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Historic Fountains in Granada Spain. Discover the story of each one

Historic Fountains in Granada Spain. Discover the story of each one

Recently one of my lovely readers contacted me with a request. She wanted to know about the fountains in Granada and was curious about their history .

There are lots of fountains, pools and water features dotted around the city.

It was going to be difficult for me to even decide which ones to write about.

I managed to choose a few of them, to fulfil this special request from the other side of the Atlantic.

Patio de Lindaraja, Alhambra Palace

Here is a summary of some of the places I selected:

Bib Rambla Square

This dramatic fountain of Neptune dates back to  1553. Found in plaza Bib Rambla, right below Granada´s Cathedral. This is one square you will pass through many times when staying in Granada. It is also one of the most recognised fountains in Granada

This small pool fountain is in the garden of Carmen de la Victoria. In Autumn 2013 I watched the sunset over Granada from this enchanting garden.

Here is an article I wrote recently if you would like to read more on the Carmens in Granada

Bib Rambla Granada fountains in Granada

The Granada Mosque

The Mezquita Mayor de Granada is up in the Albaicín area, at the Mirador San Nicolas. The grounds of the mosque hold one of the newest fountains in Granada.

Main Mosque History of Granada Spain

Pilar del Toro

This 16th century fountain is right next to the Santa Ana church in Plaza Nueva.

Although it didn´t start off there…. it was moved from another location in Granada.

(The details were extracted from an article I wrote last year about Plaza Nueva )

escapada a granada Teteria


The Wolf Fountain

I had been to the Alhambra many, many times before I came across this fountain shown at the top of this article.

The statue is a monument to the Poet Angel Ganivet. It is in the woods of the Alhambra.

It caused quite an impression on me when I saw it for the first time.


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