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My life in Travel – 2013 Holiday plans

My life in Travel – 2013 Holiday plans


My Life in Travel

2013 has just begun. I´m starting to planning my travel for this year.

A life in travel is just that… continuous travel throughout the year.

I don´t have anything booked yet but I have a rough ideas of what trips I´ll be doing and how the year is set out.

If you haven´t already organised your 2013 vacations you may want to start now. Often you can get a deal or discounted prices for early booking. That´s my plan. This year I´m actually going on a week beach holiday to unwind. This is a rare treat as I usually have active travel plans rather than relaxing ones. My other travel will probably involve Spain, UK, Germany & a long haul destination too.

Earlier this week I was reading a travel interview in the newspaper .

I liked the format and used it for this weeks post.

So here goes my version:

Travel Interview

  • First holiday memory?

I can remember heading to Butlins Skegness in the car from Nottingham. The highlight for me was the sand pit. I delighted that the swings and slides were actually in the sand. I can remember that I left my holiday savings at home in my bedroom and was quite concerned I wouldn’t have any spending money for the holiday.

Pret a portea

  • Favourite place in the British isles?

This is a difficult question to answer as I don´t think that I know the British Isles well enough. There are so many places I still haven´t been. Of all the places that I have visited. The ones that stand out are the city of York and the Cornish coast. Of course London is my favourite city break in Europe.

  • Best holiday?

Probably when I was 10 or 11 we went to Port Grimaud (not far from Saint Tropez) those holidays were fantastic. It was beautiful weather and the beach was fabulous. I was quite happy to be on the beach until the sun went down every single day.

We also had a friend of the family who took us out on a speedboat one day which I particularly remember.

Grand Canyon USA


  • Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

This is an easy one for me. Culture vulture without a doubt. I have to know details about the place I am travelling to beforehand. About the history and the customs. At least a few phrases of the local language too. My Life in Travel is all about Culture.

life in travel

Plaza de Toros in Ronda, Spain

  • Greatest travel luxury?

My inseparable cosmetic bag. Bursting with sample sizes of high end products. I only get to use them when travelling. This way I have everything I could possibly need while travelling. I also get to try products I’ve never used. This way I often discover cosmetics I wouldn’t have known otherwise.


And now a question for you?

What plans do you have for this years travel?


  1. Marije says:

    I am planning to go on a Fjordencruise! My Norwegina friend says it’s worth it in summer.
    Also I am plan to travel a lot with my partner and teenytiniest caravan Predom through the south of Spain. We just came back from a weekend in Tarifa and we are dreaming of taking Predom up to Ronda. There are so many nice rural camp sites in Andalusia!

  2. Well, I’ll definitely be going to Portugal. To both the Alentejo and Madeira. And Copenhagen and La Palma look likely too. Hope to add some more to this list as the year goes on.

  3. robin says:

    I think I’d best be described as a culture vulture too – certainly no beach bum and I get enough adrenalin getting up out of a chair too quickly these days. I love deserts and would love to get to explore the Middle East properly but it’s a troubled region…

  4. My Greatest Travel Luxury used to be my heated rollers and I took them everywhere, including The Amazon Jungle. The trip organiser thought I was crazy as mod cons in the jungle don’t include electricity. As it turned out, my mind was more occupied on keeping tarantulas from crawling up my trouser legs than making myself look pretty for them!


  5. Paddy Waller says:

    There are so many places I want to go and unfortunately probably not got much possibility of going…well I can dream about them… to go back to Argentina or Scotland but I think it will be acouple of short breaks researching for the business.Still could be worse!!

  6. Grimaud was supposed to be the big culmination of a Provence trip I took at age 16 with my grandfather. Due to the traffic, we got broed and stopped off at a beach right off a campsite. Turns out if was a nude beach…and being with my grandad!!!!

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