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Getting to know Piccavey: Thriving Abroad Podcast + Video

Getting to know Piccavey: Thriving Abroad Podcast + Video

As promised on my latest vlog, here is the podcast from Thriving Abroad.

Thriving Abroad is a great resource to inspire those who are looking to live abroad or relocate. In May they interviewed me about living abroad and asked me to share some tips on cultural adjustment in a new country.

Not only have they interviewed me but many other people who have moved away from their home country to start a new life adventure.


Thriving Abroad interview – The Allure of Spain

Access the interview on itunes

at this Link> here

In these podcasts there are lots of different places featured. There are lots of tips from english speakers living in many countries. They share their tips on learning a new language, cultural differences in the workplace, the logistics of actually moving abroad as well as how to adjust when you first arrive. The objective is to help people create the lifestyle they hope to when moving abroad.

Learning Spanish thriving abroad

Things I talk about in this interview:

  • How it all began with a Spanish school exchange which ignited her passion for the language and culture of this amazing country.
  • How I learned to speak Spanish fluently. Hopefully inspiring you to keep going with a new language.
  • About sharing my local knowledge and discovering a love of research leading onto the creation of my blog.
  • Some advice for people thinking about relocating internationally to Spain.

I hope you enjoy the interview and find this podcast feed useful.

Some of the other interviews I found really interesting.

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I have also shared some of the times when things didnt quite go to plan.

Expat Anecdotes and the Food Anecdotes may amuse you as you read along.

July Vlog Update

In case you missed it, here the July Update video for my blog:

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