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Barcelona vs Granada – The Big Spain Match – Expat Life

Barcelona vs Granada – The Big Spain Match – Expat Life

Barcleona vs Granada

Image courtesy of: Álex Cámara – Granada


Barcelona vs Granada

FC Barcelona vs Granada C.F: The big match is about to kick off.

I am often asked about Expat Life. If I preferred living in Barcelona or if I like Granada in the South of Spain best. Barcelona was my home from 1998 until 2006 although I´d been travelling to the Catalan capital from 1988 as a young student. Granada has been my hometown since 2006. Living in Andalusia is a huge contrast from Catalonia but I loved them both for different reasons.

Family Life in Spain asked me this question. Barcelona vs Granada Who wins..

The interview they gave me may help other expats find the perfect relocation city for them.

Read the first half match report here > Expat Life – Barcelona vs Granada

Barcleona vs Granada

Will Barcelona & the famous Gaudi designs come out on top?

When I first moved to Spain  I left Nottingham and began my expat life in Barcelona.

After 9 years there I moved to the South of Spain, to the city of the Alhambra Palace, Granada.

I have found many positives in both cities and of course there is a downside to both places too.

Both Barcelona & Granada have first division teams in La Liga.

Find out which city wins?

Barcelona vs Granada

Or will Granada &  it´s magnificient palace win?


The second half match report is now ready!  Read it > Expat life – Barcelona vs Granada

I must make a special thankyou to Alex Cámara for the fantastic photo of Cesc Fabregas and Diego Mainz battling it out at the football match played in Granada at the Carmenes stadium last season. Barcelona vs Granada


Living in Spain

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