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New Granada bus map and LAC bus system from July 2014

New Granada bus map and LAC bus system from July 2014

Granada bus company changed the system in Summer 2014.

Before then the buses in Granada had numbers 1 to 34. The routes were distributed throughout the neighbourhoods linking up almost the entire city. Tickets were bought directly on the bus from the driver or you had a transport card bonobus which you also topped up by paying the driver.

In the city of Granada we now have a new transport system. I have been using this new network for several weeks now and hope to explain how it works for you.

The main change is the addition of new blue buses called LAC. These long vehicles are high capacity buses. The LAC route runs from Avenida America/Palacio de Congresos to Caleta through the city centre.

The idea is to reduce the number of buses in the city centre, particularly on Gran Via. These buses pass every 3 to 5 minutes.

Granada Emergency Spai

Granada Bus Station, Spain

Granada bus

LAC Bus stops

From Palacio de Congresos to Cruz del Sur

  • Avenida de América (next to Helicopter)
  • Paseo del Violon (just behind Palacio de Congresos)
  • Humilladero (next to River Genil)
  • Fuente de las Batallas (stop near Theatre Isabel la Catolica)
  • Gran Vía (1st stop near los Italianos)
  • Sagrado Corazon (2nd stop on Gran Via, close to Arco Elvira)
  • Triunfo (Gardens at Triunfo – Avenida Constitución)
  • San Juan de Letran  (close to RENFE Train station)
  • Caleta (Hospital)
  • Cruz del Sur

From Cruz del Sur to Palacio de Congresos

  • Cruz del Sur
  • Juzgados (court house opposite Hospital at Caleta)
  • Andaluces (close to RENFE train station)
  • Fuente Nueva (Park near to University canteen and Severo Ochoa)
  • Padre Suarez (School at end of Gran Vía)
  • Marqués de Falces (Gran Via stop, near to San Agustin market)
  • Cathedral  (last stop on Gran Via, close to Bib Rambla square)
  • Puerta Real (stop near Correos, NH Victoria and Calle Recogidas)
  • Puente Blanco (Bridge over Genil River close to Virgen Angustias)
  • Paseo del Violon (just behind Palacio de Congresos
  • Avenida de América (next to Helicopter)

LAC post – New Granada bus system

Granada bus map

The official website is Transportes Rober where you can find the Granada bus map . Look for Plano de lineas.

The new LAC system runs through the city centre with a limited number of stops. The red buses reach the different neighbourhoods of Granada. So you may have to catch two buses according to where you need to travel to in the city.

There is a time allowance, you have one hour to change buses without paying again, so can travel with one ticket. In Spanish this is called Transbordo.

The bus routes now have letters as well as numbers. The letter indicates the direction of the route.

  • N for North
  • S for South
  • C for City centre
  • U for University.
  • SN are routes that run from South to North, crossing the city.

How to work out which bus to take?

At each bus stop there is an updated map of bus routes. At some busy stops there are bus company staff to help you.

Here are a few examples of typical journeys around the city:

To travel from Plaza Nueva to the Bus station

  • Walk from Plaza Nueva to Gran Vía (stop near Los Italianos)
  • Validate your ticket at the blue digital post (before getting on the bus)
  • Get on the LAC bus. Direction Cruz del Sur.
  • Get off the bus at Cruz del Sur (last stop)
  • Take red bus SN2 to Granada bus station. Validate the ticket with the red bus driver.

I want to travel from Calle Recogidas to the train station

  • Walk up Calle Recogidas to the LAC stop outside the Theatre at Puerta Real.
  • Take the LAC to stop San Juan de Letran
  • Cross the road to walk down to RENFE on Avenida de Andaluces

I want to go from El Corte Ingles to the Alhambra

  • Walk to LAC bus stop Puerta Real (outside Theatre Isabel la Catolica)
  • Validate your ticket at the blue digital post (before getting on the bus)
  • Get on the LAC bus. Direction Cruz del Sur.
  • Get off the bus at Gran Vía (stop near Los Italianos)
  • Walk to the statue of Isabel la Catolica just across the road.
  • Take bus C3 or C4 to the Alhambra. Validate the ticket with on the red bus with the driver.
  • LAC Ticket machine - New Granada bus system

    LAC Ticket machine – New Granada bus system

Validating + Buying tickets

If you need to buy a bus ticket. It varies depending on which bus you take first.

On the red buses (U3, SN1 etc) you can buy the ticket on the bus with the driver. You can also top up your bonobus card too.

On the LAC bus you cannot buy a ticket on the bus nor top up your card. LAC bus stops have large blue machines. You can get tickets and new bonobus by paying with cash or credit cards.

For the blue LAC buses you have to validate you ticket before getting on. There are blue posts to check your card or ticket before the bus arrives. Once on board there are no validating machines.

On the Red buses you must validate your bonobus card or buy ticket with the driver when you get on.

You can buy a ticket from the driver (no credit cards) with cash or top up your card.

Please note that children under the age of 6 years old don´t pay on the Granada bus network.

Tweaks to the new system

Since Summer 2014 there have been several tweaks to the new system. A few bus routes have been modified. The LAC has a an additional stop added to the original route. So it´s important to try to keep updated as there still could be alterations to this new service. (this article was updated on 1st March 2015)

Taxis are also affected.

On Reyes Catolicos, along the road from Puerta Real to Plaza Nueva taxi drivers have been instructed not to stop to pick up passengers.

If you need a taxi in this area go to the stop on Puerta Real or the taxi rank in Plaza Nueva. You can also stop taxis on Recogidas too.

  1. Peter Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Molly,

    Susie and I are in our mid 60’s and have rented an apartment in the Albacin (in the vicinity of Placa San Nicolas) for a week in mid October. We are arriving by coach from Malaga and realise that it terminates at the bus station. Is it better to board a bus from there to Albacin or just get a taxi. We know there are restrictions as far as vehicle access in the Albacin, so will the taxi driver get us close or will we have to do the last bit on foot?

    • Molly says:


      To the Plaza San Nicolas there are buses that leave from Gran Via in Granada
      However if you arrive with suitcases at Granada bus station it is more practical to get a taxi so that you don┬┤t need to get two buses in Granada from the station to Albaicin quarter.
      A taxi will cost around 10 euros (perhaps less) from Granada bus station to the Plaza San Nicolas
      Depending on where the apartment is the taxi will be able to leave you at the door or very close by.

      Some streets in the Albaicin are too narrow for vehicles or may have steps on the street. Taxis can reach most areas of the neighbourhood.
      I actually prefer to choose accomodation in the city itself to avoid these practical issues, especially on arrival and departure days.

      Enjoy your trip

  2. D says:

    Hi, do you know if the LAC buses run late at night? My friends and I should be arriving at Estacion de Autobuses de Granada at 9pm. Judging from the bus route map, the nearest LAC bus station is Cruz del Sur, which we can walk to, so we should get there around 9:20-9:30pm.

    • Molly says:


      The LAC buses run until 11pm (and even later)
      9pm is actually dinner time in Spain and not considered late at all.

      Take a bus outside the station and transfer to the LAC bus at Triunfo.
      The ticket is good for both buses.

      Have a great stay

  3. James says:

    How can I get from Plaza Isabel Catolico to Monachil Pueblo?

    • Molly says:

      Hi, there is a bus run by CTM Granada which leaves from the Paseo de los Basilios bridge. I will send you a message with the timetable and details, Thanks for stopping to read my blog!

  4. Hanna says:

    How can I go to Alhambra from Calle Minerza Bus Stop? It is a must to walk to Calle Cruz de Sur to take the LAC? or there is any other options? Thanks for the guide ­čÖé

    • Molly says:

      Hi, Yes, from Calle Minerva (close to Granada Bus Station) the best option is:
      1) Get the LAC bus until the end of Gran Via (near the Cathedral)
      2) Walk a short distance to Isabel la Catolica statue to catch the Alhambra bus from there. (Bus stop is on Calle Pavaneras)

  5. James says:

    I travel on the busses regularly in Granada. I always keep my credible card topped up. The other day two over zealous security guards tried to extort cash from me because the machine was broken. I have seen corruption all over the world but did not expect it in Granada. I was met with threats of the police (which I welcomed but this never materialised) and when that failed violence. Shame on you LAC, this was criminal and racists. I am trying to find out how to take legal action but it seems that it is very difficult to disagree with racist behaviour in Granada. UNESCO should reconsider their award until the corruption is stopped.

    • Molly says:

      Hi James

      I┬┤m really sorry that you had that problem.
      If your complaint to the bus company Transportes Rober is not accepted or replied to then I believe you have to contact the council. Ayuntamiento de Granada. (Dept: Movilidad)
      The website for Bus complaints is:
      Information for movilidad is here;

      Recently the inspectors are almost always on the LAC bus checking tickets.
      If they employ these people already to check tickets, it maybe would be better for them to work as bus conductors. Allowing ticket validation or even purchase aboard the bus.


      • James says:

        I tried the links but neither forms work (similar to the ticket machine). I love Granada however this experience has left me feeling like I have been violated. Shame on LAC and Granada for stealing from tourists.


  6. Very useful bit of information. Thanks for sharing it

  7. Ian says:

    Returning to Spain in a few weeks. Any idea when the tram system will be up and running Molly?

  8. Roy says:

    Can you buy tickets for the LAC buses with you bonobus card

    • Molly says:

      Yes, the bonob├║s covers journeys on the red buses and the blues LAC bus too.
      The bonobús is a plástic red card that can be used for One person (or more) and rediles in múltiples of 5 euros

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