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Balearic Islands Break – Missed opportunities

Balearic Islands Break – Missed opportunities

The Balearic Islands is one of those places that I have visited and need to return to. This post is about some of those locations I didn´t visit ´properly´ and need to return at some point to get that illusive photo and discover the destination completely.

In the past I have actually visited the all four of the Balearic Isles in Spain but can´t bearly recall anything about them.

  • Mallorca The only place I have visited on this island is Sa Coma. This is a family beach resort located close to Cala Millor, on the East of the island. I travelled here for a summer holiday many years ago, as a teenager with a friend of mines family. This was a typical beach British holiday. I can barely recall anything at all about that place. I just have a vague memory of the hotel pool. I don´t have any photos either.balearic
  • Formentera I stayed on a small boat moored on this smallest  of the Balearic Island. The 4 weeks break in August was work. Working as a nanny this was a great opportunity to experience sailing in a beautiful area of the mediterranean. I want to return to this area of Spain. The bright turquoise waters there look Caribbean and the sunsets are magical.
  • Ibiza is the next island from Formentera. Having a day off work from the nanny job I took a walk around the Old town of Ibiza. Wandering around the eclectic market in the Harbour. I took a few photos and that´s all I recall. I have some photos seen here on this post. The quality isn´t marvellous as they were taken many years ago with an analogical camera……


  • Menorca My only trip to the island was to the resort of Cala n Forçat. Again this was a package holiday, staying in a large hotel. During the time there I didn´t leave the sleepy village at all. I regret that I didn´t find a car to hire in Menorca There are only 50 minutes driving distance from one side of the island to the other. Also I remember that at the time the locals were celebrating the Jaleo. A famous fiesta in the town of Ciutadella. This happens 23rd & 24th June each year. Part of the celebrations consist in trying to touch the horses heart for good luck. The riders rear up the horses front legs among the large crowds to show their equestrian skills. Menorca is on my list of places to return as the nature there is spectacular as well as the beaches.

Did you visit somewhere and didn´t see the place properly?

Or maybe your camera broke on day one?

I´ll be interested to hear your tales in the comments.


  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity says:

    I did a European trip back in high school, and then returned to a few of the places (Rome, Paris) as a “grown-up”. I have to say, the experience was night and day, and although the first time around was a blast, I definitely appreciated the cities much more after I spent the time planning, researching, and paying for the trip myself;-)

    • Molly says:

      You´ve hit the nail on the head. None of these trips were planned by me. Once I was there I didnt have information about the area or plans in place for trips or car hire.
      I don´t go on trip now without having information about what may interest me before I go. Hi from Granada!

  2. Sue Sharpe says:

    I’d love the opportunity to return to Cuba! – really loved that place (plus I’d get more out of it now my Spanish has improved!!)

    • Molly says:

      It´s amazing how different the experience of travel is if you have a few words of local language to use with the locals! Not been to Cuba yet…

  3. Lisa says:

    We have not only visited places that we need to return to … we have lived in them and would love to return to revisit them with educated eyes. It is true that you often do not see what is in front of you… ant excuse to travel 🙂

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