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Halal Friendly Places in Granada Spain

Halal Friendly Places in Granada Spain

Annually Spain does well in the Suitability for Muslim Travellers Index.

According to the Global Muslim Travel Index by CrescentRating, Spain is the 6th most popular country for Muslim tourism.

So I thought I would put together some useful information about the Halal options in Granada.

Halal Options in Granada Spain

Main Mosque History of Granada Spain halal

Granada Mosque

For the city of Granada, Halal tourism is not a new trend. The city has had a working mosque since the summer of 2003. The meeting place and an important location for the Arab community.

The Main Mosque is located next to the Mirador de San Nicolas, this peaceful space welcomes visiting Muslims to the city. The views are stunning across the city of Granada, to the Alhambra Palace and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Address: Plaza de San Nicolás, s/n, 18010 Granada

Website: Mezquita de Granada

There is also another Mosque in the area called La Mezquita de la Vega it´s at Camino de la Viñuelas, 18230 Atarfe, Granada

La Madraza Granada weekend

La Madraza Granada

Another important building which maybe of interest to visitors is La Madraza on calle Oficios (just below Gran Via). This Koranic school was founded by Yusuf I in 1349. Although this has been altered over the years there are still some beautiful architectural features to discover inside.

Open for visit from 10.30am to 1pm daily.


Halal food in Granada Spain

There are many restaurants and businesses offering Halal friendly options.

The ones that I know well are:

  • Halal Butcher: Carnicería Zaidin on Avenida Don Bosco 27, Zaidin. My favourite there is bastela (made with chicken)

  • Halal Butcher: Carnicería Albaicin on Calderería Vieja 16, Albaicin (close to Plaza Nueva)

  • Churreria Desi on Acera del Darro and Calle Palencia 20, Zaidin (no lard used to fry their churros)

  • Halal Tapas at Om Khalsoum on Calle Jardines. I have been going here for years. My favourite tapa is the couscous with caramelised onion.

  • Restaurante Arrayanes on Cuesta Marañas 4 is run by Mustafa. The lemonade he serves is wonderful. They have been running this place since 1996 and have served many important visitors over the years.  Halal certified

    Rest Arrayanes Granada

  • Tea shop serves food: Kasbah on Calderería Nueva 4 has lots to choose from. A wide variety of tea, cakes, food and snacks.

  • Teteria Marrakech. Calle Espalda de San Nicolas, 7 Located next to the Mosque in the Albaicin quarter. Open everyday except Tuesdays.
  • Halaal Takeaway: Noodle Restaurant on Calle Principe (close to Plaza Bib Rambla) Eat in, take away or home delivery by motorbike. Choose a selection of noodles with vegetables and a variety of sauces.

  • Tetería Baraka C/ Estación 12, Orgiva, in the Alpujarra región. Here they serve tea and food too.Restaurant Baraka Orgiva Granada Halal
  • Restaurante Muglia Calle Casillas de Prats, 6 Granada. Indian Restaurant. Open daily. Home delivery with Deliveroo + Glovo.  Another location on Calle Joaquin Costa
  • Pad Thai Wok on Calle Pavaneras in the Realejo neighbourhood has takeaway and home delivery. Halal certified
  • Teteria Halal: As Sirat Tea shop Calderería Nueva 4, Albaicin one of my favourite tea shops. Simple but comfortable.

Muglia Indian Restaurant Granada Spain halal


Vegetarian Options

You may find it easier to select vegetarian choices when you stay in Granada or choose fish dishes.

Be careful with pastries and biscuits as many typical Spanish bakes are made with lard (pig fat – manteca) particularly at Christmastime.

I wrote up this guide for Vegetarians visiting Spain that maybe useful.

Hotel Lobby granada Spain

Recommended Granada hotels

Some can provide Halal breakfast by request and even provide space for prayer.

  • Hotel Casa 1800 Granada Carrera del Darro, Granada They provide space for prayer.

  • Hotel Palacio de los Patos Calle Recogidas, Granada  They can prepare Halal food with prior arrangement. They also provide space for prayer.

  • Hotel Alhambra Palace (close to the Alhambra) Granada Can arrange a Halal breakfast by prior arrangement.
  • Hotel Alcadima Calle Francisco Tarrega, Lanjaron  They are happy to provide space for prayer.

Hospes Los Patos Granada Outdoor dining

Self Catering in Granada

For those looking for an apartment in Granada these newly refurbished options are comfortable and well located.

There are plenty more businesses offering Halal friendly options in the city and province. Here I included ones I know personally and know first-hand.  (Please get in touch if you would like to add your services to this list and I may add your details)

Staying in the Albayzin quarter is a favourite as you can enjoy views across to the Alhambra palace and stay in the UNESCO World Heritage site, the old Muslim district with its typical narrow streets and whitewashed houses.

StayClassy Granada Apartment in Spain

Other insights

Finally I stumbled upon this travel experience online written by Bushra B.

Hanging out in Islamic Spain

I think that it provides a great insight written by a visitor to Granada, Spain. 

You may also like to read:

Views from Granada Mosque to Alhambra Palace

Please Note:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. All thoughts, feelings and opinions shared on this blog and in this post are my own.

  1. Ayesha says:

    Do you know if any halal restaurants stay open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in Granada?

  2. Leonor Pereira says:

    Hi Molly,
    my name is Leonor and I’ve been doing some research about Granada and came across your blog which I must say it’s great! Congratulations!
    I’ve taken lots of notes from your suggestions but I was wondering if we could be in contact (on email) in case we need some help?

    I look forward to hear from you.
    Kind regards, Leonor

  3. Ismail says:

    Salaams from Toronto, Canada

    Thanks a million for the information you have provided .
    I am glad I found your site and with definity use the above
    Information for my visit to Granada in June/ July .

    With it be wise to book the tours directly on the individual sites or with a tour group?



  4. rachid says:

    Hello Molly,
    Excuse me for my english, its not very good.
    I’m from belguim and i go in July to Granada and I like to know things to do with my kids.
    i got 3 kids 9 7 4 years.
    And also is it safe for my wife to go there with hijab.
    thank you for you answer

    • Molly says:

      Hello Rachid,

      Generally Southern Spain is very welcoming to families and you will have a great time.
      There will no issues regarding the hijab.

      As you have young children and Granada will in July it could be a good idea to get accomodation with a pool or plan a day on the coast of Granada (Salobreña Herradura or Playa Granada)

      here are more details about exploring Granada with children:

      Hope this helps with you planning

  5. Fatima says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment to say Thank You! Your blog has been most helpful. I look forward to visiting!

  6. Naz says:

    Hi – did you manage to fine all inclusive children resort in Grenada that offers halal food? (sorry big ask).

    • Molly says:


      There are no all inclusive accomodations in Granada at all
      As it is a city there are hotels which offer accomodation with breakfast
      For Halaal as there are plenty of places in the city to eat lunch and dinner this tends to work well

      Kind regards

  7. Runi says:

    Hi Molly,

    Thank you so much for the valuable information. We plan to visit Granada early May next year. Do you have any recommendation for a restaurant that serve halal friendly food near Mirador San Nicholas? We plan to have dinner then head to the Mirador to watch sunset there.


    • Molly says:


      I was checking into this and found the Teteria Marrakech which is close to the Mirador (no views from their while you done)
      they serve halal food and maybe handy for your visit

    • Molly says:


      As far as I know there is not a specific restaurant at the Mirador de San Nicolas or Nearby serving Halal food.
      Perhaps you can choose a vegetarian menun in one of the Carmen restaurants (Mirador de Morayama perhaps)
      Another option is to enjoy drinks at Huerto de Juan Ranas to see the sunset and have dinner before or afterwards

      Hope these suggestions help

  8. Sadia says:

    Hi Molly
    I am travelling to cordoba first then granada.Is it a problem as i can switch around.I have to end up in madrid as my flight is from there.

    • Molly says:

      Hello Sadia

      have a great trip
      this is fine, no problem with this order
      Cordoba > Granada > Madrid

      Kind regards

  9. Sadia says:

    Hi Molly.
    Thanks only saw your reply now.jazaakallah for info.One more question if i should visit seville from either granada or cordoba which one should i do it from.
    Thanks Sadia

  10. Sadia says:

    Alghamdu lillah what an informative site.I will be visiting andalucia for 4 days in October IA.If I should choose number of days in each city.can you give m any suggestions as I would like to see all.Also can I do a daytrip from one to the other.I have booked 2days in Cordoba and 2 in Granada,but can change.One other thing I will be coming from Tangier any info on how to get to the abovementioned cities.Which one do you recommend we should do first and would be the closest to travel to and also the one we should do last as we are traveling back home.from Madrid.We are on a tight budget.Jazakallaa for ypur wonderful info.I am from Cape town South Africa and halaal is very important to us.

    • Molly says:

      The plan to spend two days in Cordoba and 2 days in Granada works perfectly.
      Both cities have lots to offer and you will enjoy your time in Andalusia.

      From Tangier to Algeciras there is a ferry service.
      Then from Algeciras you can get the bus ALSA to Granada.
      Also from Granada to Cordoba ALSA bus service.
      Of course you can also hire a car at Algeciras if you prefer to drive.

      I would suggest travelling from Tangier to Granada first. Then from Granada to Cordoba.
      Then from Cordoba get the bus or Train to Madrid.

      Enjoy your planning

  11. Aasim says:

    Hi. Is there any hotels in granada that offer halal breakfast?

    Thanks in advance

    • Molly says:


      So far I know that the Hotel Hospes Palacio de los Patos and Hotel Alhambra Palace can do this when requested.
      For other hotels I´m sure that they can confirm to you if you email or phone them

      Hope this helps Aasim


  12. Granada is so picturesque and stunning! Thanks for dedicating a post for one of my all-time favorite places in Spain!

  13. Ann says:

    Hello – I was wondering do you know of any wedding venues/hotels with outdoor areas which serve Halal food? Many thanks

  14. Camorre says:

    I heard about it, but never realized it’s Halal restaurant. I have some friends who don’t eat anything but Halal food, so it’s good to know next time we’re in Granada together. Arrayanes also looks promising
    I’m always up for African and Mediterranean, so the halal thing is secondary to me. But it seems that this place is good in general.

  15. Safura Houghton says:

    Thank you for your wonderful nuggets of information which will prove to be very useful!

  16. Faisel says:

    Thank you for the wealth of information you have provided. It will be a great help to a lot of people inshaaAllah.

    We are planning to travel to Spain mid August and landing in Madrid. We plan to head straight down to Granada any suggestions of quickest and easiest mode of transport (we are 2 adults and 3 children).

    Also, from one of your previous blogs did you manage to find any mid-range hotels in Granada?

    We may plan to stay in Madrid for the night before travelling down can you recommend hotels to stay and places to eat?


    • Molly says:

      Waʿalaykumu s-salām

      Of course, for transport from Madrid to Granada there are two options
      – By air 45 min flight from Barajas to Granada (3 flights each day)
      – By Bus – ALSA premium. 4 hours in comfortable seats with wifi, aircon and TV screens.

      Mid range hotels in Granada. There are many to choose from.
      Hotel Carmen is well located and comfortable. (with swimming pool + air con)
      Hotel Alhammbra palace is another option within the Alhambra woods. (air cond rooms)

      This article which I wrote may also be useful:

      In Madrid the area around Metro Arguelles, Princesa, Ventura Rodriguez or Chamberi is a good area to choose.
      The centre around Puerta del Sol Gran Via and Chueca has some older hotels, better value a little further up.

      Places to eat. Restaurante Farah Bagdad near to El Carmen Metro is certified.
      and here are some other details:

      Hope this helps with your planning

  17. Molly says:

    Thanks Asma for your comment, This is an area I should cover on my next blog post! The Science Park is great fun for children as there is lots of space to run around and great exhibits thought especially for them.

  18. Asma G says:

    we will be traveling to spain from california in feb with our two kids, 5 & 8. it’s wonderful to see the halal recommendations but i was also wondering if you have any suggestions of fun things to do with the kids in madrid and granada.

  19. nor asiah says:

    May I get some ideas on events and weather in Granada in the mid of February.. I will be travelling from Tangiers, Morocco.. Where is the best place to start my journey in Spain? I have only 4 days..

    • Molly says:

      I would advise to visit Malaga and Granada if you only have four days this will give you chance to visit both cities.
      Some information may be useful on this post:

      In February there isn´t any particular event that is of special interest.
      The weather will be cool in the evenings and mornings (4-8C) and warmer in the daytime (9C-18C)

      With two days in Granada I would suggest some ideas from this itinerary:

      I hope this information helps you to plan your trip
      Kind regards

  20. Neema says:

    Hi Molly

    Thanks so much for this post it is really really helpful. I will be travelling to Spain next week visiting Madrid, Granda, Cordoba, Seville, Malaga and Barcelona. If you perhaps have any information on halal food in these other areas can you please forward it to me. i would really appreciate it.

  21. Fatema says:

    We will be in the south of spain for Eid – any ideas on anything that happens there? Any festivals etc? Thanks!

    • Molly says:

      It maybe worth checking with the Granada Mosque to see if they have something planned.
      The weekend coming 18th-20th Sept there are usually fruit stalls in the city centre with local Autumn fruits (pomegranate, berries and quince etc)

  22. mohammed.imtiyaz says:

    Thank you, really found this useful whilst visiting granada

  23. Imran says:

    Arrived in Granada last night. Found your website when searching for halal food. Took your recommendation about Pad Thai Wok and couldn’t be happier. Excellent choice of food, freshly prepared… Will probably go back again soon. Thank you for your recommendations.

  24. Dan says:

    Thank you so much for this, we’re looking to get married in Granada this year (I know, not much of the year left and I’ve yet to arrange it all) but at least your post will be a great help for our guests.

    Thank you.

  25. Sajid Hussain says:

    JazakAllah for sharing such beneficial information. I am planning to travel to Spain after Ramadan, with my wife and 1 year old daughter. We want to stay in a all-inclusive hotel which offers halal food.


    • Molly says:

      Of course, I will reply to your request by email. I´m glad that you enjoyed the post.

      • Ad Khan says:

        Hi Molly, thanks for this. So helpful, like Sajid, if you have any info on hotels that offer halal food, i would be so grateful.

        Many thanks.

        • Molly says:

          As-salam alaykom

          Thankyou for reading my blog
          So far I have located two halaal hotels in Granada. Hospes Palacio de los Patos and Hotel Alhambra Palace
          I am trying to locate a mid range option and also full board options too

          I hope this information helps your planning
          Kind regards from Andalusia

  26. naj says:

    we were in Granada a week ago. Pad Thai Wok noodle bar is all Halal and delicious!
    I would totally recommend it, the Pad thai was great as was the Red curry with chicken we tried. They have Halal certificates etc.

    • Molly says:

      Yes, I´ve also been there and order regularly for home delivery

      Many thanks for reminding me about that too

  27. SJ says:

    Thank you ever so much!
    May God bless you. You took the time to write about a different belief system and culture in your city to help visitors. What a wonderful thing you have done.

    Thank you!!!


  28. Liza Adnan says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for these halal food oriented places! Will try to find some of them on my already planned visit with my family this December! Will be visiting Madrid, Cordoba, Granada n Barcelona before proceeding to Paris, our last leg of the trip. You don’t know how glad I am to stumble on this precious bits of info from u! Thanks again!

  29. mo says:


    just a thought.

    you have listed hotels enabling space for prayer. i think it will be worth including the two main places of worship (mosques) too.

    also, if the places could be pinned on to a map that would be helpful too 🙂

  30. mo says:


    this is really useful, and i’m sure many people will find this info helpful. thank you for taking your time to put the list together 🙂

    • Molly says:

      I hope to add a few more references to the list as I discover new places

      • Zishan Sheikh says:

        Hi Molly, we’d like to try the tapas at Om khalsoum, but looking at their website -omka Kool- you have to order wine? Can you order non alcoholic drinks too?

        • Molly says:


          Yes they have non alcoholic beer, Mosto (grape juice similar to wine without alcohol) Fruit juices and soft drinks such as Fanta and Coca Cola
          I often go along and dont drink alcohol


      • Fatima says:


        Thanks for your useful information.. i wanted to ask if there are any halal hotels/ cities that offer all inclusive and are family friendly


        • Molly says:

          Hello Fatima

          There are currently no hotels in the city which offer All inclusive accomodation.
          However some do offer Halaal breakfast and there are a few places in the city where you can eat at lunch/dinner
          Family friendly. Everywhere in Spain is family friendly so no need to worry about that part

          Enjoy your visit

          • Ruhi says:

            Could you tell me where they serve halal breakfast please??

          • Molly says:


            There isnt a specific place that serves Halal breakfast but there are lots of places that offer good breakfast apt for halal.
            Cafe Baraka has a good selection close to the market and i also like Café Lisboa on Plaza Nueva

            Enjoy Granada

        • Molly says:

          Will let you know on email Fatima. Thankyou

          • Jahanara says:

            First of all I like to say thank you so much for all the information it has been very helpful.
            I am planing to the islamic part of Granada . Can you please tell me if there are any halal hotels that may have half bòard or all conclusive.
            Thank you

          • Molly says:

            The hotels in Granada offer mainly breakfast only options.
            In the city there are many places which you can find halal food without any problem
            As you will be sightseeing it may also be easier for you to find places as you go.
            Look out for spots especially in the lower Albaicin area.

            Enjoy your travels

  31. Thank you for sharing such good knowledge on the Halal friendly places in the city. You brought a smile to our faces when you mentioned the Restaurante Arrayanes! What an amazing experience we had there trying their sweet and savory moroccan tagines for the first time and their fine vegetable couscous! We went on a break in Semana Santa 3 years ago which was brilliant to see how both cultures unite and appreciate each other´s ways of life! We love your blog and find some fascinating places around the city that we never knew existed! We will keep you posted when we get the chance to go again!

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