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Visit Granada with children – Tips for Alhambra Palace & more

Visit Granada with children –  Tips for Alhambra Palace & more

Visiting the city of Granada with children can be a magical experience. There are a few things worth knowing before you arrive to the city. Walking steep hills, bumpy cobbled streets and the hot sun maybe overwhelming for younger children.

So to help you plan ahead. Here are my insider tips for a fabulous family break in the city of the Alhambra.

Visiting Granada with Children

Temperatures in the City of Granada

Depending on the time of year you visit, temperatures can be extreme. Summer is dry and hot. For example minimum temperatures of 20c/68f are common at the height of summer. (July and August) With maximums often reaching 45C/113f. In winter it can be very cold. Not surprising due to the proximity of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The good news is that in Granada it very rarely rains and there are blue skies most days. (As I write this I can´t actually remember the last time we had rain)

Plaza Romanilla Granada Cathedral Spain

Spanish Summer

Be prepared to have plenty of sun cream, water bottles and hats with you for a summer trip. Also you must plan your day at a steady pace. The heat will slow you down if it very hot. Spring and Autumn are normally the best times of the year to travel to Granada. But they are also the busiest times.

Over the summer season I would encourage visitors to choose accommodation with a pool. Even if its a small rooftop pool so you can cool off after the heat of the day. Some of the best options for families are:

As the Alhambra Palace as it is higher up than the city and surrounded by woodland the temperature tends to be cooler than the city below. It´s best to take layers, particularly for the evening or morning visits. In Wintertime in Granada the midday sun is warm. So expect from 12 noon until 4pm milder temperatures. Although as the sun fades after 5pm temperatures fall quickly.

Alhambra Granada with Children

Child friendly

You will need good walking shoes as the streets of Granada are cobbled in the historic centre. Some of the streets in Realejo and Albaicín are actually stone steps. The city also has lots of smooth marble pavements. These can be slippery when wet and especially at Eastertime as wax from processions can fall on the ground. I always recommend wearing shoes with grips and good tread as a visitor to Granada.

The city is walkable and most places are a short distance from each other. However the city has steep streets and hills. The Albaicín is on one hill and the Alhambra on another hill opposite. So as you are sightseeing it is better to plan so that you avoid the steepest locations at the hottest time of the day.

Restaurante Teide Bubion

Spain is a great place to travel as a family. Children are always welcome. Special menus are available at many bars and restaurants. Some tickets prices are reduced for children or even free. Usually depending on the ages of the children and the type of activity.

If you require anything extra such as warming a bottle or a high chair. Usually the restaurant or café is happy to help. Locals take their children everywhere so it won´t be a bother at all. Note that most restaurants and food outlets open for dinner around 8.30pm onwards. It can prove difficult to get food before that (especially in summer months) If you prefer to dine early the best option maybe at your m  or hotel. Perhaps buy something in the daytime to have in the evening.

Masks for Children

Currently in Spain due to the COVID pandemic Masks are required for children over 6 years old. Pharmacies sell specific masks that are for children. With different ones according the age range. Although it is required from 6 years old, the Spanish government recommends that children from 3 years old should wear them too.

Alhambra Palace Granada Spain blog

See the Alhambra

Everyone who visits Granada, whatever their age, is fascinated by the Alhambra Palace. Children will enjoy the visit as they romp around the Generalife Gardens, admire the views from the top of the Torre de la Vela or gaze as the starred shaped ceilings in the palaces.

Animal lovers will notice the cats of the Alhambra. There are always plenty around the gardens, particularly close to the Puerta del Vino. You will see other wildlife such as frogs, birds or fish in the gardens and walkways. All the open spaces, plants and nature is bound to be a hit with the little ones too. Book a family ticket for the Alhambra Palace to skip the queues and avoid fuss when you arrive,

The book: Alhambra Told to Children is an introduction to the monument. It´s an illustrated book about the Alhambra Palace specifically for children. Although it doesnt cover the history exactly, its more poetic. It is a good talking point to discuss the Alhambra before or after your visit. They also have it in other languages too.

Alhambra Granada with Children

How many frogs can you see?

Book your Alhambra tickets

Getting tickets for the Alhambra can be tiresome as they are in extremely high demand. There is a limitation of people allowed in the Nasrid palaces at one time so tickets have an entry time. This makes the whole system difficult to manage and this is basically why its hard to get tickets.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this article in plenty of time. Look online at the official Patronato de la Alhambra website and book your tickets online. You need to check between 45-70 days ahead of your visit.

Saving Money on Alhambra Visit

This way is the cheapest way to visit. Tickets cost around 14 euros for the general visit for an adult.

  • Children under 12 visit for free but you must book a ticket for them on the website.
  • If you are in a guided tour you may have to pay full price for a child depending on the tour company.
  • Babies which are under 12 months do not require a ticket but you need to tell the people on the gate when you are going into Nasrid palaces so that they give you a certain pass.

Important: take ID with you for each visitor to have on hand during the visit. (driving licence, passport etc)

What to do when Alhambra tickets are sold out

  • You can choose to do the Night time tour. This tour does allow you to visit the Nasrid palaces and the main parts of the palace. As the route is shorter this is much more manageable especially in summertime or for families who dont want to walk around the entire complex. Buy the online ticket which says VISITA NOCTURNA.
  • Another option is to book a guided tour. This Skip the Line tour below is a fuss free option which offers the whole of the Alhambra general visit with a guided tour included. You will see the Generalife Gardens, Nasrid Palaces (including Lions Courtyard) & the oldest part of the fortress La Alcazaba.
  • Go for free. You can some of the areas of the Alhambra without buying a ticket. The Palacio de Carlos V is the Museum of the Alhambra and is free to go in. This may not be a hit with younger children.
  • People who live in Granada (You must be registered on the Padron) can request free tickets on certain Sundays throughout the year. Ask for details at the office inside Corral de Carbon.



Highlights of the Alhambra

The Alhambra complex is a palatial city which covers a large surface area. It is impossible to visit the whole site in one day. The main areas to see are covered on all guided tours and also by the audio guide.

Important notes:

Pushchairs + Strollers

  • Please note that you cannot take a pushchair or stroller inside the Nasrid Palace. This must be left at the control point close to the Wine Gate (opposite Carlos V palace) Some baby backpacks are available on request.
  • Also large rucksacks or backpacks are not a good idea. They ask you to wear them in front which is uncomfortable as you move around.  Some of the doors and corridors are narrow so the more compact you are moving around the space the better.
  • Keep your tickets to hand at all times. They ask for them sometimes along the way. It´s easy to misplace them but they will be needed.
  • Wheelchair access should be arranged ahead of time with the Alhambra. If you use a wheelchair some of the time unfortunately there is no where to leave it behind for the Nasrid Palace entrance. Wheelchair users have a specific itinerary marked on a map which you can get on arrival from Alhambra staff or at the information point.

Areas of the Alhambra Palace

Here are the sights you make like to cover on your visit.

  • Nasrid Palaces & Lions Courtyard(this area is limited to the entrance time on your ticket)
  • Generalife Gardens (there is ticket for just the gardens if you dont want to see the whole site)
  • Alcazaba & Charles V Palace. This area is the centre of the monument. Here are the toilets and general services.
  • Calle Real & Church of Santa Maria de la Alhambra. The street that goes from Charles V Palace up to the Parador and onto Generalife.
  • Alhambra Woods. This area is the entrance which leads up from Plaza Nueva to the Justice Gate.

Autumn in Alhambra Arco Orejas Archway Woods

Getting to the Alhambra

The best option is to take the Bus from Calle Pavaneras.

If you choose to go by care. Note that the visitor car park at the Alhambra is past the monument, not on the city side. To get there you access from the motorway (rather from the historic city centre)

From city centre you would need to go by taxi up the hill or catch the little red bus service from Isabel La Católica on Calle Pavaneras. Public transport in Granada with children can be better than by car.  As with many historic European cities many streets are narrow or one way streets.

Bus to the Alhambra Palace in Granada

Bus 32 Albaicín – Alhambra

The Bus 32 is a route that runs from the Alhambra Palace to the quarter Albaicín. Handy as it gets you up those steep hills. Buy bus tickets from the driver as you get on. It´s 1.40 euros per adult. Children under 5 years old go for free. Use cash (max change given 20 euros bank note)

The most popular stops are the Alhambra main entrance and the stop close to Mirador de San Nicolas.

Tourist Train in Granada Spain Tren turistico

Hop on Hop Off Train

Granada Tourist Train would be a good alternative for families with small children. The Hop on Hop off Train Granada route includes Alhambra main entrance, Albaicín and other main tourist sights such as the Cathedral.

Alhambra Granada with Children

Parque de las Ciencias

This Science Museum is one of the best in Spain and will have both children and adults enthralled. Plan to be there at least 3 hours. With 70 000 m² of museum  to explore this is a great place to be when it is very hot. The museum has air conditioning and lots of space. Its a hands on experience with lots of buttons to press and interactivity.

At the moment they have an exhibition called Bio Domo with animals such as geckos, lemurs and toucans. The good thing about this museum as they are always changing the installations. They have a large outdoor space with lots of games and apparatus for curious children to use. When I visited with my nephews one summer I couldn´t get them off the play area outside. They loved it.

Parque de las Ciencias Science Museum Granada with children

Butterfly Garden

There is also a large butterfly area and an observation tower to climb. From this vantage point you have a great 360º of the city and Snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains. Choose to go up by the lift or walking up the steps counting them along the way.

The Museum is closed on MONDAYS.

Getting to Parque de las Ciencias Granada

  • Address:  Av. de la Ciencia, 18006 Granada
  • Take the Bus 5 from Camino de Ronda.
  • Take a taxi (about 6 euros from city centre)
  • By car. They have a large underground car park at the museum.

Science Museum Granada with kids Lemurs in Biodome

Pomegranates in Granada

The symbol of the city of Granada is the Pomegranate. Once you know that it is easy to spot this symbol as you walk along the city streets. On flags and pennants, on drainpipes, manhole covers, grates and even on the stonework in some squares.

Stone Pomengranate Jardines del Salon Granada Spain

The Symbol of Granada

Some of the metal bollards in the old town are shaped with large pomegranates on the top.  I Spy Pomegranates could be a nice distraction as you walk along. To see who can spot the most pomegranates. Or who finds the most obscurely placed one.

Carmen Martires

Carmen de los Martíres

A large garden or public parks with viewpoints over Granada. This space has a small lake with ducks and plants surrounding it. It also has a little bridge and castle style folly. This oasis in the Alhambra woods has peacocks and plenty of space for the little ones to let off steam. It´s free to visit but dogs aren´t allowed inside.

The bus C30 from city centre actually has a stop at the entrance of this park. (opposite Hotel Alhambra Palace) it is also walking distance from the Alhambra Palace. Its opposite the main entrance of Alhambra, get there by following the road through the woods.

Peacocks at Carmen Martines Granada gardens

Exploring the Albaicín

Wandering around the Albaicín is one of the most typical activities. Although with children it may be tiring. A good idea is to stop off at Plaza Larga in Casa Pasteles. This traditional café serves hot and cold drinks. They also have lots of delicious cakes, biscuits and ice cream.

Other information to see the Albayzin

Albaicin in Granada Spain Alhambra Palace with children

The Bazaar and Tea Houses

The streets of the Alcaicería and Calderería are full of colourful lamps and slippers. Its an eye catching array of shops and tea houses. Walking around here you can buy souvenirs or enjoy Moroccan style pastries such as baklava or chuparkia. In summer you can taste fresh lemonade with mint sprigs in one of the tea houses. Or choose the typical Moroccan tea. I always choose the Thousand and One Nights tea which has floral and jasmine notes. (Mil y una noches)

Lamps at Alcaiceria Granada Spain

A Flamenco evening

Visiting the Sacromonte district is curious experience. This street has views across to the Alhambra palace and down over the city. The Camino de Sacromonte is lined with cave houses and prickly pear cactuses. It is a unique neighbourhood which is considered to be the birthplace of Flamenco. You can visit the Museo del Sacromonte or if you head right to the end Sacromonte Abbey.  There are several places to watch flamenco in this part of Granada. Maria la Canastera is one of my favourite settings.

At night time in Granada with children is fun as local families are out until late. The evening stroll is usually around 7.30pm onwards. This is when the streets are busier in the centre of town.

Flamenco with Children

The Jardines de Zoraya are located in the Albaicín. The advantage of this is that its easier to get to than the Sacromonte yet its equally charming. Watching a Flamenco performance here is a good option for families. They have lots of space outside and inside. The atmosphere is informal and welcoming. Book your seats at the Flamenco Show

Flamenco with children in Granada

Public Parks in Granada

In Granada the largest park is the Parque de Federico Garcia Lorca. This is located on the edge on the city on Calle Arabial. The main entrance is on the corner of Calle Virgen Blanca. In Summer months they often have puppet festivals in the early evenings.

The park takes it names from local poet and playwriter F.G. Lorca whose summer house (seen above) was on this land. It is open from 8am daily. There are long walkways, lots of shrubs and flowers. They have a children´s play area on one side of the park. You can also visit the poet´s house for a small fee if you are interested in learning more.

Huerta de San Vicente Granada

Jardines del Triunfo

Off Avenida de la Constitution there are gardens and fountains in a large open space. It is at one end of Gran Via, not too far from the historic centre. This area has several garden areas with benches. There are also fountains that stretch from one side to the other with a grand stone column at the centre.

Plaza de Gracia

The Plaza de Gracia is just off the street called Ancha de Gracia. This large square has several bars and cafés on it with outdoor seating. There is a children´s playground on one side of the square. So it´s a perfect location if you want the kids to let of steam while you have a coffee from one of the cafés on the square.

Playground in Spain Travel with Children in Granada

Jardin Botanico

Close to Plaza de los Lobos, on Calle Duquesa there is a small Botanical Garden which has some benches and green space. Although it´s not a large area, it does provide a quiet space and it´s located right in the historic centre.


Pampaneira Alpujarra Cat

Daytrips from Granada

You dont have to go far out of the city to enjoy the countryside. You can see olive trees and green spaces on the edge of the Alhambra grounds. There are walking routes from the city of Granada that head into the hills of the Sacromonte and beyond.

If you want to explore further afield. Then head to the Sierra Nevada. There is so much to do in that area. The ski resort of Pradollano has activities for skiers and non skiers in the winter season. Find out more on the official Cetursa website. There is the quaint village of Guejar Sierra. At the foothills of the Sierra Nevada it has lovely typical restaurants and an authentic atmosphere.

Visiting the province of Granada with children has some great opportunities. For example you could Sleep in a cave house. or take a Daytrip to the Alpujarras. If you prefer to drive yourself find more information about these whitewashed mountain villages in my Alpujarra Quick Guide.

The Coast of Granada is called the Costa Tropical it takes about 40 mins to get there by car from the city centre. Enjoy a day at the beach in one of the coastal towns. You can also visit a Rum Distillery or enjoy water sports in this area.

View from Salobrena Castle Costa Tropical Spain

Please Note:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. All thoughts, feelings and opinions shared on this blog and in this post are my own.
Tips for Families visiting Granada with children
  1. CR says:


    I’m planning to visit Granada in a few weeks with my one year old baby boy and I’m wondering in which zone of the city would be best to stay. I would like to stay somewhere central and with easy walking access to main attractions and I read a lot about Albaicin as the most typical area but I wonder if it’s a good idea to stay there considering we will have stroller to carry around.
    Would really appreciate your advice as someone that knows the city (it’s hard to imagine based only on google maps :)).
    Furthermore, do you know if it’s possible to enter with a stroller in the generalife or if these are forbiden in the whole Alhambra complex and if there is a place where we could leave while visiting ?

    Thank you very much for the help and useful tips in your post.

    • Molly says:

      Hello Catarina

      As I explain on this post clearly
      Stollers are not allowed in the Nasrid Palace.
      For the Generalife as you enter the gardens through a narrow steep staircase they aren´t possible either.
      You need to have a papoose, baby backpack or sling to carry the baby when you visit the Alhambra Palace.

      There is not a creche or nursery at the Alhambra Palace.
      The visit will take around 3 hours.

      Accomodation in Granada

      Although the Albaicin may seem attractive I would not be my first choice to stay in Granada
      due to steep streets, cobbles, narrow roads and often it is not possible to have a taxi to the door.

      If you look at Google Maps the area between Gran Via, Reyes Catolicos, Calle Mesones
      and Calle Tablas more or less is the historic centre (not Albaicin)

      and is much more practical but equally central.
      Basically in the area close to the Market and Cathedral

      To get your bearings Granada is a city of two hills with a river running between the two.
      On one hill is the Alhambra Palace
      On the other hill is the Albaicin quarter

      The main commercial area, market, cathedral and city centre is along the river and in between these two
      hills, so that is where it is best to be located.

      I hope this helps

      this post may also give you some ideas

      Kind regards

  2. abderrahim says:

    thank you for all this useful information. I have some questions please, I want to take my 11 months baby with me, any advice for us as far as visiting Alhambra with 11 months old baby and I was wondering if a stroller would be a good choice in Alhambra and Granada generally. If there are any other tips concerning babies i will be so thankful to you.

    Thank you.

    • Molly says:


      as mentioned on this post in the section

      Important notes:

      Please note that you cannot take a pushchair or stroller inside the Nasrid Palace. This must be left at the control point close to the Wine Gate (opposite Carlos V palace)

      So I would recommend using a baby backpack to carry the child rather than a stroller.

      Also mentioned here are the tickets for babies under 12 months.

      Babies which are under 12 months do not require a ticket but you need to tell the people on the gate when you are going into Nasrid palaces so that they give you a certain pass.

      These two tips are the most important points to plan your visit.

      On this post you can find how to get tickets for Alhambra palace if you didnt book already.
      It´s best to book 40-60 days ahead of time


  3. adriana says:

    Hi! We’ll be visiting Granada with 2 children at the end of August and was wondering what your opinion is on a 5pm visit to the Nasrid Palace. Our other option is morning by buying the Granada card.


    • Molly says:


      I would recommend in first place to buy the tickets from the Patronato, always the best option
      5pm is OK as you will come out of the Nasrid palace area aftet 6.30pm more or less when temperatures are cooler (than midday ones)

      You dont mention the ages of the children
      If the child is under 12 make sure you take out the 0 euro ticket for them and over 12 the childs ticket
      you basically need a ticket for each person going past the turnstile

      best regards

  4. Mahmood Hussain says:

    I am thinking to planning a visit with my wife for 7 days, can you please advise, if Halal food is easily available? are there any travel firms deal with all inclusive packages?

  5. What a gorgeous place. I would love to have you by my tour guide thorugh Alhambra or Spain period for that matter.

  6. jin says:

    As many times as I’ve been to Spain, I have yet to make it to Granada and see all these wonderful places! Thanks for sharing tips and advices – will be bookmarking!

  7. Steve Gould says:

    Thanks, that’s a really comprehensive guide – probably the best I’ve seen. A visit there is definitely on my list!

    • Molly says:

      Thanks Steve, I´m sure there will be something I can add, I tend to update my posts every 8 months or so..

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