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Speedy Gonzalez – The fastest blogger in Europe

Speedy Gonzalez – The fastest blogger in Europe

Fastest Blogger at TBEX

As a Blogger when they asked me at TBEX Girona can write a blog post in 5 minutes I accepted the challenge. Speed blogger that sounds cool! I love a challenge!

TBEX is an annual conference for Travel Bloggers. I try to attend the European dates every 2 or 3 years.

Thanks to you all for your support!  I came 2nd in the challenge!

I then discovered after sitting down, I noticed that the keyboard I was going to use for the challenge was a German one. That means that the Y & Z are in weird places on the keyboard.

Also the subject for the blogger post was going to be randomly selected by the organizers of the competition Get your Guide.

The subject I got was WINTER. Not too difficult.

Just for fun – Spot the mistake on the post…… ; )

Blogger in Granada Spain

This short and sweet post was written at TBEX Girona as part as a Speed blogging competition.

The perfect post to read on a quick coffee break!

Skiing in the South of Spain. Yes thatsright in the land of Siestas and Orange trees you can ski from November to May! A perfect mix of Sun & Snow.

Surfboarding on the Sierra Nevada Mountains, trekking with mules along the Alpujarra mountain trails and you can even enjoy Horse riding through Andalusian Villages

Who thought that there was more to Spain than the Sangria and Sunshine?

In Granada of course for Apres Ski you can head into town for a quick tapa or spend a quiet day visiting the magnificient Red Castle, The Alhambra Palace.

Granada in Andalusia isn´t only a destination for the summer. Come and Ski in the Sunshine.

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  1. That sounds like a fun challenge! I tend to spend waaay to much time editing and over thinking. I also found that in university I would produce great work when I had a time constraint. 😉

  2. I remember when I was in university I often left papers to the last minute and I just had to write as fast as I could to beat the clock. Sometimes my writing was actually better under those intense circumstances.

    • Molly says:

      I decided that I wanted to do a short text with some interesting descriptions and try to be correct (spelling & grammar) rather than writing lots & lots of text without a format or objective.
      I´m quite happy with what I managed to do in 300 seconds!

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