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English Radio Interview – Talk Radio Europe: Life Stories – Living in Granada

English Radio Interview – Talk Radio Europe: Life Stories – Living in Granada

15 minutes of fame

English Radio interview on Talk Radio Europe.

So excited to be on air across Spain and the internet this weekend.

According to Andy Warhol everyone enjoys 15 minutes of fame

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes

English Radio Interview

It seems that my turn of being Spain famous is this weekend, when my English radio interview airs on Talk Radio Europe.

The programme is called Life Stories and it covers people who moved to Spain and what lifestyle they lead now living abroad.

You can listen to this live on Saturday 12th August at 12 noon in Spain. (CET)

Or 11am in UK (GMT)

Talk Radio Europe is an English radio station online and also on FM too.


Click below listen now

 AUDIO: Life Stories in Spain



English Radio in Spain Interview

English Radio in Spain

This radio channel is the only english speaking radio in Spain.

Listen online from anywhere  at this link>  Talk Radio Europe 

After the programme has been broadcast, for 7 Day afterwards you can download a copy of the programme if you want to listen again.

Listen to English Radio in Spain.

TRE FM Frequencies to listen in your car or on your radio

  • 105.5 FM Axarquia
  • 91.5 FM Costa del Sol East
  • 91.9 FM Costa del Sol West
  • 98.7 FM Gibraltar & Sotogrande
  • 96.3 FM Costa Blanca North & South
  • 90.3 FM Costa Blanca Central
  • 104.8 FM Mallorca

Listen live on

  • Sunday 6th August at 1pm CET   (midday in UK)
  • Saturday 12th August at 12 noon CET (11am in UK)
In this Interview I talk about:
  • Why & How I moved to Spain
  • Life in Granada and Andalusia
  • Learning and Speaking Spanish
  • Career and latest projects
Don´t Miss Life Stories on Talk Radio Europe 
 This radio programme, entitled ‘Life Stories’, was launched on Talk Radio Europe in April 2017. Guests are non-Spanish people who have chosen to live in Spain.  Chat covers their lives here now, what they did before they moved to Spain and what the future holds.
The programme is broken down into 6 parts, including 6 pieces of music that mean something – marking a specific time in their lives, or something with sentimental connections.
Recorded in Granada, Spain by Ian Rutter and Molly Sears-Piccavey in August 2017
English Radio Interview in Spain
  1. I am researching Mariana Pineda for an art project for an exhibition next year that I am working on. Have you written anything on her previously ?

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