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Street Food in Spain – Snack like a local in Granada

Street Food in Spain – Snack like a local in Granada

Street Food in Spain

Street Food in Spain is not so common as eating well is an important part of Spanish life. In this part of the world great pride is taken in selecting local produce. Local also stick to seasonal dishes. Eating on the street or grabbing something quick is not so common in Spain as it is in some other European countries.

Andalusia tends to do outdoor food when it´s the Feria or on special fiesta days.

These are some of the more typical street food dishes you can try in Southern SpainGarrapiñada Street food in Granada Spain

Jacket Potato – Papas Asadas

Probably one of my favourite Street Food options. Spot the old fashioned Victorian style ovens on street corners. These appear when there is a procession or large crowd expected. Usually next to the oven is a stall where they prepare the food.  Fluffy potatoes served with cheese and butter.

Roast Chestnuts – Castañas

These stalls begin to pop up on street corners and squares in Autumn. The smell of the seasonal hot chestnuts lingers in the air. Street vendors have an improvised fire inside a large tin drum. The chestnuts are roasted in an old frying pan and served in paper cones. As well as being a natural snack, it warms your hands on cold days as you walk around the city.

Roast Chestnuts in Granada Spain

Sunflower Seeds – Pipas

These are sold on street stalls and in Kiosks too in large bags. The black and white stripey husks can often be spotted on steps and next to park benches. Children and teens love these snacks and are really popular in Spain.

Sandwiches – Bocadillo

If you have to get lunch on the run in Spain the best bet is a Bocadillo. Usually made on crusty baguette bread. The most popular options are Spanish Ham and Manchego cheese. Grated Tomato and Olive oil moistens the bread intead of butter or margarine spread. Some bars have a selection of hot and cold fillings. Most places will happily prepare them for takeaway.

Bar Aliatar Granada

Slush puppies – Granizado

Usually Lemon flavour, this refreshing drink made with ice is called granizado de limon in Spanish. Sometimes you will find coffee or orange varieties too.  It´s a good way to enjoy your coffee on hot days with a Granizado de Café.

Chocolate Cake – Cuña

Cuña in Spanish translates to wedge. This triangle shape sponge cake is always popular. Especially with hungry school children on their way home from school. As well as these chocolate cuñas there are plenty of other sweet pastry varities too. Croissants, Cañas and Palmeras are popular in Andalusia.

Cuña Granada Spain

Churros with Chocolate

Whenever there is a fiesta (mostly Spring or Summer months) main villages and towns have a band on and dancing in the main square. To end the festivities in the early hours, hot chocolate and churros is brought out for all the revellers. Known in Spanish as ´ La Chocolatada´ you can also improvise you own by buying Churros in food trucks along the street or in small kiosks.

Churros Street Food

Higos Chumbos – Prickly Pears

In the hot summer months street vendors sell prickly pears already peeled and chilled. These brightly coloured fruits are full of antioxidants and fibre. If you get them really cold it´s like a fruity ice lolly.

Prickly pear cactus are covered in fine spiky needles, this makes it quite a task to pick them and prepare them. getting them ready peeled save you from tackling those sharp spines.

Higos Chumbos Spanish Fruit

Ice Cream – Helados

The obvious street food choice in Spain is Ice cream of course. In Malaga check out Casa Mira and in Granada Los Italianos. Check out the house speciality. In the Casa Mira on Calle Larios in Malaga it´s Turron (Spanish nougat flavour) and in Granada at Los Italianos on Gran Via there speciality is La Cassata. The Orange flavour ice cream is also very popular as it tastes so natural. Los Italianos is open from Mid March until Mid October.

Los Italianos Granada Street food

  1. Mike Haley says:

    Dear Molly,

    What a great site!!! I lived in Granada from 1966-67. I was a young man who saved my money, ($1,200.) took a freighter and picked Granada because of the influence of Lorca, Hemingway and the
    writers from, El Siglo Del Oro. That year set me for life. Now I’m returning with my wife to attend the
    Music and Dance Festival. (I still remember, quite clearly, concerts in el palacio de Carlos V.)
    We’re coming June 17 -26. I already have tix for the philharmonic. However, their very expensive through I’m so afraid that by the time other events & venues are announced ( we
    want to see dance , especially flamenco – not the tourist rip-off shows & more music.) If you know of
    a trustworthy liaison that could inform us, and obtain tickets for us, we would be happy to make it worth their effort. No matter what, I’m very excited to return. Yours is a great blog!
    Con esperanza,
    Mike Haley

  2. Shawn Whitney says:

    Guess I now know why Los Italianos was closed when we went by there last weekend! Looking forward to the higos chumbos this summer. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Nola says:

    Mmm!!! Celebrated NY Eve in Pl Catalunya in Barcelona. After a bottle of bubbly, a chocolate-filled churro was a dream!! We now have a new tradition to add to New Years Eve 🙂 Thanks for this post, Molly. Look forward to trying them alll!

    • Molly says:

      Plaza Cataluña at New Year gets busy!! I imagine that was huge fun. Happy New Year and thanks for reading

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