reading about Life in Spain can be a tonic for those who want to travel to Spain right now. There is nothing better than a good page turner to can capture the spirit and Spanish culture.

Four Titles on Life in Spain

Reading recreates these cities and settings in your mind. Perhaps reading may inspire you to visit one of the places after you finish the book. Maybe you will want to walk the streets you have read about in real life. Over the past year we have spent more time at home, personally I have read more books than ever.

Here are four titles to inspire you and do a great job of describing life in Spain. 

Barcelona Cathedral Spain.

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series by Carlos Ruiz Zafón 

This series of books written by a Spanish writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, is everything you want from modern literature. They are exciting, adventurous and all about Spain. The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is a series of four books, starting with The Shadow of the Wind (La sombra del viento, 2001). The books describe different time periods in Spain. The first book is set in the 1930s. However, the entire series covers Life in Spain from 1919 up to the 1960s.

So readers get chance to learn more about Spain’s history and development over those years. These books are so good that if you look for custom term paper help on Spain during the first half of the 20th century, these books will help you understand much more about Spain overall. 

The author pays great tribute to Spain, its history, architecture, and culture. Most of the streets and buildings mentioned in the stories exist in Barcelona today. So, you can read these books and travel to Spain with a feeling like you already know a lot about a place where you are about to land. 

White Villages Cadiz Spain

The Island Villa by Lilly Graham

What do you imagine thinking of Spain? Do you see the sunlight, beautiful beaches, pretty old houses surrounded by nature? If yes, then The Island Villa (2018) is a perfect book for you. The plot of the book is set on one of the Spanish islands. It is a small town where everyone knows each other. The characters live in beautiful white villas. The warm Spanish sun almost jumps off the page. We learn about this Spanish island through the main character, who came to the island to stay. Perfect light reading that will inspire you to explore Spanish islands yourself. 

Barcelona Plaça de Sant Jaume

The Struggle for Catalonia: Rebel Politics in Spain by Raphael Minder

Like any other European countries, Spain entered the 21st century with a plenty of political drama. Catalonia and the Catalan capital Barcelona are the setting for this book. A region which has its own culture, traditions, language, and history. It is also the region with most political instability at the moment, as it strives for political and economic independence.

Anyone planning travel to Barcelona or Catalonia should read more about Catalan history and politics. To understand at least some of the basics behind this situation. The Struggle for Catalonia: Rebel Politics in Spain, written by Raphael Minder in 2017, is a solid introductory book for newcomers. It tells you everything you need to know about the Catalan culture.

Though, if you want to study this in more detail, you can always ask professionals, “can you write my essay for me cheap?” This topic can be a great one for any political or history paper. 

Madrid Plaza Mayor

By the River Piedra I Sat Down + Wept by Paulo Coelho

This is a novella set in Spain written by the re known Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. The book has an interesting mix of cultures and customs neatly entwined into the plot. The book’s main protagonist is a world traveller who shares his perspective on other cultures. The story gives plenty of insight into the Spanish way of living. The culture, traditions and religious customs that form part of Life in Spain. The book’s plot is mainly set in Madrid. Yet the main characters also travel around quite a bit. So you get to experience a lot of locations in Spain and even a little bit of France too. 

Books About Life in Spain to Read

What are you reading at the moment? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Peter Martin says:

    This is truly an insightful and appreciative website. My wife and I are both lovers of Spain, have owned a villa near Campello (Alicante) since 1999, and are residents in the country. Your website resonates with us.

    I wonder if this comment spot has space for a question. In case it does, we need to confirm that with the Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union, we are in fact residents of Spain. Also, we have read elsewhere that if we have property in Spain, as we do, we are able to travel to it at this time (March-April 2021) in the pandemic. Specifically, we would like to take the ferry to Bilbao from Portsmouth in England and then drive to our home near Alicante. That involves travelling from one region or province to another. We left our home in Spain in July 2020 and have not been back since. Our intention is to spend several months there. Are we as residents and property owners limited to three months within a six month period? Indeed, do we need a visa to get into the country?
    With thanks for any light you may be able to shine on our needs,
    Peter Martin

    • Molly says:

      Thanks for reading my blog. I know El Campello and the area, spent some family holidays there over the years.

      Regarding the information on travelling from UK to Spain right now. I keep this page updated with the latest information.

      But with your specific situation there are a few things to consider.
      1) You must be registered as RESIDENTS in Spain not just property owners. This means being on the PADRON (census)
      2) Tourism is not allowed, so if you are not residents then it would not be easy to be in Spain at the moment.
      3) A review is due on 9th April after Easter of the restrictions in Spain.
      4) If you do travel from UK to Spain you must have documentation to show reason for travel. This could be requested at the entrance to different regions/Provinces etc.

      hope this helps

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