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TBEX Europe – Been there, done that (Travel bloggers exchange)

TBEX Europe – Been there, done that                (Travel bloggers exchange)

TBEX Travel Bloggers Exchange Europe

TBEX  stands for Travel Bloggers Exchange.

This is a meet up of Travel bloggers from all different countries to share experiences, network and learn.

Previous editions have been on the other side of the pond, so as TBEX was in Spain this year I decided I just had to go.

As you can see from the picture when I got there I was jumping for joy!   ; )

Very proud to get my shiny accreditation when I arrived to Girona. I carefully selected the different sessions that I would attend over the 2 day event.

These are the TBEX sessions:

  • How to create revenue streams through publishing
  • How to use Effectively Instagram, Pinterest & Google +
  • Content that Rocks
  • How to form Creative Tourism – Bloggers partnerships
  • How to create travel videos people will actually watch with @EarthXplorer (pictured below)TBEX

The organisation of the event was excellent. The Palau de Congressos de Girona was the perfect venue for this event. Comfortable conference rooms, plenty of space for the 300 bloggers (sessions were running in parallel to have a selection of different subjects)  and I have to say that the Lunch each day was amazing. The photo below is just the starter!

What did  I learn at TBEX ?

  • Most importantly I learnt that the other bloggers are the same as me, each person has their own style, their own habits but each one is valid. Because I only kicked off my blog in April 2012 it doesn´t mean I´m behind.
  • In Chris Guillebeau´s speech to close the event I particularly heard his words. Care about your work, then your readers will care. Wise words from a succesful travel writer. What more of his words? Read: Sucess as a Travel Blogger – post by Chris Guillebeau
  • That publishing is not easy. Whether you self publish or use the traditional route. According to Beth Whitman of Wanderlust & Lipstick you need a lot of discipline and have to write lots and lots. This session was really useful.
  • C C Chapman told us that there is actually a point to Google + and he highlighted the wonderful format it gives to the posts . Also he explained importance that Google + has with regard to SEO in google.
  • That I could write 138 words in a blog post in just 5 minutes
  • I need to get an microphone for my iPhone (like now!)
  • I have to use google analytics more (boring…) and a few other technical short cuts and tricks.

When I signed up for TBEX Girona back in March this year, I knew that some people I´d already met on previous blog trips would be there. From the trips #GRXperience & #ponientegranadino as well as other bloggers I´d met before. Knowing that familiar faces would be there partly encouraged me to go. Even so I have to say that most of the folk there were happy to say Hi and meet new bloggers.

Generally the atmosphere at TBEX was good and I didn´t experience snobbism as I had expected initially.

(Some bloggers have been doing this for years and I expected the newbies to be huddled together… wasnt the case …..)TBEX

So I had a ball, got to see quite a few folks that I know online (but don´t see too much of) Nellie Huang & Albert from @WildJunket the fabulous adventure blog. Of course the charming @Willpeach from @myspanishadv enture  (photo above) and quite a few others @viajares @lbuendia @raulgrx @viajar  

Of course I made a load of new friends from across the world, from South Africa, USA, and other far-flung destinations.

No more name dropping there are far too many to mention. …….

The Costa Brava tourist board pulled out all the stops, we had Castellers, typical Catalan food and wonderful locations.

So now TBEX is over I need to pour through my notes, keep talking to my new-found friends and apply some of the new things I´ve learnt there. The hard work is getting back home!

Like the sound of this event?

The next TBEX is in Catania Italy…. never been? nows your chance!


  1. Danni Lawson says:

    Great to get a rundown of what you got from it, thanks! I’m considering going, so the question is: given the ticket price, is it really 100% worth it? Or could you use that money better on something else and learn the same stuff online? Cheers 🙂

    • Molly says:

      The whole event is not only about learning. There are companies that you can get collaborations with. The networking with other bloggers is great. of course you also get to travel to a new place which you many know have known before. I only travel to TBEX when I want to get to know the destination or country. The ticket price if you use the conference in all these ways is worth it. If you are only looking at it from an academic side… then maybe 100 dollars invested in a course maybe better for your CV but not as much fun.
      Hope this helps Danni

  2. Nate says:

    I second the “be careful hanging around Will Peach” advice. Be very careful.

  3. Cacinda Maloney says:

    I was even more of a newbie than you! started mine on 08/09/12! Thought it would be a great jump start, and now I am going to TBElevator in Italy next weekend! You just never know where this thing will take you! good luck!

  4. Rachel says:

    Glad you made it and enjoyed it Molly – perhaps I´ll get there next time.

  5. M, I didn’t get a chance to make it to TBEX, but I did go to TBU. The first question was always: “So, how long have you had your blog?” I had started self-hosting not three weeks earlier, so it was a relief to know that people were in the same boat. We’ll get there…!

  6. Mike says:

    You are hanging with @WillPeach ??? Be careful !!! Ha!!!

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