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Spain Land of contrasts – Photo Essay

Spain Land of contrasts – Photo Essay

Playa Malaga

Spain – land of contrasts

In this land of contrasts photo essay I will try to highlight the varied and vast country that Spain is. So much to discover, even after all these years living and travelling around the country it still doesn’t fail to surprise me.

Apart from enjoying the sandy beaches, fabulous fiestas and typical food here´s why I call Spain Land of contrasts.


In Montefrio Granada there is an archaeological site with over 100 neolithic tombs.  Some of them date to 5,500 according to Granada University. Across Spain there are other sites too such as Atapuerca or Antequera in Malaga.


The Torre Calatrava in Barcelona was built for the Olympics in 1992. It is 136 metres high and a distinctive landmark than can be seen on the city´s skyline.

Torre Calatrava


This huge paella is made every May for the village festival in Pinos del Valle in the Lecrin Valley. The rice is prepared to serve 1000 people who celebrate the may crosses in the village square.Big paella (1)


Caviar from Riofrio, Granada. This delicacy is produced organically in Granada. It´s the only organic caviar in the world.Organic Caviar made in GranadaTraditional

Specialist shops in Spain are a treasure trove of specific and unique items. This one pictured below is a basket, wicker and pine shop.

baskets & wicker in Granada


This sink in a Hospes Hotel Palacio Patos Granada has a lamp incorporated into the sink. You maybe surprised with modern interior design as you travel through different locations in Spain.My room at Hospes Granada


This photo was taken in August in Almeria. The day was egg frying hot. Not a wisp of cloud in the sky. Pictured is the inner cloister of Almeria Cathedral.Almeria (1) Cold

Also taken in Andalusia. This photo of me at Sierra Nevada Ski resort in Granada. The ski season runs is from November to May each year.



This sturdy ficus tree is in Cadiz. These trees are dotted around the main avenue of the city. Their huge size and interesting knotted trunks make me think of the magical faraway tree in Enid Blyton stories. Cadiz has alot of tropical plants and trees worth seeing when you visit this corner of Spain. Molly in Cadiz

Molly in Cadiz


The fragrant Almond blossom in Springtime all over Andalusia colours hills and valleys with this delicate pink flower. This photo is from Lecrin Valley. The endless expanse of almonds trees blossoming is a joy to see.

Almond blossom Lecrin Valley Andalusia Spain


A close up of the intricate detail on the Alhambra palace walls. Geometric carvings decorate the walls of this UNESCO Site in Granada.

5 Inscription wall


The view of the Alhambra palace from the Mirador de San Nicolas in Granada. On the outside from this distance it seems to be a strong fortress- The detail on the inside of these buildings is unimaginable at a first glance.

Mirador de San Nicolas Granada

Mirador de San Nicolas Granada


The dark streets of Girona have a great mysterious atmosphere. Looks perfect to shoot a film or tv series with the eerie cobbled streets.

Girona land of contrasts


The bull ring at Ronda on a hot summer day. Tickets at Spanish bullrings are priced according to Sol or Sombra. The cheapest ones being in the sunshine. You have to pay more for the shade.Ronda Bull ring Spain

How do you consider Spain land of contrasts ?

Coast and inland, black and white, mountain and valley. Let me know of yours..

  1. Ian says:

    Wonderful photos Molly !

  2. Ian says:

    This is a lovely post Molly,really can`t wait to start exploring in Sept,starting in Seville then train up to Barca

  3. Marianne says:

    Absolutely! Spain is hugely diverse – as you have highlighted beautifully, Molly 🙂

  4. Sue Sharpe says:

    Lovely post, Molly – great photos! The variation of the landscapes – travelling through a forest one minute then out onto an open plain the next – those are the contrasts that amaze me the most. Also the way modern architecture sits alongside ancient ruins without looking out of place.

  5. Spain is definitely a land of contrasts. Lovely shots!

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