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Mediterranean Cruises to visit Unesco World Heritage

Mediterranean Cruises to visit Unesco World Heritage

The Mediterranean Sea almost seems to have been designed for Cruises. With 191 different islands in the region and moderate balmy temperatures, the sheer beauty of this part of the world is a joy in itself. Experiencing the culture and gastronomy from the deck of a ship is indulgence at its best. Stopping at numerous ports-of-call to experience each city and exploring different cultures and iconic landmarks is an adventure each time you get to shore.

As well as the onboard experience on the ship, cities with UNESCO World Heritage sites await you.

Mediterranean Cruises & Culture

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and you might be tempted to book yourself on one of the 5 star Mediterranean Cruises that set off throughout the year.  Barcelona, Valletta and


Catalonia’s hub of culture, arts, dining and shopping, there is always much fun to be had in Barcelona. One of the main highlights of the city is the UNESCO work of famous architect Antoni Gaudi. From the Sagrada Familia, to Park Guell or the Casa Batlló house, you must take a tour of these eccentric but truly wonderful sights. You can soak up the atmosphere by taking a walk down the Ramblas. Walk past street artists and stop off at little flower stands. Just be sure to keep your bags out of sight from pickpockets!

This Barcelona street is also the entrance to the bustling La Boqueria. The central food market, full of fresh fruits, fish and drinks. Take a wander around and treat your senses to the smells, sights and sounds of local life.

If you just want to take it easy, Barceloneta Beach is a perfect spot for sunbathing.


The capital city of small but perfectly formed Malta, Valletta has a long history that you’ll want to discover. UNESCO named the city a World Heritage Site, saying that it is, ‘’one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’. Start your exploration by visiting the St John’s Co-Cathedral with its opulent 16th century decor.

Then head to Grand Master’s Palace, which was once residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St John. Here you can see the impressive armour and weaponry that the knights once used. After that head underground and make your way around the chambers and passages of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum necropolis.


Italy’s third largest city, Naples offers wonderful art and architecture. The historical centre is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the city’s oldest street market, La Pignasecca. Piazza Bellini is a brilliant place to stop off and take in your surroundings with a coffee — you’ll be sitting in a modern bar, surrounded by 4th-century Greek ruins.

Close to Naples there are also some beautiful Italian Islands worth discovering too. This city is a historical hotspot, so you’ll find a surprising flash back in time at every turn.

Have a look around Cattedrale di Sant’Agatabaroque, a baroque style chapel then carry on a journey back in time by walking around Italy’s third largest ancient amphitheatre, Anfiteatro Flavio. Visit the Castel Nuovo on a guided tour to learn about this historical site before heading back onboard.

The best part of a Mediterranean Cruises is climbing back on board the ship and talking over what you saw with your fellow passengers, all ready for the next adventure at the following port of call. One of the best things about a cruise holiday is that you’ll also have time to fit in a massage and gourmet meal too while sailing on to your next destination.


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  1. Meg Jerrard says:

    How fabulous! We have been recently discussing taking a cruise though haven’t yet settled on a location, so I’m going to propose the Mediterranean! Always been dying to get to Naples, I’m reliably informed that’s where the world’s best pizza is, and apparently you haven’t eaten pizza until you’ve eaten from a Naples pizzeria, so would love to have the opportunity to visit while taking in a cruise. Thanks for this!

  2. Emiel says:

    We have honestly speaking never been on a cruise. For whatever reason a cruise feels like you are always being pushed to move on (always be on time or the ship will leave). But maybe I am wrong? I definitely want to try it someday and hopefully prove myself wrong.
    Valetta is definitely on my list, heard so many great stories about it. I didn’t know Naples was as equally interesting. But hey, so many places are still waiting to be discovered!

  3. Leigh says:

    I’m not much of a cruise person but if I knew I could get off and explore on land I’d be happy. Malta is definitely on my wish list.

  4. Agata says:

    This is actually a very nice mix. A cruise is probably the easiest way to reach these places. I visited Barcelona and Valetta and both were stunning. I only spent a few hours in Naples but unfortunately I was only at the train station. I need to go back to fully appreciate the city!

  5. Joaquín says:

    Disculpe, Molly, pero una de las imágenes que ilustra el artículo reza “Nápoles”, cuando es una fotografía de la Catedral de Santa Agata, que está en Catania (Sicilia-Italia). Un lugar muy bonito en el que he estado este verano.
    Frente a ella está un sitio muy recomendable para tomar una granita siciliana: Nonna Vincenza.

    Por cierto, muy rico el sushi y las empanadillas en Takeme. Me encanta su muro vegetal.
    Felicidades por su blog.

    • Molly says:

      Muchas gracias Joaquín por la informacion.
      ¡El muro vegetal o jardín vertical de Takeme es muy bonito!