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Inspirational travel

Thanks to EasyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative I have taken a leisurely stroll down memory lane….

This post takes me back home, to a small Nottinghamshire village in the heart of D.H Lawrence country. When asked to remember who has inspired my travel over the years and thinking back I have to say that my Dad is the first person that springs to mind, when I was very young he began to speak the odd french word here and there to me, at that time no French (or any other language for that matter) was mentioned in schools in the midlands in the late seventies.

Another person is also guilty of my travel bug, one of my closer friends at primary school was privileged enough to enjoy regular holidays in Spain and Portugal and over time was collecting Typical little Spanish figures, made of clay depicting flamenco dancers, Spanish ladies and traditional Spanish horse riders.

At the time I was quite jealous and found these little images of Spain enticing. Then a little later on around 7-8 years old, I was an avid watcher of the series Duty free which was popular on the telly at the time, this was the pinnacle of glamour and something to aspire to! Maybe this early Andalucian inspiration is the reason behind my writing this recent post on More Flamenco Dresses and Spanish colour

What has inspired my to travel, this was a very easy one for me, remeniscing about my childhood, I remember collecting postcards as a girl (alot easier to get hold of that the distant Spanish souvenirs!) From all over the world but also from UK and Europe too. Again my Dad is responsible, he had many professional contacts who were travelling regularly, they kindly sent me postcards from their travels. One morning I was amazed that a postcard landed on the carpet for little me from a place called Dubai U.A.E I had no idea that a place called that could even exist. A country that was just letters! How exotic and confusing! I also received postcards from Singapore, Australia and Bulgaria which had my imagination racing at the sight of such colourful and unfamiliar places.

Where has inspired you to travel

One of the places that I have most enjoyed visting was on a Road trip around Western States of USA, passing through many different states, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. As the hotels and return flights were pre booked so we couldn´t be flexible with the route, this trip inspires me to return to the area. I particularly want to revisit Yellowstone National Park, we were there for 2 nights and I just didnlt see enough geysers or sulphur pools, amazing what nature can do! The San Francisco Bay area, the Point Reyes lighthouse, Sausalito (pictured above) also inspires me to return, there was mist and fog in August when we were there and I really want to visit again when the dreaded mist is less likely to get good photos and see things at a more leisurely pace.

When am I inspired to travel?  I am constantly being inspired to travel, Food is a trigger that sets off the travel bug, see new cultures, taste new dishes, see new ways of eating and presenting food. I particularly like Greek & Moroccan cuisine. Lovely greek Mezes and dips, Spanakopita, Moussaka and from Morocco fragrant golden couscous with caramelised onions, crunchy falafel, sweet honey and pistachio pastries, refreshing fresh mint lemonade… more on my blogpost: Morocco Inspiration 

Books also inspire me to travel, I love getting abosrbed into a great novel and transporting me to another place while turning the pages. A recent post of mine Books related to travel includes novels set in different places such as Portugal, Morocco and Spain. As you can see I have inspiration to travel all around me, in my kitchen cupboard, on my bookshelves and in my childhood memories. I wonder where my next flight will be taking me? I can´t wait!

Good luck to everyone participating in the Easyjet Holidays Inspiration Initiative !