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Tea shops in Granada Spain – 3 Teterias to try

Tea shops in Granada Spain – 3 Teterias to try

Did you know that Calle Elvira was once the main road in Granada?

Just off this street below Plaza Nueva, you will come across to two streets that meet to form a V shape. Called Calderería Nueva y Calderería Vieja. The name translates to Old Cauldron Street and New Cauldron Street.  Many years ago there were workshops repairing copper and metal pots here. Now it is lined with Moroccan style tea shops and colourful bazaars.

escapada a granada Teteria

The variety of goods hanging along the walls and spilling out onto the pavement. Each surface is covered with coloured glass lamps and cups, Moroccan slippers in every size and other leather items. Along here you will find most of tea shops in Granada. All serve green tea with lots of fresh mint and baklava pastries. There are quirky differences in each tea shop or teteria.

Over the years I have developed a few firm favourites.


tea shops

Tea shops in Granada

What to expect when you walk in…. They all serve a large variety of tea and sweet snacks like baklava. Most have fruit juices and milkshakes too. They are usually quite small and lighting is dim. Usually they dont have air conditioning. Some of the larger tea houses serve food as well but that is not the norm.

tea shops in Granada

Teteria Kasbah

Where: Calderería Nueva 4

This large teteria has two floors. The drink list and menu seems endless. They serve tea, coffee, juices, milkshakes as well as food. You can even ask for a gin and tonic with a spring of fresh mint in for an after dinner drink. I have been here quite a few times; I ate couscous for lunch once and another time, more recently I ordered cold lemonade with fresh mint. They have a large cake selection in a glass cabinet.

I saw that they have vegetarian options on their menu too.

escapada a granada

As Sirat

Where: Calderería Vieja Nueva 4

This has always been one of my favourite tea places to visit. It doesn’t have a vast tea list, but it does have yummy pastries. Sometimes too much choice is a problem anyway. Inside, the space has archways, decorated in intricate patterns, imitating the Alhambra palace. They have raised wooden platform at the back.

Separating the space to create two areas.  One table is up on the top of the stage, the other table below. This way space now allows for twice the amount of tea drinkers. There is a small wooden stepladder to climb up to this elevated table, this curious set never fails to amuse me. Like bunk beds but for tea drinking.

Tea shop Granada Teteria

Teteria del Banuelo

Where: Calle Bañuelo 5

This tea room is the other side of Plaza Nueva. You will come to it along Carrera del Darro, just past El Bañuelo. Inside there is a small water fountain. So as you sip your tea you hear the babbling water and enjoy the calm interior. Perhaps it´s a little quieter that the ones around the Calderería Vieja. The tea list is good and they have pastries too. When you leave you will see a view of the Alhambra outside. Great for a photo as the street is on a slight hill.

Tea in Granada

Make Moroccan Style Mint Tea

When you visit one of the local teahouses in Granada (or anywhere else for that matter) the most popular drink is the zingy mint tea. This is typical across Northern African countries and a sign of a warm welcome. I remember being given lots of it when I visited shops in Morocco, even though it was over 45C in August. : )

Here´s how to make your own Mint Tea:

  • 1 teaspoon of loose leaf green tea
  • One tablespoon of sugar
  • Handful of fresh mint
Put these ingredients into a pan or heatproof bowl. Pour on boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.
Serve one cup of tea and then empty if back into the pan to blend the sugar well.

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