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Visiting Spain – 7 of 10 Tourists Felt Safe by Jetcost

Visiting Spain – 7 of 10 Tourists Felt Safe by Jetcost

Safety Visiting Spain

Despite recent articles on lower tourist numbers this season and negative COVID figures in Spain. It is not all bad news in Tourism and Travel. Good news is in on experiences visiting Spain this summer from European tourists.

Seven out of Ten Tourists travelling to Spain felt safe according to Jetcost. 38% of them even more so than in their own country.


According to a recent survey run by the low cost travel website 7 of 10 tourists coming to Spain felt safe and 38% felt safer than in their own country. surveyed 1500 of its European customers that have spent at least 5 days in Spain this summer. Asking if they felt safe during the coronavirus pandemic while staying in Spain. 71% of those surveyed answered Yes.

67% of those surveyed felt that some quarantine measures were exaggerated after their return from Spain.

Safe travel Visiting Spain in 2020

Flights & Airports

According to 81% , they considered their airport and flight experience to be positive. Passengers must complete and sign a FCS form. (Formulario de Control Sanitario) And also show a QR code when inside the airport. Many passengers had not noticed temperature control checks are active inside the airport. Carried out with heat sensitive cameras.

9 out of 10 Jetcost customers were happy with the information provided in Spanish airports. As well as general cleanliness and hygiene in the terminals. (78%) VIP lounges were considered to be working well with 79% of positive answers. The downside was the lack of printed press and magazines. Digital downloads are encouraged in the current situation.

Aeropuerto Barcelona Prat Vueling

Some of the highlights in the survey on the flight experience:

  • 96% confirmed that Airline staff wore face masks during the flight.
  • 87% Inflight catering was not available
  • 66% agreed that social distancing was observed at boarding gate and leaving the plane.

Some of the less positive aspects that came out in the survey about flights were:

  • 69% confirmed that passengers did not wait in their seats to disembark after landing.
  • 65% observed that passengers took off their masks to eat or drink their own provisions.
  • 75% of those surveyed believe that food and drink should not be permitted during the flight.

Hospes Palau de la Mar Valencia Hotel Visiting Spain

Hotels in Spain

Tourists have found more changes when arriving at their hotel.  The majority (71%) say that conditions are better than in previous years. Hygiene measures and disinfection protocols were the highlight in the survey results.

Complaints were about cancellation or limitations in swimming pools, spas or gym facilities. Or in some cases where hotels no longer offer amenities. Others commented that waiting time for hotel lifts was too long. Having to use lifts individually rather than sharing. Although they understood the reasons behind the delay.

Loewe Cosmetics Amenities

No Hotel Buffets

Many guests visiting Spain missed the generous hotel buffets at breakfast. (77%). Most hotels opted to replace the buffet with a menu service. Offering a varied selection to be requested by each table.

Other measures that Spanish hotels used in catering services are:

  • Face masks much be worn at all times, only can be removed when eating while seated at your table.
  • Staff will use gloves to serve food to hotel guests.
  • All portions will be served individually on separate plates.
  • Menu was available with QR code on the table rather than a printed menu

Printed menus in many places are available on request. Many older clients preferred this option using hand sanitizer after reading the selection.

Hotel Dimar Breakfast Valencia

Healthcare and Travel Insurance

Of course many travellers are more aware of the importance of booking with a reputable travel agent or business. Particularly in case of cancellation or change of dates. It pays to be savvy during these uncertain times. As the pandemic continues in 2021, most of will consider travel insurance for any unexpected issues on their trip.

It is also a good idea to check what healthcare you have when you leave your home country. Often small ailments such as an ear infection from a swimming pool may require experts like Auris Ear Care to remedy the problem. But when you are far from home it´s best to be able to access healthcare without worrying about a huge bill or not getting the best treatment available.

Beaches in Spain

82% agreed that the safety measures in place on Spanish beaches were good. 87% agreed that day trips and outdoor activities were well organised with reduced groups and use of face masks.

However 78% mentioned that they wanted to do activities that were no longer available while they were visiting Spain.

¨Seven out of Ten Tourists travelling to Spain felt safe¨ Visiting Spain

Safety while Visiting Spain in 2020

  1. Jason Brown says:

    Real Estate may start to go down in price after the impact of Covid. 2020/2021 have been very bad for Spain but for me it has always felt safe. Children play on the street until late at night without an issue. Women walk the street alone without problems. I would always recommend Spain.

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