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Malaga museum day – Vintage Cars & Costumes

Malaga museum day – Vintage Cars & Costumes

Malaga Museum Visit

Malaga museum day isnt the first thing that comes to mind when heading into the city. Yet the vintage car collection at the Automobile Museum in Malaga certainly impressed me this summer. It was a hot August day, we headed there really to avoid the humidity and high temperatures for a couple of hours. I  didn’t expect to enjoy the visit as much as I did.

This Malaga museum has a large variety of vintage cars but they also had a surprise up their sleeve for me.Malaga museum

Malaga Car Museum

This pale pink Porsche from 1956 particularly caught my eye. The cars displayed there were in great condition and there were alot more than I had thought there would be. They have around 90 different vehicles on show. Some of the cars were even being driven around the museum corridors. It is good for the maintenance to keep the cars in good working order and also it allows the visitors to see them in motion and hear their engines roar. All of the vehicles were immaculately kept but the thing about the museum that most impressed me was the attention to detail in the curation.

Vintage Clothes

They had vintage posters along the walls, old suitcases and trunks beside to the vehicles. Props were used to highlight the period of each vehicle which had been carefully thought out.

Not only do they have cars there. They also a small collection of vintage clothes, hats and accessories. This really caught my eye. The hat boxes were in extravagant fabrics, covered in lizard skin or plush deep coloured velvet. A few of the dresses were presented with the accessories on the museum walls.

The clothes, suitcases and other props used in this Malaga Museum helps the visitor to imagine the time when those cars were actually been driven along the roads in Europe. It all seems to fit together beautifully and proved an interesting exhibition.

Malaga museum

Apart from the Museo Automovilistico de Malaga, the city itself surprised me too. It has a lot more to offer than first meets the eye and it not just a beach holiday destination.

The Car Museum is situated outside the main town (on Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15) but the tourist bus does have a stop close by. Taxis are not too expensive from the city centre, especially if there are a few of you.

Hope you enjoy these vintage pictures!

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  1. Steve Simons says:

    Thanks for the post Molley. I’ve been meaning to get to the museum for a while with friends telling me it’s well worth a look but nothing tells a story like a few photos. It sounds really well set up too.

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