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How To Know Which Travel Agent You Can Trust

How To Know Which Travel Agent You Can Trust

If you are going travelling, one of the easiest ways to get the right experience for you is to use a travel agent. However, travel agents can obviously vary quite a lot, and it is a good idea to make sure that you are properly vetting any agent you do use. Before choosing a travel agent for your dream holiday, know about how you can trust an agency. Be aware of some key signs before booking.

Which Travel Agent to Trust?

Let’s take a look at those signs now so that you can hopefully get closer to this soon enough.

Go On Reputation

One of the best and most reliable ways to decide on a travel agent is their reputation. Word of mouth is still a good way to find out about a travel agent. Personal recommendations from friends and family are a good source. But you can also look at what other people think about them online. Get a pretty clear idea, and in particular see what previous customers say, see if they are satisfied. You can also look out for some of the signs of a high-reputation business: such as a worthy physicaladdress or other indications like if the business has been trading for a long time.

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Seek Speed

One of the factors that you will probably want to find in your travel agent is speed. You want someone who is quick on their feet, particularly in the current climate. Someone who can react quickly means that you can expect the kind of holiday you are looking for. An agent who is speedy will be able to get that last hotel room for you or grab the last seat on a specific flight. Don’t underestimate how important this skill is – it is one of the most vital parts for a good travel agent.

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Know The Red Flags

In order to avoid being scammed, keep an eye out for some of the obvious red flags that crop up when booking travel. Booking online its especially important to use a website that is secure. If it doesn’t have the usual https:// at the beginning, it is not secure. Also be wary of the email address you are sending information to. Make sure you only send them the information required.

A professional agent will be mindful of your security, so if you don´t feel happy with this go elsewhere. After all you may be sharing bank details, passport information, details of when you are away from home amongst other private data with them.

Walk Away From Pressure Sales

If you get the feeling that the travel agent is trying to make a sale above everything else, you should walk away. Never feel pressured into purchasing anything. Ultimately, the holiday needs to be your decision – the agent is there to facilitate your wishes as best as they can, for a reasonable fee. 

Trust your Travel Agent